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  1. Sad to hear of the death of Jim O'Rourke. Terrific striker back in the day. RIP.
  2. I think Melker is a very good player for us. Decision making isn't always his strong point though.
  3. Yes. Visited on a cruise. Worst cruise port I've ever been to. Like Blackpool but hotter and smelliest.
  4. Agreed. I don't usually get too bothered about strips, but that one is fucking awful.
  5. Agree with pretty much all of that. If we keep to this system I'd be confident Stevie will get ten goals this season. As for the "are we getting the Stevie of 2024 back" brigade, possibly not- but the Stevie of 2014 probably doesn't make the assist for Hallberg. He'd probably have tried a shot then.
  6. I'll be there. Fully understand why some are giving it a miss though. The prices, especially for kids, are ridiculous.
  7. Don't really understand why folk buy them tbh. You could get a nice wee cottage in the country for the price of these.
  8. But the wage packet is definitely bigger. Much bigger.
  9. Many years ago, I was at a stag do in Motherwell. Turned out the stripper was a wee lassie who actually worked in Tesco in Perth. She came across as a wee sweet innocent when in Tesco, she came across as a dirty wee adult entertainer in Motherwell. Classy chassis though. No way will I have that much entertainment in Motherwell today (or probably ever again in fairness). 2-0 Well.
  10. The one difference that probably makes Davidson more likely to dog in is that Saints are undoubtedly "his" club. Doubt if Alexander was a boyhood Motherwell fan.
  11. Don't know. But he was the editor of a popular religious newspaper.
  12. Davidson was stupid to make the challenge. He had plenty of time to realise he wasn't getting there and pull out. It was still quite a soft red though, especially given your lad didn't get a red for his challenge on McGowan and what your CB got away with. I can see why the ref went for a red though. Things I have never seen Muzz do though: 1. Roll around on the floor feigning injury. 2. Deliberately try to get a fellow pro sent off. Porteous does these things constantly. And no, I wouldn't love to have him at Saints. He's not even a very good player.
  13. You're just making stuff up now. As for Porteous, it's hardly a one off for him, he's a cheating moaning arsehole every time I see him play.
  14. Aye, my post didn't come across as I meant it to really. What I wanted to say was Davidson needs sacked and the board needs to make that decision and the appointment the right manager.
  15. It's not for us to decide who comes in. Plenty would apply and it's up to the board to choose the right man, something they have been very good at in the past.
  16. Hibs deserved to win, no doubt about it. But for the ref to allow them to finish the game with eleven players after red carding Muzz leaves a very bad taste. Add in the free kick (and yellow card!) given against McPherson in the lead up to their goal and you can understand the frustration of Saints fans. All that said, Callum Davidson needs to go now. A home game on the first day of the season and we muster one shot on target? Sorry Callum but that's fucking terrible. Hibs will play much better than that this season and lose. As for the claim that Porteous is a player other teams would've to have - no, sorry. The boy is an embarrassment with his behaviour and is pretty average as a footballer.
  17. Maybe we'll have a relegation rival after all. Welcome.
  18. No-one knows what the family reasons are. The club have seen fit to make the decision to release the player from his contract, so I think we should accept this, refrain from commenting and move on. Commenting wouldn't be brave, it would be ignorant.
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