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  1. Agree simply we were not at the races today. Question marks over KR’s team selection today. Why change a winning team unless player is injured. Omar did not have a good game and was surprised he stayed on for so long. It was only when Stranraer scored that we started to play. Why wait so long to bring on Sean Heaver ? Think he only got a couple of minutes if that on the park. Not a good day to be an Albion fan. Let’s hope for a BIG improvement next week against Berwick or it could be a very short Cup run this year.
  2. Next game at Forthbank we host Stranraer. Difficult game on Saturday,Stranraer have improved since the start of the season. Let’s hope we can get all 3 points and if results go our way we could close the gap between Kelty and ourselves. Prediction Binos 2 Stranraer 0
  3. Good win in the end felt we edged it in the 1st half scoring just before halftime, 2nd half Elgin came at us but we managed to stand firm and the second goal from Dale Carrick sealed the points for us. Keeps us in 2nd spot 4 behind Kelty who neat Annan 2-1 today.
  4. Always a difficult game at Elgin, think last time we were up their we got beat, so let’s hope we can continue our good form after a good win over Cowdenbeath. Currently sitting 2nd in the League would be great to get all 3 points from this game but would be happy for a share of the points. Let’s hope for the best it makes the long journey down the A9 worthwhile if we can get the 3 points. Prediction Elgin 1 Albion 2 [emoji3]
  5. its a simple case of economics for the club that the terraces are not open. Why spend additional money opening another part of the ground if they are only 500/600 folk in a stand capable of holding 1200/1300 fans. Also believe their are issues with the terracing not having a safety certificate or something.
  6. What’s happened to Camelon ? Expected a lot more from them this season but floundering near the bottom and a 4-0 defeat from Trannet would have not done much to help things. Are they in crisis, given the comings and going’s before the season started, doesn’t look good.
  7. Great result in the end but what happened in the 2nd half ? We allowed Cowdenbeath back into the game and against better opposition we could have been punished. Strange decision re subs from KR taking off Bikey and Mackin in particular, don’t understand that. Still we got the result in the end and a cracking 4th goal from Sean Heaver to wrap up the match. Onwards to Elgin next Saturday and hopefully we play better in the second half otherwise we could be coming down the road with nothing.
  8. Next up at Forthbank, we entertain the Blue Brazil who are struggling near the bottom of League 2 and hopefully we will be able to keep up our winning run at home. Prediction Binos 2 Blue Brazil 0
  9. Don’t know what to expect on Friday night, can we continue on our winning run or will City get the points.Here’s hoping we get something from our last possibly visit to Ainslie Park. Can’t see many Albion fans turning up on Friday night, no supporters bus. Prediction Citizens 1 Binos 1.
  10. Good win in the end for us but a bit of a struggle in the 2nd half. Should have been well in front in the first half but The Forfar goalie denied us on at least 3 occasions. 2nd half we allowed Forfar into the game and we’re quite fortunate not to be behind after a mistake but thanks to a great Blair Currie stop we were not. The introduction of Dylan Bikey was the spark that got us the 3 points today, took his chance well and we ran out winners at the end. Move up to 3rd place 2 behind leaders Kelty.
  11. Next game up at Forthbank is the visit of Forfar. Going to be a difficult game for us, Forfar have started the season well above in the League so let’s hope we can get all 3 points to keep our promotion push going . Prediction Binos 2 Forfar 1
  12. Good win in the end but first half felt we were poor, took a great strike from Kurtis Robert’s to put us in front in the 2nd half. Typical of us we allow Rovers to equalise but all credit to the team they just kept up the pressure and we’re rewarded with a penalty scored by Dale Carrick. Should have had more late on the game but Sean Heaver missed 2 good chances to extend our lead. Still it’s a home win and another 3 points on the road to the playoffs at least hopefully. [emoji3]
  13. Let’s hope we have turned the corner with the good win last week at Stranraer and that we continue to get all 3 points at home on Saturday. As you say it’s been a while since we last won at home in the League surely not even with the high number of ex Binos at Rovers can they leave Forthbank with the points but you never know. It’s time the team gave the fans something to cheer about at home and all 3 points safely in the bag at 4.50 will do nicely. Prediction Binos 2 Albion Reserves 0 [emoji3]
  14. Good win for us today, did not expect that after Annan last week. It makes a change for us to score 2 goals within a couple of minutes. [emoji3] Let’s hope this is the start of things to come. Next game up is against Stirling Albion Reserves aka Albion Rovers at Forthbank where we have to start winning games at home. It been a long while since we managed to get all 3 points at Forthbank let’s hope we do the business again next week.
  15. No it has not been disabled, get your facts right.
  16. Well after the disappointing loss last week to Annan, we are on our travels again to the beautiful seaport of Stranraer in the hope of getting the 3 points. Bad news NO Supporters Bus , NO Live Streaming of the game , let’s hope the team can give us something to smile about at full time. Stranraer sit bottom of the League with only 1 point so far and will be looking to get off the mark with a home win. For us just hope the team starts the way we played in the 2nd half last week, not the first half when we lost 2 goals within a minute for the 2nd week running. Prediction Stranraer 1 Binos 1. Prove me wrong guys.
  17. From my recollection of Steven Doris when he played for us he was no where near as big as Mackin is, unless he has let himself go.
  18. I wouldn’t put it past our Board to think or do that but if we cannot get a win against Stirling Albion Reserves sorry Albion Rovers at Forthbank then I feel fan pressure will make the Board act a lot sooner. Should have never imo been given another contract after last seasons failure not to get to playoffs but thats our Board for you, how many times have they got it wrong and have fired managers a few months into season.
  19. Mackin is a good player but as you say for a guy who was not that long ago playing in the Championship he has really let himself go. Surely KR can see this but he still picks him. Clearly bringing in another striker who can play the No 9 role and is a bit more mobile must be a priority just now you would think.
  20. I tend to agree with a lot of what you say. The bottom line is since the resumption of football last season we have performed poorly with the exception of the Premier Sports Cup games when we surprised ourselves in what we achieved. Our home form last year cost us a place in the playoffs last year and I thought KR should not have been given another contract. The writing was on the wall then as to whether he is the man to get us promoted. Clearly the injury to Paul McLean did not help and the loss of Andy Ryan before the start of the season again did not help us but it’s the managers job to make sure he has the tools to get the job done. He should have been looking for an experienced Central Defender imo and another striker for the No 9 spot to compete with Mackin but so far he has failed to do so. Regarding Banner don’t think he is the answer and that’s probably why he stayed on the bench. Too early to call for the managers head ? I think the next couple of games will decide that. The home game with Albion Rovers is a must win game for him. Failure to get the 3 points at home will only get the fans more on his back.
  21. Agree, sorry to say this but our performance in the first half when we lost 2 goals within 60 secs cost us the match. Second half we at least created some chances and might have been on level terms but could not get that second goal and a late breakaway in the 85th minute to make it 3-1 meant it was game over. All credit to Annan today, as for us its on to Stranraer next week and lets hope the team that started to play in the 2nd half turns up if not then we will get nothing.
  22. Who said that don't think anybody at Stirling felt we were going to win this League, not with the money Kelty is spending. Playoffs was our only chance of getting promoted.
  23. Agree next week we face Stranraer and on the first half performance today if we play like that then we will get nothing. After the Stranraer game we face Stirling Albion Reserves sorry Albion Rovers at Forthbank which is a must win game for us. Fail to beat Rovers and Id be surprised if KR is not gone. Whilst its only 3 games into the season its very worrying just how bad we are playing in the last 2 games we have conceded 6 goals. 4 goals scored in 2 60 sec spells have cost us these matches. For a team hoping to get into the playoffs at least its very concerning how badly the Club has started the season.
  24. Well it’s the away trip most Binos fans look forward too, usually not for the football tbh. [emoji23] After the disappointment last Saturday when we were well beaten by Kelty Hearts, can we bounce back and get all 3 points against an Annan side fresh from a surprise victory away from home against Stranraer, it’s going to be tough but hopefully the team will rise to the occasion and show that last week was a blip. Prdediction Annan Ath 1 Binos 2.
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