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  1. Came as a surprise to most Albion fans Martin Hardie departing. The statement put out as a previous poster has said leaves more questions than answers. I would assume that KR will be bringing in someone else to take over from MH. Who that is remains to be answered. Is whoever is coming in, more experienced than MH or are we looking to appoint a director of football type person ? who knows , stay tuned for the answer.
  2. Vital and important game for the Binos this Saturday at Forthbank when we entertain Annan. After the trouncing on Tuesday night by Cove, the players owe the fans a decent performance and hopefully KR has realised his mistake by making so many changes to the team on Tuesday night that we will field our strongest 11. Its been a while since we won at home, mid November last year that was our last win at home so after Tuesday nights debacle, we have to win no ifs or buts. Win and it keeps our slim playoff hopes alive, lose and I think we can forget about the playoffs and KR could be for the chop. Prediction Binos 2 Annan 0
  3. Don't think their was many tbh, maybe 20 or so did not look like many in the highlights.
  4. Can only describe the Binos performance tonight in 2 words UTTER PISH
  5. Just hope the game is not abandoned after its starts due to the pitch, forecast is for more rain. ☹️
  6. Tuesday night we entertain Cove Rangers the League Leaders at Forthbank. After a dismal performance at Elgin on Saturday, the question Binos fans will be asking is can we get something against Cove at home. ? Hopefully we can be it’s a difficult ask given our home record, our last win at home was Mid November last year. Let’s hope the team turn up and give the fans something to shout about. Would be quite happy to get a point but 3 would be better. [emoji3] Prediction Binos 1 Cove 1. Call me an optimist or am I just deluded. Time will tell. [emoji3]
  7. Elgin deserves to win, we lost the game in the first half going behind 3-1 . Second half might have made a game of it if we had scored either penalty but an easy save for the Elgin keeper. Let’s hope we perform better on Tuesday night or our season could be over.
  8. It’s going to be difficult at Elgin but we won the last time up their. Sutherland might miss this game thru injury. We have the players to hurt them in Bikey, Duffy and Mackin but we need to take our chances and keep it tight at the back.
  9. 7 wins on the trot is the club record, if we win on Saturday we equal that. Hopefully Sutherland is missing on Saturday, makes it easier for us to win. [emoji3] Yes the young mob do make a bit of noise. [emoji3] Hopefully the team give them cause to make more of the same racket on Saturday.
  10. We head north on Saturday to face fellow playoff contenders in what is usually a difficult game for us. The question Binos fans will be asking is whether we can make it 7 away wins in a row or will we become unstuck at Elgin. Hopefully we continue on our great run away from home, as clearly that has kept our playoff hopes alive as our home form has been poor. We have failed to win at home this year and last Saturday we managed a draw. Prediction Elgin City 1 Binos 2
  11. Annan 2 Cowdenbeath 2 Cove 3 Brechin 1 Edinburgh City 2 Albion Rovers 1 Elgin City 1 Stirling Albion 2 Stenhousemuir 1 Queens Park 1 Can the Binos make it 7 away wins on the trot at Elgin ? Hope so we need the points and our away form is keeping us in the hunt for a playoff place.
  12. Well we got a point but with a bit of luck it might have been 3, if we had taken our chances. Felt 2nd half we were a bit fortunate not to go behind but have to thank Nicky Hogarth for pulling off some great saves. Still gets the monkey off our backs at home, but we will need to improve if we are to get anything at Elgin.
  13. Vital game for the Albion in a must win category. Need to start picking points up at home if we have any chance of making the playoffs. I would be quite happy to settle for a scrappy 1-0 home win on Tuesday night. Got to get the points.
  14. Good win in the end but we made it hard for ourselves in the 2nd half after going in front and inviting them on to us but it’s an important 3 pints 6 away wins on the trot. Let’s hope we can start to win at home starting this Tuesday.
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