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  1. Good post, but we have had a couple of decent European trips since the 90s. I loved Luzern.
  2. Ryan Porteous has probably played that often for Hibs in the past three seasons. He is definitely shite. Thank you.
  3. Let's hope not. If there is then there will be other restrictions in place affecting all walks of life.
  4. I'm not telling you. You're not nearly polite enough to be a genuine supporter of Dundee FC. Thank you.
  5. Be nice to think Saints would be able to accommodate all ST holders.
  6. Dundee fans are weird fuckers. Delighted you're back. Thank you.
  7. Didn't like Naples. Good base to get to other places though.
  8. There is. You lot probably can't afford better though. Thank you.
  9. The Scottish football media are only interested in two clubs.
  10. Some delusional Hibees on Twitter thinking they will get Jason to replace Porteous.
  11. No surprise to see DFC using an absolute cvnt on their Twitter page. Thank you.
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