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  1. I wouldn't bad mouth any Saints manager since Billy fucking Stark. Connolly gets let off in my book because he was an absolute legend as a player. He was my Dad's favourite and I couldn't find it in myself to bad mouth him. Every manager from Coyle onwards has been great for Saints as far as I am concerned. Yes, they've all had weak parts and/or wobbles but in the main they've all done a good job. I will forever hold Tommy in high regard for what he did for Saints. However even I now think the change came at the right time. Callum has instilled a new belief into the players and got them playing as a cohesive unit. The next challenge for Steve Brown will be to find the right successor - and that day may be sooner than we would like.
  2. Hope this means there was no positive tests. Not that they managed to test the entire squad in record time.
  3. Hope that most, if not all, our Covid affected players are available. And Ryan Porteous - he's been in great form for Saints this season.
  4. Lomas did a good job for Saints. I know you want to believe the rumours about off the pitch allegations, but on the pitch results were excellent for the most part. He also brought some very good players to the club and delivered European football twice. Martindale hasn't achieved anything like what Lomas did.
  5. Danny McNamara has won Millwall's Young Player of the Year award. Great achievement for the lad.
  6. Probably Hendry tbh. I still think there's more to come from him. Anyway he's still contracted to us next season.
  7. This has decimated our squad and dealt a huge blow to our chances. If St Mirren don't win this Jim Goodwin will surely be sacked.
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