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  1. Can we assume Sevconians won't be wearing Orange in honour of their Dutch pals anymore?
  2. I don't know. Now f**k off back to the wee clubs' forum ya coagie twat.
  3. Decent back-up. Not sure what people were expecting really.
  4. Stephen Hendrie might be worth a shout as left back cover. Still think Holt will join us. If we could get Naismith for right back then that would be an excellent window.
  5. I had actually been given some inside info that Stevie would be signing "about 5pm" yesterday. First time in my life that I have been ITK. Felt quite good actually [emoji16] Since he signed though I have been in tears because we go on holiday tomorrow so I will miss the Return of Stevie. [emoji21]
  6. Yep. Office closed for the day. Any new signing news will have to wait.
  7. Why is MOH listed as a forward? Surely he is a midfielder?
  8. My advice would be take no-one's advice. Make the day yours and your other half 's and do everything to please you two and no-one else. We got married at the Huntingtower Hotel just outside Perth and had a great day.
  9. Aye. He's a signalman- which is very worrying.
  10. Does that mean we'll be without Jason Kerr and Zander Clark?
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