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  1. Jeezo man Roxanne must be so proud. too much time on your hands.
  2. How are we paying for this new stadium exactly? we do have some fucking roasters that follow us don’t we?
  3. I said earlier on the thread that I actually though Balatoni was decent and probably would’ve taken him back. Fleming was competent in league 1 but couldn’t handle the championship, will Doohan fair any better ? Nobody knows yet.
  4. You missed e) is Ally Morrison or his illegitimate child
  5. If it wasn’t for his penalty record he’d have been hunted. The Xmas eve game at home to Dumbarton when he flapped at all 3 goals being a particular sore point. Makes Jordan Hart look strong on crosses.
  6. I’ve heard this banded about a few times without ever really being full explained. What is it that happened to Ross? Surely if the boy really didn’t want to come it would’ve been made clear weeks ago?
  7. Ironically in the position we are desperate to fill....... Peter Cherrie anyone?
  8. Pretty sure they have first refusal on him anyway
  9. I’d much rather see Finn Ecrepont get a run than David Ferguson . We’re hardly going in with no fullbacks. much rather we spent the budget on a keeper.
  10. Not many forms of entertainment where you can get 1.5hrs for a tenner.
  11. Jeezo lads it’s only a tenner. Hardly astronomical.
  12. Jordan Hart still available?
  13. Was he not meant to be a striker when Reid was looking at him?
  14. Ffs hadn't thought of that... serious anti climax if it is him Would be a real buzzkill.