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  1. Same here. I uninstalled the app with the intent of installing again right after as i was seeing any pictures on threads ( done this a couple of times before and its worked ). Now there is no app on Google play.....also googled pie and bovril app and an install came up but its not working.
  2. The Mill Inn always welcomes outsiders with open arms.
  3. Think Eadie was at the club at the wrong time. The way we played under Clarke was all about survival. If Eadie had been around under Jeffries or McCall I reckon he would have scored a shitload.
  4. Dennon Lewis? Twice? In an actual real game of football? [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. It was along those lines and contained pictures of Batman, Hank Hill, Victor McDade. all christmasy except Victor who was doing the "get it round ye" Well played sir.... outstanding [emoji481]
  6. Fucking bollocks to this new c**t. He has just made the gap even wider by doing this, no matter " how it came across "... no need to mention any negativity regarding the fans. New face... same fuckin agenda.
  7. Used to co present Blue Peter. Maybe next MotM might get a badge.
  8. Regarding the new chairman. I dont know who he is, but he is in a position were I take it he wanted to be. The facts are it's another smack in the teeth that they have given us... constantly they have done this over the last couple of years to try and mask the complete balls up they have made of this. I'm all for giving a new man in the job a chance to show what he can do... but it's not a great start when he takes a swipe at us. Wether it's his words or the MSG's... they are attributed to him. They need PR lessons quickly.
  9. They just cant help themselves dragging the fans through the shit yet again. Convinces me they all come from the same pair of baws. Dont they realise that this just adds to our anger and adds numbers to those who will eventually protest again. Cant see how this can benefit them... maybe I'm missing something. Falkirk FC... the club which just cant help insulting their "customers ". Clear the fuckin lot out.
  10. Is there any breakdown of the costs? Wages, rents paid, gate receipts, loan repayments, etc Also... which firm does the book keeping ?
  11. This cant be allowed to happen That c**t should never ever be allowed to step inside the Falkirk Stadium again.... even as a spectator.... should be banned for life.
  12. To be honest... how can anyone take a team people call Rosie Posie seriously....onwards to the next round.
  13. If they really did say that it's some fantastic trolling to be fair.
  14. Have to add to the list George Miller. Great player for us but an absolute disaster as a manager. 2 results stick out under his time there.... 8-0 and 6-1 defeats at home to Dundee. Edited to add Meant to say I put George Miller among the worst...worst one for me was Lambie
  15. Dennis and Gerry Goldie have more than enough to have this covered.
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