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  1. I was asked to leave the Meridian a few years back while wearing a discreet West Ham hoody! That’s understandable.
  2. Perhaps we couldn’t afford the expected wage contribution
  3. Definitely nothing wrong with Moore’s. He’s gone for the same ball Scully has. It’s obvious neither of them has heard the whistle or seen the flag. The Geggan one is debatable. Ive seen people sent off for it before but the camera isn’t too far away to clearly see what happened. If he had been sent off it would’ve been harsh.
  4. I’‘me just hoping the Partick Thistle clusterfuck continues. No idea what our crowds have to do with you signing players. You’ve had a significantly bigger budget than us for the last 3 windows and it’s not helped.
  5. That would imply we have signing targets at this stage which would be very un-Ayr United of us.
  6. For a start Michael rose was not playing games that could have in impact on what league he is playing in next year. whats to say doc doesn’t shit outta challenge, score an og, give away a corner that could have in impact on next seasons leagues?
  7. That’s a punt. theres still every chance of them doing a Falkirk.
  8. My god man, if you can’t figure that out you really are a meathead. One is bettering his career, the other is s money grabbing maggot.
  9. Are you thick? Rose has moved to a side who could be challenging for a place in the English championship. Doc has signed for a side who are fighting to stay in the Scottish championship. Completely different in every sense.
  10. I would love it, and I mean fucking love it if we could replace doc in Jan and leave him languishing in the reserves for the next 6 months.
  11. That sounds very much like your ITK about something Robbo?
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