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  1. Lets hope you keep to your word now. Regarding the mediation lets hope it works and the changes to the Articles of Association proposed to be voted on by members are put in place. If they had been changed years ago then none of this might not have happened. Out of Chaos comes Order.
  2. Ah your back again it did not take you long to respond. Regarding your rant, I`ve not going to respond and keep repeating the same things over and over again to you as its waste of time Club Board Stooge. No doubt you will come back to me with another rant.
  3. Only difference is their appears to be Truth to what I am saying.
  4. Your Back well that was quick retirement. Me a Stooge NO way. I am an independent person with a mind of my own. Unlike you who suddenly appear and the majority of the 6 posts you have posted on here are about me. Its very simple to see how many posts you have posted just look under your name it tells you. Didn`t you notice that. ? With regard to your question I have made it very clear what my response is its a Witch Hunt brought about by members of the gang of 74.
  5. I do apologise for repeating the same things over and over again but when you have Club Board stooges on here that don`t UNDERSTAND what I am saying or trying to get across then its very hard not to repeat it.
  6. Really you have been on here a while but chose not to comment. Do you think that I am a fool ? Admit it your a Club Board stooge on here to attack me, following the orders of your master, go on admit it, it does you no favours by denying it. Regarding the volunteer, you are having a laugh are you not by suggesting that I am dragging her practically through the mud. The fact is and I forget how many times I have said this that the members of the Trust have the right to make an informed choice of who they wish to see elected onto the Trust Board. I am only giving them the facts into this volunteer`s background and where she is coming from. If members chose to ignore my comments and vote for her, fine. Its called Democracy , at the end of the day as I have repeated many times on here and on Facebook the members will make the choice, not me or anyone else for that matter. Your not going to say anymore on the matter , well that`s a surprise after only 5 posts on here you decide to quit.
  7. See my post to BinoGals that expresses it very clearly. Clearly you are a stooge put up by the Club Board to attack me. Do you think any intelligent person reading your posts of which they have been many on here would not come to the same conclusion. ? You go on about my resolution from a previous AGM which was cancelled by the Trust Board after well how can I put it simply Dodgy voting by the gang of 74 which includes you as a signatory to the resolution to remove the ENTIRE Trust Board without giving a reason. No doubt you will come back to me with another one of your rants on here.
  8. My my we do seem to have come out of the wrong side of bed this morning As I said in my post in my opinion it’s nothing more than a Witch Hunt. That’s my opinion of the situation. At the end of the day it’s up to the members of the Trust to say Yes or No to this resolution. In regard to the 2 candidates that I mentioned in my statement, again as I have explained many times, I was merely giving members some background information as to the candidates suitability to be elected into the Trust Board. Again it’s up to the members to decide whether to vote Yes or Not on whether they get elected to the Trust Board or not. Finally I will say and it’s clear to any intelligent person reading your post and by others on here that I am being attacked by supporters of the Club Board for standing up and speaking out against what I see is going on here. The mere fact that you have just joined P&B clearly indicates that’s your purpose is it not. ? as
  9. Welcome to Pie and Bovril BinosGal. why don’t you explain the resolution to remove the Trust Board member I have already done so and can’t be arsed telling it again.
  10. You make some good points dave_binos regarding the doctor. Regarding the volunteer in question she has also seconded the resolution to remove a member of the Trust Board. Clearly if that happens and she is elected to the Board, its going to be interesting to say the least how the other Trust Board members react.
  11. The people I was referring to are the clowns like you or as I call them the Usual suspects who start posting on the orders of their Master.
  12. I`m in full agreement with you on that, did express in a post on Page 36 of this thread my concerns about this man after attending a Trust Meeting which he was at.
  13. Well I know a lot more about what is going on than Flybhoy it seems.
  14. Message to all Trust Members just received the e mail from the Trust outlining details for voting. Anyone who cannot make the AGM can vote online, just follow the instructions. Its your chance to have your say, make sure you use it.
  15. Evasive crap Flybhoy needs to get up to speed if he is coming on here posting comments pretending to know what is going on.. Maybe it’s best to keep his trap shut until he knows the full facts of what is happening at the AGM.
  16. Your entitled to your opinion I mine and if they differ then so what.
  17. A very selective bunch of "facts" is it, the fact is its the Truth is it not. As regards your vote I don`t think I would have had much chance of getting you to change your mind anyway.
  18. You clearly do not understand do you, that insufficient reason the Counsel was referring too was NO reason was given for wanting to remove the ENTIRE TRUST BOARD in the resolution. That`s why it was rejected by the Trust Board. If a reason had been given then the Trust Board would have had to put it in front of the membership for consideration.
  19. Yes we are trying to get away from Petty warfare but the facts remain that members of the Trust deserve the right to know the facts and once given those facts can make a choice of whether to vote for or against a candidate. Thats all I am doing is letting members make up their own minds according to the facts. That`s Democracy
  20. Yes it is the facts NO reasons were give as to why they wanted to remove the Entire Trust Board. When I submitted my resolution to remove Stuart Brown as Chairman and Club Director, I gave members the reasons why I wanted to remove him is that not the case. ? Indeed if I had not then the Trust Board would have refused to accept my resolution is that not the fact. ?
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