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  1. Mine also. Beautiful summer evening, lots of drama and a wall of seeth between the Airdrie and Partick fans who were seperated by a thin column of empty seats.
  2. A significant part of Smith's contribution last year was his willingness to track back, win the ball in our half and then start the next attacking move. That comfortably outweighed his lack of goals in my opinion.
  3. It usually seems to work the other way. We look good in pre-season and early cup comp but then start getting our arse handed to us when league business commences.
  4. Yeah but there has been a whole 24 hours since we last speculated on the subject on here, and the lack of any news in the intervening timeframe is obvious proof that it's not happening.
  5. I need to see the red one on something other than a red background before I judge. Anyone have decent photoshop skills?
  6. Does he address any deficiencies in the current squad or his he just increased cover? Might as well stick on the link: https://www.airdriefc.com/2021news/200714/Defender-Mbayo-agrees-terms
  7. I assume faux outrage sells more papers these days. As far as I can tell, Robert is signed to play in the first team as a replacement for one of last season's squad (Smith/Ryan?) who choose to move to another club, so it's entirely possible that the decision to suspend the youth academy is nothing to do with his signing and much more to do with the fact that clubs have much less money this season. That said, it would be too much to expect a sports journalist who's stock in trade is discussing greivance to acknowledge that.
  8. That's because once you stay at the Tudor you never want to leave.
  9. Obviously your input was what clinched it.
  10. I can’t help acknowledging you got one thing right? Guilty, your honour.
  11. Good point. I missed the fact that when you said “the courts will decide” you implicitly accepted that the other SPFL clubs might not actually bear any responsibility towards Partick / Hearts that they would currently be trying to “deflect”.
  12. So no other option apart from the other option. Thanks for clarifying that. I'm not sure who "you" is since I'm not an SPFL club but, regardless of whether the clubs thought it through and therefore anticipated Hearts/Particks reaction, it doesn't make taking legal action any more or less of a dick move. Again, I'm not an SPFL club, but when you're asking what their collective responsibility will be you might want to be open to the realistic possibility that the answer to that question is "f*ck all".
  13. No you weren't. Your team chose to do it. Maybe, they did think it through, saw what Partick and Hearts would do and still thought it was the right course of action. They have no responsibility to save you from relegation. Beyond that, there isn't much to discuss.
  14. Define "realistic" with your Doncaster head on and then, with swapping your Budge head on, decide whether you're willing to accept it when, really, what you want is relegation to be cancelled. I love the utter certainty with which you make all of these predictions.
  15. Imagine that you're Ann Budge and then define "reasonable". While you're at it, imagine you're the chair of one of the clubs in play off positions, watching while relegated teams receive offers of compensation while your team isn't and then think how you're planning to respond.
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