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  1. Because if they only sell them via the club shop the club keep all the profits. Thought that would be fairly obvious.
  2. Always knew Dundee was behind the times... You’re about an hour late with this revelation.
  3. I don’t think we need the money that desperately. It would destroy the good feeling that’s been built up and this is the year where there’s a really good chance of us staying up and getting established in the championship which will be worth more than 100k in the medium/longterm. It would be very shortsighted to accept such a paltry amount.
  4. Do Dundee even have 100k to spend? If they're serious I hope we can expect the full fee paid upfront, would hate for you guys to get into financial trouble and be unable to pay your debts.......... again. Of course I would much rather we told you to stick your money up your arse. I'm sure Lawrence will see his future at a higher level than Dundee who will be in a 3 way battle to avoid ending up in the same league he's in now anyway. If it wasn't for rookie Kenny MIller's Lavy and the permacrap Accies, Dundee would be an absolute stick on for relegation this year.
  5. Looking forward to hastily making changes to my team every Friday night for the next 10 months with little or no thought...
  6. Of course they’re not. i was just saying we would’ve been wise to take the cash for Balatoni when we had the chance. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  7. Best case scenario would be a club wanting to buy him but loan him back to then of the season like Celtic and Louis Morgan, I agree with d'jaffo I'd rather lose him for nothing at the end of the season than get money and end up back in league 1 Hopefully it won’t be another Balatoni scenario where we knock back the hard cash in January only to be relegated and him leave for nothing.
  8. Highlights are up! Shanklands goal is a thing of beauty. Watching them it could’ve been Partick 2-10 Ayr, we looked like scoring every time we got within 20yards of goal. The first goal was magnificent thanks to excellent pressing by Robbie Crawford, didn’t give up and pressured the defender into an awful error. Got a really good feeling about this season.
  9. 6 months to prove his fitness
  10. If Cameron was going to walk away he would’ve walked away years ago. Like him or loathe him he has singlehanded year kept the club alive for 10+ years. Has he been frustrating? Absolutely. Was he naive in his earlier seasons? Absolutely, particularly around the new stadium and some of his managerial appointments. Staying up is probably his best chance to get shot of the club, if we go down there are unlikely to be a line of potential suitors queuing up, establish us as a Championship side and you never know.
  11. I’m pretty sure he was actually born in aberdeen so technically he’s Scottish.
  12. Jeezo man Roxanne must be so proud. too much time on your hands.
  13. How are we paying for this new stadium exactly? we do have some fucking roasters that follow us don’t we?
  14. I said earlier on the thread that I actually though Balatoni was decent and probably would’ve taken him back. Fleming was competent in league 1 but couldn’t handle the championship, will Doohan fair any better ? Nobody knows yet.
  15. You missed e) is Ally Morrison or his illegitimate child