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  1. You best be having his premium cat treats and the red carpet out when you let him in. He looks like hes going to totally f**k you up then sit back with a cigar and a malt.
  2. I sense a headbutt coming for starters.
  3. Used to have relatives that lived in Sidcup... visited many times as a teenager years ago... lovely wee place then... not sure what its like now. No I am not Mark Campbell.
  4. f**k all wrong with that to be honest. Could easily have been the other way round and Tidser getting skelped. Retaliate first. [emoji106]
  5. 25% off the park is even more generous. Surprised it reached double figures.
  6. You getting the plumbing contract for the 4th stand Lex?
  7. 15 texts in 18 minutes. Sometimes I hate technology.... phones going in the sea.
  8. Should be an easy win for you then. Get to the bookies ... put your bet on... then post the slip on here [emoji106]
  9. I've not seen the lower leagues in England so cant make judgement. But if Dallison is a regular with Crawley, which it looks like he is... then the standard must be well below the league we are in at the moment. Dallison would struggle in this league also.
  10. I showed this to my Indian neighbour... thinking that with English not being his first language he may be able to decipher it. His words were.... what the f**k is that.
  11. Cheers mate. Pretty sure we all went to the wheatsheaf after the game. Cracking pub.... then onto Tuxedo Junction and Tiffany's after that.
  12. Did they play at Druids Park around 1985? I vaguely remember playing against them there back then. We were all down in Newcastle for a long weekend that year and decided to arrange a game between drinking sessions. Our team had guest appearances from Staurt Munro ( ex Rangers ).. Bruan Purdie ( ex Falkirk ) Tam Ward ( ex Falkirk )... think we got beat 3-1 .... most of our team suffering badly from a few wee drams the night before. Can remember the ground being on the way to the airport.
  13. This... all day fuckin long. Those dark days should never be forgotten and the way the fans responded was above and beyond. The determination to keep our club alive was immense.... with the support of the players to. We should never be put in that position again.
  14. Hearing that Jim Jeffries had a heart attack today and is in hospital. Hopefully recovers quickly... gave me my best times ever supporting Falkirk
  15. Alls good... were going to be great again
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