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  1. Chris Maguire can GTF. Misses the penalty the. let’s the player waltz past him to rifle it in to the top corner.
  2. We have been utter shite. No game plan other than punt it to Dipo.
  3. Thwarted by a Charlie Albinson clean sheet imo
  4. Thanks. It’s not the chest size that’s the issue, it’s the beer belly size that the problem
  5. How does that compare to Hummel? the XXL Hummel gear is pretty snug but my XXL adidas stuff is pretty loose.
  6. Most football songs are not appropriate to sing Ian public places….. ”we’re only here to drink your beer and shag your fucking women” I’m not condoning anything but it’s a fucking piss poor argument…..
  7. This is my point though. Society has moved on (or at least in some places) We should be able to use the word Black without fear of offending. unless you’re one of the snowflakes who went to a school without a blackboard, never sang baa baa black sheep, never had a black eye and never been black listed. black doesn’t have to be a race.
  8. Hahaha good work. Predictive text strikes. you got in sharp.
  9. No, I’m saying we need to understand that black does not need to mean skin colour. Skin colour should not even be a consideration, those who cling onto it like some kind of weapon are the ones who have the issue. but go f**k yourself, clown.
  10. I’m not defending the song at all but it’s wrong to say the song is racist. black is commonly used throughout Ayrshire to signify unclean. my mrs is from Killie and will Often use black mocket as a phrase to describe people. There is zero connection to race. In fact the mention of race is the only racist thing. we need to move away from it though. society also needs to move away from association of black and race. Skin colour isn’t relevant in todays society
  11. Will be ultimate trolling by the club just to announce Josh Mullin now.
  12. I vaguely remember a rule about players needed to be registered for the original fixture to be able to play in a rearranged match.
  13. Could all just be mind games with the Cove and QP games coming up.
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