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  1. Yeah, that bugs me sometimes. Although there are definitely more people going, it does seem to take too long to get in.
  2. Yeah, I know. Dave is definitely one of my favourite ever Saints. I just meant the injury had more effect on him than just getting older. Ando, Fraz etc were at least able to drop a couple of levels and carry on playing, Dave wasn't.
  3. Agree with most of that except Dave Mackay. His level didn't nose dive, he was forced to retire through injury.
  4. I think the League Cup section will become most teams' preseason to be fair. I liked the Covid season when the group games were played in the international breaks.
  5. To be honest, it's right on the door step of the Peak District.
  6. It's the close season. Away and visit your pal. Malcolm wasn't it?
  7. When we're found to have paid any of our players using an illegal tax avoidance scheme - the same as happened to your old club.
  8. Callum talking wee Max up in the Record this morning. Says Gilmour has to do more though.
  9. Yes I will buy a season ticket. I don't need one right now though as there are no games on. I love the preseason for RandomGuy's rants about people having the audacity to take holidays. Although I doubt he will ever better the one about Tommy Wright a few seasons back.
  10. Hearing Fleetwood Town and Burton Albion are interested in Hendry
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