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  1. Good result for the Binos after last week at Elgin. First half we were the better side and were unfortunate when David Wilson’s free kick hit the bar. Second half Queens better team and really should have gone in front when the Queens Player headed well over from close range. All in all happy with the point given our performance last week, we can only improve. [emoji3]
  2. Really don’t know what to expect from the Albion on Saturday after a poor performance away to Elgin. Just hope things click on Saturday and we get something from this game to start our League campaign.
  3. Well let’s hope next Saturday against Queens the team shows a much better attitude and starts to create some chances and takes them otherwise it does not look promising for us in the coming season. We should on paper be looking at a playoff spot fail to get that and clearly changes need to be made at the manager level.
  4. Sorry I though the live stream was pretty poor decent enough picture but bad points no sound, it took me nearly 15 mins into the game before I managed to get logged on. Camera at times not up to the play, had a few moments of seeing the Albion goalie looking up field to the play and nothing happening. Believe the system used an automatic camera which at times was slow to react to tracking the ball. It’s a pity that they did not do a trial before the 1st live game to iron out the problems but fair cop it’s better than nothing. Hopefully it will improve, compared to SATV on Tuesday night for the game with Arbroath it was like night and day. SATV coverage was spot on.
  5. Looked good going forward but defensively ? Suffered a bad injury early on at Forthbank and struggled to get back into the team when he regained fitness. Hopefully he can do you a job except when he plays against the Albion. [emoji3]
  6. Could be a decent signing for you, played out of position out wide for the most part at Forthbank needs to be played in the middle.
  7. One of the better loan signings we have made in the last few years. Won player of the year with us and was a good reliable keeper bit surprised that he did not feature more at Dundee last season bar the 1 game which unfortunately for him he was sent off in. Well worth the chance imo to take over as No 1 between the sticks nothing ventured nothing gained.
  8. Sorry I think we need to get the right players in midfield first before I would resign Darren Smith. Given the 2 new strikers we have signed would suspect that if he did return it would be as a squad player not first team regular.
  9. Lets hope KR gets it spot on with his midfield signings its been an area we have sadly been found wanting in for the last couple of years. Re the defence still think we should be on the look out for a left back another area we have failed to cover over the last few years.
  10. Best in League 2 Forthbank, others worth mentioning Glebe Park and Borough Briggs good. The worst has to be Ainslie Park, Edinburgh City. Poor ground, even Cliftonhill is better to watch football at and that’s saying something. [emoji3]
  11. Just watched the 2nd episode, ends in a bit of a cliff hanger.
  12. Happy with that news with the exception of Kyle Banner, hasn’t really done much imo to justify a new contract.
  13. Yes go along with Callum Ferrie as well plus another one springs to mind David Crawford played for us then went to Arbroath, suffered a serious injury that kept him out for a while, last thing I heard about him he was a goalkeeping coach at Clyde don't know if he is still their.
  14. For the Albion we have had a number of good goalies over the years from the likes of George Young , Mark McGeown Chris Smith. to name a few that I can remember. The worst and I can only speak for recent memory a certain Mark Foden. Came on loan from Ross County and played in the Scottish Cup Tie against Lothian Thistle Huchinson Vale at Forthbank and helped to inspire one of the worst results in the Albions history by getting beat 5-3. Think if my memory is correct. at blame for at least 2 of the goals, not helped by a dodgy defence at the back.
  15. Came as a surprise to most Albion fans Martin Hardie departing. The statement put out as a previous poster has said leaves more questions than answers. I would assume that KR will be bringing in someone else to take over from MH. Who that is remains to be answered. Is whoever is coming in, more experienced than MH or are we looking to appoint a director of football type person ? who knows , stay tuned for the answer.
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