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  1. Could only see us making a move for sibbald if we were going to miss out on Kerr McInroy.
  2. Centre Back who can play RB apparently. Came through the ranks at West Ham.
  3. If that’s the case we need to stop setting up with wide players and pack the middle of the park. Having 2 guys out wide is just a complete waste of 2 jersey’s unless we are actively playing to their strengths.
  4. Two shite teams that, Hamilton’s early goal apart would’ve been quite happy to try not to out shit each other. Bryden and McKenzie can go back to the academy. Both offer absolutely nothing. I thought O’Connor looked good in flashed but ultimately too easily dispossessed. We lack any kind of game plan other than lumping balls in to the box from the middle of the park and hoping one of them either gets lucky for Tomi or we get a good rebound for McInroy. We can only hope Dunfermline and QOtS manage to out shit us for the next 4 games.
  5. And win the black and white lottery of “will it play or not?”
  6. No external debt? You mean like Gretna? remind me again what happened there when their wealthy owner got bored and stopped pumping money in…….
  7. The incident was what 10 years ago? He’s had some income and been employed Football since. If he fails to get a new club because Rovers, have made him unemployable due to their poor handling of the situation it could be interesting.
  8. I guess we will need to wait and see how it pans out.
  9. I’m not sure that’s how contract law works champ. Raith would’ve had full disclosure of his history prior to offering him a contract. By then breaching said contract, Raith could find themselves in a spot of bother. Had he raped someone whilst employed by Raith, it would be an entirely different scenario. I’m not defending DG by any stretch of the imagination, he is a rapist and an absolute scumbag.
  10. Not this season he won’t be. Window is closed so he’ll be left to rot until the summer.
  11. wonder if he’d have grounds to sue RR for loss of future earnings. They knew who he was and what he’d done before they signed him. Now he’ll Be lucky to kick a ball again… I wouldn’t think it’s as simple as them Just breaching his current contract. Hope he’s still got Derek Stillie’s number.
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