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  1. If you've seen his missus, you'll know that's not far off[emoji28][emoji28]
  2. Clicked on that link and it gave me the P&B menu?
  3. Aye like that would ever fucking happen to you c***s. "But it wiznae us, it wiz the company..."
  4. Mate's 13yo granddaughter was beaten up at school in a happy-slap attack by two lassies from the year above while one of their boyfriends filmed it about three weeks ago. Don't think social distancing was a priority to them.
  5. He's a ***. They don't understand what liquidation means either.
  6. It's already happened. David Marshall to the ref[emoji16]
  7. You don't think you'd have any kind of a chance against Hibs?
  8. Was going to buy you a pint tae.
  9. Covid is getting on my tits now. A few jars in the Elizabethan, wee stroll up to a decent ground and a proper cup-tie under the lights. Would have been a great night.
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