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  1. Ahem .... surely you mean “pie and Bovril in the sky stuff”.
  2. Myopic is a good word to describe it. There are quite a few Celtic fans on my twitter feed, and I’m constantly having the arse bored off me with their obsession with winning some “Best Supporters in the World” poll or being in the European top 10 for average crowd-w**k etc. Totally pointless shit that no one else cares about. I have no idea whether they’re aware of this bubble (maybe if there was a “best football bubble in the world” competition, they would start to notice). I’d love to say that Rangers fans are as bad but there are none on my Twitter feed and I don’t go anywhere near to Old Firm threads up in the Elite P&B forum, so I can’t comment directly.
  3. It's just a guess. That said, it would be a typically Airdrie thing to do to finally put together a team in 2019 -20 which would have been a strong contender this season but which struggles against teams like Falkirk/QotS/Thistle.
  4. I'm not suggesting it's a likely explanation but, while we could have achieved a play-off spot by spendng a bit more money, we've failed to establish the necessary foundation to go on and win promotion. We would have effectively wasted money for no real benefit, when we could have held on to it to support a run at promotion next season, a point at which we would hopefully be less constrained by the baggage of the bad choices we made this season.
  5. In fairness, Arbroath is a bit closer to Dundee than Airdrie is.
  6. But my point is that we’re down to the diehards already. No-one is coming to see Airdrie for feel-good factor these days. And short of having a 2017 - 18 Brechin season, anything will seem like an improvement. Plus, depending on who’s in the Championship at the time, there would be some solid away crowds coming through.
  7. That’s roughly been the size of our support during the poorest run of form the club has seen in about 40 years (no “but you’re Clydebank” patter please). I imagine we would see at least a 50% increase in our crowds if we managed to get back to just being mediocre.
  8. Yup, and at the same time we have to listen to the Premiership’s pet opinion columnists asking just what is the point of diddy clubs like ours and blaming us for the poor performance of our top league sides in Europe. On a slightly related note, it was enjoyable to see football at this level covered in a non-condescending way by A View From the Terrace. It’s just a shame that most OF fans (yourself excluded of course) have such a narrow sphere of interest.
  9. Might not be wise to put all your eggs in that basket.
  10. Haven’t seen much evidence recently to back that assertion.
  11. Airdrie vs. East Fife

    I don’t think Young was being honest with you or himself. Robertson pushed him. Flat palm of his hand in the middle of chest. I don’t think either team deserved the 3 points. Lots of toiling but few clear cut chances. We very nearly snuck it in the last few mins with Stewart’s best cross of the game. If McIntosh had arrived a fraction of a second earlier he would have had the ball in the back of the net.
  12. They’ll sound much better once they’re all through puberty.
  13. Airdrie vs. East Fife

    Yeah, I saw that. I just don’t have an earthly clue why he did it.
  14. Airdrie vs. East Fife

    Anyone know what Young’s malfunction was?