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  1. Already have named the 3 people taking over from the 3 to be removed.
  2. Not a Director of the Club as listed in Companies House.
  3. Just received an e mail from the Club, Special General Meeting of the Shareholders Called for Wednesday 3 August at 6pm Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling 3 resolutions on the table to remove the following Directors Stuart Brown, Lorri Graham and Colin Rowley. That new Directors are appointed as Directors with immediate effect.
  4. Really it just shows how desperate the Club Board are to cling onto power. They have ignored the Trust Board and refused to talk to them, is it any wonder the Trust Board are finally taking action to remove this self-perpetuating clique. Once again they are trying to disrupt the Trust with more actions to try and cling onto power. Democracy its a bit rich coming from them.
  5. Agree I don`t suppose they would have envisaged a situation like we have at present having a Club Board who appear unaccountable to anyone but themselves.
  6. Well the Trust would have had an AGM had it not been for the actions of the gang of 74 involving dodgy voting by a certain member of the Club Board voting 50 times. Not to mention the attempt by the Club Board backed by its gang of 74 to remove the Trust Board without giving any reason. Which was against the Trust rules.
  7. Yes when things looked bad enough we have the Club Board out to show that things could get worst. So they try once again to put their oar in and try to play the they did not consult with the Trust Members card. When are these people going to realise that time is up for them. Like the comment "Whilst we have a legal responsibility of running the business affairs of the Club. we are also fans" Says it all.
  8. Echo your thoughts entirely, given the budget DY has at disposal, clearly one the the best in this League, I would have though recruitment would not be a problem. Lets hope things start to move quickly on the squad front before the start of the season.
  9. 1. Forfar 2. Stenhousemuir 3. Stirling Albion 4. Annan Athletic 5. Dumbarton 6. Bonnyrigg Rose 7. East Fife 8. Elgin City 9. Stranraer 10. Albion Rovers I hope that at least the Albion can make the playoffs this coming season. Anything less another wasted season.
  10. £6 for Adults and £4 for concessions according to Alloa website.
  11. Still early days yet on the signing front, with the budget DY has up 15% from last year we would be looking at playoffs minimum. Anything less and its another wasted season.
  12. I would have thought given the budget DY has been given up 15% from last year, playoffs at the minimum would be our target this season.
  13. The Trust Board were elected and can be voted out by the members. If the members are not happy with the way things are going at least they have a choice unlike the Club Board who were a law unto themselves.
  14. Well Stuart Brown had nearly 8 years in charge think the Club Board once elected would have less time.
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