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  1. We shall see what happens don`t count you chickens just yet. just responding to your post regarding the Sponsors, remember that.
  2. The Trust Boards resigns if my resolution fails Why would the Trust Board resign if my resolution fails its nothing to do with them is it. ? Talking nonsense man. Regarding the Shareholders meeting, Stuart Brown asked that details of the meeting not be leaked, that`s why Shareholders refuse to give any information. I`m surprised you did not know that, clearly you are under orders from your master to cause trouble.
  3. It was explained at the informal meeting on Tuesday night that the reason no date for the AGM has been set yet was due to the fact that after the resolutions to remove all the Trust Board were received it was felt giving a date was pointless as the Trust Board might not be in place. Surprised that you did not know that. What Trust Boards Plan to remove the Club Board at the Shareholders Meeting. ? Again surprised you did not know that. You are not too well informed about what is happening are you, thought your master would have told you that.
  4. Really, so what do you call the gang of 74 silly and failed attempt to remove the entire Trust Board then. ?
  5. Or you are forced to respond to the misinformation put out by WC Boggs.
  6. Adam Cummins resigns for next season for the Albion.
  7. Wrong on checking the list of members of the Trust who supported the resolution to remove the entire Trust Board your name is listed as supporting the removal of all Trust Board members on it.
  8. True but I only wanted to remove 2 Directors, Stuart Brown and John Daly not the entire Club Board as in the case of the gang of 74.
  9. They don`t have anyone to replace the current Trust Board members, that`s where their little Plan falls down. As stated by Stuart Brown at the shareholders meeting its a tit for tat for the Trust Board calling for an EGM of the Shareholders.
  10. its already been explained in previous posts, I suggest you go back and read them again.
  11. Wrong the Club Board is accountable to its Shareholders. Stirling Albion FC are a Private Limited Company. The Supporters Trust are the major Shareholder in the Club owning 83% of the Shares. The Supporters Trust Board are accountable to its members. "if people are going to say the club board has in any way refused to be accountable it needs specifics on instances supplied, not just repeating the words not accountable! Can you tell me then why Stuart Brown and John Daly refused to attend a meeting with the Trust Board unless a Trust Director Ian Doyle was not present. ? Does that not suggest that. ? If you check the resolution submitted to remove the entire Trust Board, you will find the names of every Club Director are on these resolutions, some to be fair have only asked for the removal of 3 of the Trust Board members.
  12. Once more, more twisting of the facts. Let me ask you a question then WC BOGGS if the person did NOT vote 50 times, are you saying the Trust Board lied to its members by saying this. Indeed it was stated on Tuesday night at the meeting that a Trust Board member phoned the person concerned and asked him about the voting, his response was " all 71 coaches are in the room with me" This was stated at the meeting or are you saying that the Trust Board member is lying. ?
  13. More facts being twisted. The fact is I know who was behind my resolutions to remove Stuart Brown and John Daly, ME no one else WC BOGGS. Can the same be said for the resolutions proposed by the Gang of 74 ? don`t think so. Their is an old saying You can fool all the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.
  14. My My so I am that twisted you clearly cannot see the wood for the tree`s WC BOGS or your real name is Hugh Hanlon is it not. The facts I have posted are accurate and no amount of twisting them to suit the agenda from your master can disguise the facts. Yes as members they are allowed to vote,, but as it states in the Trust Constitution "one person one vote " NOT one person 50 votes. No amount of twisting the facts on your posts will alter the fact that the Trust Board were right to intervene in this matter, it is up to them to decide what to do. If the members are not happy with their decisions they have at least the option to vote them out. Unlike the Club Board who appear to be unaccountable to anybody including the owners of the Club the Supporters Trust.
  15. The Trust Board is ACCOUNTABLE TO THE MEMBERS, unlike Stuart Brown and Co, they put themselves up for election. If the members are not happy with them they can be voted off. Again unlike Stuart Brown and Co who seem to think that they are untouchable and have used every trick in the book to stay in power, from the Personal Statement from Colin Rowley published on the Club Website, to a failed attempt too remove the Trust Board without any reasons given. The attempt to rig the voting for the AGM by one of the Clubs Directors, Not to mention the continued decline of this Club on the playing field under the stewardmanship of Stuart Brown. We had the situation in which Stuart Brown and John Daly refused to meet with the Trust Board unless one of its elected members was not present, how can this be allowed to happen. The Trust are the owners of the Club and the fact the both men refused to meet with the owners clearly is a very worrying sign. For far too long this situation has been allowed to develop and I for one am glad that the Trust Board have decided to take action to make sure that owners of the club The Supporters Trust regain control of what they OWN.
  16. Indeed it was stated by Stuart Brown that the attempt to remove the entire Trust Board was Tit for Tat for the Trust Board calling for an EGM at the Shareholders meeting on Monday night. If that does not suggest Stuart Brown knew what was going on and indeed signed 3 of the resolutions backing them then I don`t know what else anyone could think.
  17. Dearie Dearie me you really need to go back and read what I have written. You are talking pure pish. Fact is you were the person who brought up about the e mail from M&G not me. Stuart Brown making light of, did I say that NO, again you are making this up. I`m pulling your strings . "Hinting away last night that Stuart was the 50 names man" Absolute nonsense I have never read such a load of absolute drivel in the many years I have been posting on Pie & Bovril. As I have said in a previous post, WHO IS PULLING YOUR STRINGS WC BOGGS, I sincerely hope their is someone behind you feeding you this guff if not I suggest you seek medical help ASAP.
  18. One man did not vote 50 times It was stated at the Trust Board meeting on Tuesday night that a Trust Board member phoned the person concerned Grant Morrice and asked him why he was voting so many times and he stated to the Trust Member that all 71 Coaches were in the room with him during this time. This was stated to those who attended the Trust Meeting, I am sure that this can be verified by those present. Also I find it strange that Stuart Brown made light of the fact that he had received an e mail from a representative of M&G Prudential`s parent company asking what was going on at the Club. Stuart Brown also asked that any information mentioned at this meeting be kept confidential. This I have done until YOU WC BOGGS posted about the INFORMATION about the Club`s sponsors on this website. Clearly someone is pulling your strings in the background and making the bullets for you to fire, I wonder who that is. Maybe you will be brave enough to tell fellow Albion supporters who that is.
  19. The Trust Board had a duty under the terms of its Constitution to take action if it suspected fraud.. or are you suggesting they did nothing and let it go. Clearly their was an attempt to rig this vote. One man voting 50 times ! You of course know who that man was don’t you.
  20. Agree it was stated by Stuart Brown at the Shareholders meeting that the attempt to remove the Trust Board was a tit for tat for the Trust Board calling the EGM.
  21. You can believe what you want but as I have stated I DO NOT know who the Trust Board is proposing. Like you I am in the dark, I have my suspicions but that’s all. Regarding the Trust Board having a plan in place months ago, it was stated last night that the Trust Board only took action after it was stated by the Club Board that the remaining fixtures could be in jeopardy. They then started the search for replacements. That’s the facts, if you don’t believe it fine but it’s the Truth.
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