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  1. I'd like it. Not sure the so called "bigger " clubs would go for it though.
  2. Having the group stages during the international breaks is a fantastic idea. They should do that every year.
  3. No argument there. Every club has it's share of idiots on the playing staff and it would be ridiculous to think we're any different. It's why I said on another thread that I don't think AFC should be blamed for this, the blame lies squarely with the players.
  4. If you're talking about blindingly obvious points then I'd say that it's blindingly obvious that the decision is political.
  5. Yes the Scottish Government made the decision, I never argued they didn't. But with these 8 idiots there wouldn't have been a decision to make.
  6. The match was postponed because 8Aberdeen players are thick as f**k. (Johnny Hayes probably the thickest of the lot given he thinks all employees of Aberdeen FC live in one fucking hoose). That said, I don't think AFC as a club should be punished for the stupidity of these dafties. We'll happily play the game on the 20th and hopefully gub you anyway [emoji16]
  7. Most players have clauses in their contract prohibiting them participating in extreme sports.
  8. We could have slaughtered them publicly and then found ourselves in a similar situation further down the line. Let's not kid ourselves that Saints don't have a y idiots on the playing staff. Footballers are selfish, arrogant and stupid people. Who knew?
  9. Their "work"is a bit different though. Part of their terms and conditions will be to keep themselves fit and able to play football. This will be viewed the same as if they went bungee jumping on their day off.
  10. You don't have to sit in a crowded pub to have a social life you fucking idiot. We're living in different times at the moment. Anyone who says that sitting in a pub in that situation (no social distancing etc) is stupid.
  11. Just listened to the Sportsound podcast - Stephen O'Donnell is a fucking muppet
  12. Obviously I meant the club wouldn't stoop to Hearts/Sevco levels of pettiness. We clearly have our share of roasters in our support like any club does.
  13. That's fair comment. I don't think the club should be punished if, as you say, the players disregarded guidance from the club. This isn't about football for me, it's about public health and safety. Just now some things are more important than football. As for those defending the players because they were asked to make the very small sacrifice of not going to the pub, tell that to the people who have made much bigger sacrifices like having cancer treatment put on hold or hip replacements cancelled, or not being able to attend the funeral of a loved one. The players involved here are arseholes. They might not be the only players who have gone to the pub but they are the ones who got caught out.
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