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  1. The information that 100 tickets were on sale to Albion fans came from social media. From Facebook it would appear that a number of Albion fans including myself have bought tickets for the game.
  2. Let’s hope we can do the business this season and finally get out of this f**king league. Our first home game is against Kelty, so it will be an interesting game. If we can manage to beat them, would certainly be a big boost.
  3. 100 tickets for the Terracing have been allocated for Albion fans via the Fanbase app.[emoji3]
  4. Let’s hope so the Albion visit on the 14 August, always a favourite away day for the Binos fans,the Shed will be full if that is the case. [emoji3]
  5. Stenny have allocated 100 tickets for Albion fans for the terracing thru Fanbase app.
  6. On the basis of our good performance in the Premier Sports Cup, I would be very disappointed not to get into the playoffs this season. Can we win the League, we’re in with a chance we face favourites Kelty in our first home game of the season, beat them in that will boost our chances of getting the top spot. As for the rest expect Elgin, Forfar, Edinburgh City and maybe Stranraer to fight for a top 4 spot. Will the bookies favourite Kelty win it possibly but I would think it’s not as easy as it looks for them. Let’s hope come May we will be celebrating getting out of this f**king league. Come on the Binos.
  7. Agree did not think for one minute when the draw was made we would end up in 2nd spot with 8 points. Thought we would be lucky not to finish last in the group. Let’s hope this good start bods well for the upcoming season. It’s about time we got out of this f**king basement league.
  8. Yes it sounds right, once Hearts got in front it was an uphill battle to get anything from this game, started the 2nd half well but never really troubled Craig Gordon in the Hearts goal. 2nd goal killed the game for us, didn’t expect much tonight and I was proved right. Onwards to Saturday when we face Peterhead hopefully we get a home win.
  9. Big game tonight at Forthbank, first competitive match with fans this season at home. Can the Binos upset the odds and spring a surprise, lets hope so. Dont expect much but hope for a decent performance from the team. If we get anything tonight it will be a bonus. 😀
  10. Don’t expect much this afternoon when we face ICT, hope for a decent performance and a narrow loss. Onwards to Tuesday night when we face Hearts for our first competing game at home.
  11. What about John Philliben to Doncaster Rovers can’t remember what we got for him, Brian Grant to Aberdeen, think one or two others as well.
  12. Believe it was a 1 year contract, did get a fee for him but suspect it wasn’t much as he had a clause in his contract allowing him to move if a full time club came in for him. ☹️
  13. Very disappointing news, especially when I was excited to see him and Carrick link up. However there is no way you can stop a guy going back to Full Time football when he has the opportunity, and up to the Championship as well. Good luck to him. As for who can step up, I would have guessed that KR will be looking for a replacement but actually, in the lively striker role, maybe this is a good opportunity for Bikey or Heaver to step into his shoes. As you say let’s hope who ever takes over as Ryan’s replacement does the business. Now is the time for Bikey or Heaver to step up and show they deserve a place in the team.
  14. I’d be very surprised if we don’t get off to a good start that KR would be given the push. It would take a lot for our Board to get rid of him.
  15. Nomadland 8/10 Heard about this film and saw it at the local cinema. Didn’t know what to expect but was impressed by this film, a story about a 62 year old woman who after losing her husband and the town she had lived in called Empire which shut down after the only employer in the town closed down the mine and plant. She decides to leave in a van travelling the country going from job to job to support herself. It tells of the people she meets along the way and like her who are Nomads going from place to place either in vans or whatever means of transport they have. Many of the people featured in the film are real people telling their own story of how they became Nomads. Found it quite emotional at times. Would recommend anyone to see it.
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