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  1. Good summary. Thought Spoony looked off it a wee bit too, but will put it down to only flying back Friday.
  2. Happy because you won a Semi Final. Big club right enough.
  3. I was in the North Stand, so was too far away to see what happened. My initial thought was that he had maybe mouthed off at the ref again, given what had just happened. A few around me were furious and felt he had done nothing wrong, although how they could tell from that distance I don't know. My feeling was the ref was ten yards away and had the red card out immediately, so Spoony must have done something. Having seen it on the telly, it's obviously a clear red card.
  4. Nope. Happy just to be there to support Saints. Delighted to see fans who can't always be there getting the chance to attend and support their team. Not you though, you multi club supporting weirdo - you can f**k off.
  5. At least we won't have to worry about you climbing on any wall. Unless you arrive with a cherry picker.
  6. Hopefully you'll f**k off back to Pittodrie soon.
  7. Probably the best post you've ever made. There's people who have had ST books since Muirton Park. They should not be derided by people like Bonksy. The FCU are great with a lot of the things they do, hopefully this won't stop them making a noise on Thursday.
  8. Any realistic striker options we could be looking at using your system?
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