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  1. For about 4 years you hardly saw a Sevco top in glorious Perthshire, now they're all over the fucking place. And all these fans of both arse cheeks who feel the need to wear their teams' face masks. Get a fucking life.
  2. Totally agree. It's exactly what the club SHOULD be doing this week.
  3. Bridge of Earn actually. Everything is class with Spoony.
  4. You don't have a much smaller squad than St Johnstone.
  5. Why are you asking us? Ask the dafties who run your club. Anyway, I actually feel sorry for Lennon. He clearly was never up to the job, but obviously couldn't turn it down. Hung out to dry by Lawwell and the rest of your incompetent board.
  6. Good to see the drug industry in Dundee is thriving despite the pandemic.
  7. Yep. The worst collective of top flight keepers I can remember.
  8. Ah, gotcha. I thought you meant my post needed more blue [emoji3]
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