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  1. The schools started back in North Lanarkshire this week and a lot of kids discovered that their bus wouldn't be running due to lack of coaches / drivers. It seems to be a fairly widespread problem. Anyhoo, what's the QOS intel story? It feels like you turn your back for one second and another rumour pops up while you're not looking.
  2. It's possible but probably only in the context of establishing whether the club contacted the person who witnessed the alleged event for their account and what info was shared.
  3. Maybe you have more direct knowledge than the guy who posted the explanation on P&B but that's pretty much exactly what he said - they invited Robinson to accompany them to the game. He turned up for the 1st half and then left. I don't recall anyone claiming that he should have been barred from the game but folk did ask why a handful of Airdrie fans were so excited by his presence that they felt the need to post a video in which they sing about it. Some inferred, not unreasonably, that it was because they also supported the right wing politics for which Robinson is a famous proponent. Some claimed, much less reasonably, that this was representative of the views of the club and the support in general. Anyhoo, given that everyone else is doing it I'll speculate too by suggesting that Quitongo's lawyer is referencing those incidents to demonstrate that there are reasonable grounds for believing the allegations of racist behaviour in the support at the QP game were true, enabling the tribunal to then focus on the question of whether PH dealt with the situation in a way that was fair to Quitongo.
  4. Pretty sure that he was invited to attend the match by a few regulars, according to a P&B post at the time by someone who knows them. Possibly the same 4 - 5 guys who then appeared in a video on social media, in which they were standing with him and singing his name.
  5. Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you.
  6. Which seems to be the point the OP is completely missing. I'm pretty sure the strategy here is to increase the chances of a win by trying to get a solid support behind the team. If it doesn't work, then the club gambled with a few thousand quid and lost. If it does work we'll be in with a stronger chance of winning outright promotion and making it to the "riches" of the 2nd tier of Scottish Football.
  7. It depends how heated or sweary it gets. Facebook will automatically shutdown a group if any posters breach T&Cs.
  8. Can't say I'm aware of the #teampaul / #teamnotpaul chat. I would have thought that low attendances are likely to be a post-COVID thing more than anything else.
  9. Ex player in the news. Joe Gorman: Historical sectarian tweet was "grave error of judgment" - BBC Sport
  10. Because Celtic aren't playing on Saturday .... there, I've said it.
  11. It's a complete guess on my part but I'm going with the hypothesis that they have owners with a cash to spend / the ability to offer other perks like part time jobs.
  12. I get a wee bit cynical about the use of term like "ambitious" as a synonym for "minted". Let's just call them what they are - relatively well off teams - and stop implying the less well off teams are just unambitious.
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