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  1. Had a feeling he may end up there….. Fair play to him.
  2. If it’s right….. we were paying Cammy Salkeld $530 per week and Tomi $380 whilst Charlie Albinson has moved hundreds of miles from home for a little over £10k a year. https://salarysport.com/football/scottish-championship/ayr-united/ can’t see it being that accurate.
  3. @Finlay21So we’re not done yet? How many more should we expect?
  4. It so easy when you order online and live 10,000 miles away though…..
  5. I have last season Hummel top virtually unworn in an xxl as it’s too small. An Adidas XXL is baggy. Sizing is awful and for that reason I won’t buy the new kit.
  6. Exactly. I liked Tomi but he was incredibly frustrating to watch at least 60% of the time. For a huge unit, he spends a lot of time on his arse looking for a free kick.
  7. Killie clearly looking for a quick to the championship if they think McInroy and Tomi are the answer…..
  8. Was it really going to happen or was it the wish on P&B? not sure it was ever that realistic for us.
  9. Mark Shankland had trials at Liverpool. He was shite. It means absolutely nothing.
  10. Tell him to hurry up and sign someone, anyone will do that’s not been named by General Dissaray….
  11. Has to be. Lives in Cumnock, with his mum. Wears a rangers top most days
  12. He played a whole 2 games at EK….. Now piss off back under whichever wheelie bin you crawl out from every off-season.
  13. Won’t get a development fee if they’ve released him. would only get a fee if they’ve offered him a new deal and he rejected it.
  14. I used to see Kirk at the taxi rank at Tobi Zaxx quite regularly. To give him his dues, he seemed like a normal bloke. Even dropped me off on Holmston Road on his way to Drongan as we both tried to get in the same taxi. Wouldn’t take any cash. That being said, I wouldn’t want his egg-splattered face anywhere near Somerset Park….
  15. Well that’s something we can agree on. McKenna is is nowhere near the worst defender we’ve had in recent years…. Step up Jack Baird and Marcus Fjortoft….
  16. I’d love nothing more than Scott McKenna being the new Paulo Maldini or even John Terry but the truth is, if he ends up being half as good as anyone it’s more likely to be Harry Maguire. Just because he’s Scottish and played for Ayr, doesn’t suddenly turn him into a world beater.
  17. Nope, definitely wasn’t getting him mixed up with Michael Rose and I wasn’t “making things up”. It was a genuine mistake where I recalled him being out of the Forrest team for a spell. Just got the wrong season. You on the other hand are making things up by saying he’s a monster of a centre half, ideally suited to the English game….. he’s a big unit but lacks the composure to be a quality top flight defender. Can’t wait to see him up against Haaland.
  18. You’re right! I was clearly thinking of the previous season. Admittedly I haven’t really been following this year. Just recalled him not being in the squad for ages. Time flies…
  19. McKenna has also yet to play in the Premiership. he wasn’t making the team in the championship for spells this year. Wouldn’t be at all suprised if he is put out on loan.
  20. Plenty of sharpened pitchforks in Mauchline without us turning up
  21. Could only see us making a move for sibbald if we were going to miss out on Kerr McInroy.
  22. Centre Back who can play RB apparently. Came through the ranks at West Ham.
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