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  1. Hmmm. Unsure about this. 30 seconds in and I’ve heard enough
  2. Not if Craig Whytes ‘s got anything to do with it
  3. Pretty sure we also train at Cambusdoon
  4. What a dreadful website. They should really update their facts.... ”Thistle are now enjoying their first season back in the SPL for a decade” Barry Smith is also no longer Raith Rovers manager.
  5. Barr would have know there was tax bill, as would all the directors however what they may not have know was the size of that bill. Corporate tax is exceeding complicated and a company the size of Barr Holdings likely employed a number of tax reduction strategies and a load of accountants to reduce their exposure. its entirely feasible that HMRC hasn’t confirmed the exact amount of the tax bill and the sale of the club was based on an estimate at the lower end of the potential figure. Just look at the mess at Murray International/Sevco which was all happening at the same time.(Not that I’m suggesting Marius Rovde had an EBT)
  6. We gave it a shot in the Dalziel years and a half competent manager would’ve achieved it and spend half the cash in the process. Since Barr left and Cameron snr then junior took it on we’ve been on a period of cutting our cloth to suit coupled with some poor managerial appointments and some underperformance. Look we were a shambles of a club long before Cameron took over, the later Barr years exempted (although probably in hindsight you could argue it was still the case) but where we are now if heading in the right direction and hopefully we’ve got this far without risking the club with pie in the sky accounting. I expect in the next few years some of the teams that have probably over performed through luck or dodgy accounting will find themselves back where they deserve to be (Im looking you Hamilton & Livvy!)
  7. Yeah Hamilton and Motherwell are just next to Glasgow but the population of the North/South Lanarkshire area is double that of Ayrshire. Hamilton have only survived due to their youth academy and probably now to a lesser extent their artificial surface. Their crowd numbers are w**k. Killie is a bit of an anomaly, they have probably managed to hold on to their fan base because they have been more successful. They’ve been a premier league club for a long time and have a few cup wins too. Have they been a better run club? Well that depends on who you talk to. Huge numbers of their fans hated the board and how the club was run but went anyway, some stayed away but ultimately they are where they are because they were spending more than they could afford for a long long time and somehow conned the bank In to writing it off. They were probably a couple of months away from being another Hearts/Livvy/Gretna. You day we haven’t shown as much ambition as other diddy clubs but who do you class as a diddy club? The Livingston bubble will burst again and they’ll Hopefully not come back, Hamilton are on borrowed time, QOTS, Morton, Dunfermline all spending vast amounts of money to achieve not very much. This speculate to accumulate pish is nonsense. It’s f**k all to do with a lack ambition and everything to do with a changing world. I have always put us in a similar bracket to St Mirren but ask yourself where they’d be if it wasn’t for Tesco’s millions when they sold Love St. If it wasn’t for the credit crunch and SAC making a c**t of the Barrett deal things might’ve been different.
  8. Just to add, South Ayrshire is the smallest of the 3 Ayrshire districts. Fife has a higher population than all of Ayrshire combined and both South and North Lanarkshire are about the same size in their own right than all of Ayrshire combined.
  9. Bollocks. We are based on the fringes in one of the most over provided areas in the county in footballing terms. Within less than an hours drive there are 6 clubs who play in the league above us and 4 of them have done so for about 30 years (forget sevco’s trouble years they are an exception). There is a massive number of fans from these clubs who live in Ayr and the immediate area. We probably have a larger fan based than Hamilton to be fair and that’s reflected in their shite crowds but they are in a position not too dissimilar with Motherwell closer to us than Killie is and about 30mins to Glasgow. Ayr itself is surrounded by huge pockets of towns and areas that support a particular club. Drongan, Patna and all the ex mining towns etc have huge Rangers supports mainly due the the love of all things loyalist. The fact Ayr has been a Tory town for most of my life tells you that the people of Ayr on a whole have questionable taste and gives some insight as to where their allegiances lie. People no longer naturally support their local club and people move around a hell of a lot for work etc so there are loads of folk around Ayrshire who would never go along to Somerset. To say that the dwindling support is purely down to the way the club has been run for 30 years is just fucking thick.
  10. I don’t think it is shite though. The guy has spunked a small fortune in keeping the club going at this level. Ok so maybe we would survive at a lower level and could be competing with the Annan’s and the Montrose’s of the world but for me that’s not the Ayr United I support. We should be in the top 22 in Scottish Football 100% of the time and without the level of support Lauchlan puts in that would be very hard to achieve.
  11. Not having a pop at them. Just suggesting that their protests are not achieving anything constructive. They are all quick to bemoan the lack of investment/progress etc but are too stubborn to realise they are part of the problem. And anyway if these guys are put off going back because of someone supposedly having a pop aand them on a message board they need to toughen up a bit.
  12. No I certainly don't but why has it taken so long to do it look at teams like Livingston and the 2 highlanders we should be bigger than them we have history a lot longer than them. Roy McGregor has bankrolled Ross County and ICT had a similar benefactor who’s name escapes me. Dont even start me on how Livvy have got to where you hey are.......
  13. What money? Outwith a couple of cup runs there hasn’t been a magic pot of gold. It’s not like we’ve been raking in the transfer fees. The club has been running at a deficit for years and has needed directors loans to stay solvent. All the money from Cup runs etc just goes towards reducing the deficit. Id be interested to see the clubs financials from last year as there’s no way with league one crowds and full time football that we would have been even close to breaking even. Like it or no without Lachlan the club would be dead. Lapsed fans with chips on their shoulders and their one man protests are not helping either. Get behind the club.
  14. Because if they only sell them via the club shop the club keep all the profits. Thought that would be fairly obvious.
  15. Always knew Dundee was behind the times... You’re about an hour late with this revelation.