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  1. Surely 100% of the time if you concede more than them, you lose.
  2. I would think online ticketing should make the refund process easier if anything. As simple as clicking a button.
  3. Our match away to Raith was postponed when Princess Di was murdered so this one has no chance of being on.
  4. Thistle have spent the last few seasons hoovering up our cast offs. They’re just a richer Stranraer. David Mitchell, Steven Bell, Robbie Crawford, Aero, Doc, Tiffoney ( albeit he wasn’t really ours) Won’t be long until the announce the signing of Andre Wright.
  5. Sorry but that’s nonsense. You can sign a free agent outside the window as long as they were released before the end of the relevant transfer window. International clearance has nothing to do with it.
  6. Only way I see someone going out would be if we are getting someone else in as we don’t have that much depth. I expect anyone going out would be one of the youngsters.
  7. The A-League is awful though. Brisbane Roar could be playing in my back garden and I wouldn’t watch them. Been to 1 A-League game and that was enough…
  8. Depends on your definition of narrowly….. Just think it’s asking a lot for a club that have finished in the top 4 twice in 20 years to go from 8th to 4th in one season when we will be starting the season with 5 or 6 new players in the starting line up.
  9. Of course there is a middle ground. If we finish mid table, I’d imagine at times we’d have been in the mix for top 4. I wouldn’t say the season has been a failure if we don’t finish top 4. Rome wasn’t built in a day, we’re in the middle of a long term project. It might take us a couple of seasons to get the right mix.
  10. You can’t be serious, are you? Less than top 4 a failure?? we’ve finished 8th 2 years in a row in a leagues containing a poor Morton team, a Hamilton team in free fall. Raith who signed a rapist then imploaded and part time Arbroath. We should be content to not be involved in a relegation scrap this year.
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