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  1. They’ll end up ground sharing with Oxford or someone like that.
  2. Pretty sure both the EU and the UK government have already said that existing EU citizens won’t need a work permit in the UK and UK citizen who live/work in Europe will be the same. in fact if anything this is the best time to sign some Europeans, before any restrictions come in to play!
  3. Why? I seriously doubt there is gonna be a nazi style mass round up of non uk citizens after Brexit.
  4. More info here https://simonboehme.wordpress.com/to-kick-things-off/
  5. Bobby Williamson has a fuckin monkey’s heid. Fact.
  6. Shame he didn’t make a better contact. Not that it could’ve made Morelos any fucking uglier though.
  7. Three Way Promotion Battle

    Back in your box. Nobody mentioned Alloa. Pretty sure Ayrmad was implying Jim Goodwin will be at Dundee United next year .
  8. Pretty sure he’s also a consultant at Dunfermline now as well.
  9. Ffs 2 hours to wait! Bound to be Scougall
  10. I wouldn’t say he was outstanding last night. Last week yes but certainly not last night. Granted he did well down the left to get some balls across and scored a tap in but I wouldn’t put any of our players in the outstanding category after that first half shitshow. For an attacking midfielder he hasn’t scored enough this season and to be honest his final ball isn’t always very good.
  11. You can add mcdaid to that list. I remember when he first signed he would shoot continuously, now he seems content trying to turn his man inside out then passing.
  12. Queue The Rangers offering us 6 glass ginger bottles and a 10p mix-up to secure his signature.
  13. Bruce Anderson is out injured until March so I wouldn’t be getting too excited about this if I was you.
  14. Ayr united v ICT (take 2)

    Bizarrely that would actually confound the problem. boiling water actually freezes quicker than cold water.
  15. That’s interesting as Bruce Anderson is out injured until March. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/46711254