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  1. I’m sure this will (literally) be old news to many EF fans but it’s worth a watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Oh! The banter.
  2. Airdrie fans are good at moaning. I imagine the invention of the internet was w godsend.
  3. Yup. I thought so too. I'm not a professional writer but, if I was to offer constructive critcism, I would suggest the article could have been structured as follows: The league has written to us setting expectations about standards of fan and club official behaviour. They have also explained the possible sanctions which will apply should fans or club official fail to meet this standard. Here they are .... [rules] The club would greatly appreciate fans' support in ensuring the club avoid these sanctions. Also, following recent improved performances by the team, the club and its players would like to thank fans for the great response and we hope that, together, we can build on this success. At a minimum, there should be someone able to review these articles and make a call on whether they'll go down like a fart in a space suit.
  4. Condescending and ambiguous. https://www.airdriefc.com/1920news/141119/Back-the-boys-to-success
  5. I'm sure that we would both guess the same but I'd rather avoid libel.
  6. Even if it had been possible to upgrade Broomfield without rotating the park, you have to ask where the money would have come from the replace the terracing with seating. At the same time, I remember hearing stories about a board member's intransigence contributing to the inability to find a compromise which worked for both the club and the cooncil.
  7. Ian Murray and Colin Cameron. [Edited: 3rd attempt at attaching gif inline]
  8. Thought most of that stuff was common knowledge to anyone who read the Advertiser or spoke to other fans. The only from the horse’s mouth take I heard was Davie Smith at a fans meeting explaining the situation with the money owed to Barr Construction. At the time the final balance was down to 50K due to incomplete snagging and he estimated it could be reduced to 30K. Then as soon as we went into provisional admin the Snagging discounts disappeared and the bill shit straight back up to 400K. As to redeveloping Broomfield, didn’t get the impression the club had the funds.
  9. Sometimes betting all of your money on red pays off. On this occasion it didn't, and the board didn't have a contigency plan for funding the local road improvements required to complete the terms of our planning conditions, enabling the council to release the title deeds, and the club to simultaneously avoid a 1.6 million tax bill and be in a position to borrow against the stadium to get around issues with cashflow, such as the one which put the club into provisional admin.
  10. Barr was just another profiteer out to exploit Airdrie’s vulnerability but his contribution was as or more significant as any of the other actors involved (SPL, David Murray, the Airdrie board, the cooncil, Archibald, etc). Ultimately, though, I always like to find a way of blaming the Old Firm. The 10K seat rule was just a financial drawbridge designed to preserve the privilege of the “big teams”, in much the same way as the introduction of the premier league playoffs, redistribution of prize money to the benefit of the top leagues and other changes the the league have been. Airdrie were just unlucky enough to have been in a position to take a punt when the 10K rule was introduced. Unfortunately the folk who took that gamble didn’t seem to have a clue how to make it work.
  11. Don’t worry. We’ll forgive all your tedious Clydebank pish since Falkirk were one of the clubs who voted for Airdrie ahead of Gretna.
  12. Oh, absolutely. I give into the temptation to tell shit, unfunny jokes all the time. Ask any of the regular posters on the Airdrie thread. They'll corroborate that.
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