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  1. https://www.facebook.com/StCuthbertWanderers/posts/883988394954244 There is someone out there who is responsible for allowing their dog to foul beside one of the floodlights at St Mary's Park on Sunday whilst spectating at one of our youth team matches. As a club, we find this abhorrent and disgusting and if anyone can remember seeing this dog owner, please get in touch so we can inform them they are no longer welcome at St Mary's. The facility is used daily by kids as young as 5 so whoever you are, you are a thoroughly irresponsible individual undeserving of the loyalty and companionship that your dog will doubtless afford you. Shameful. The club continues to welcome all responsible dog owners and their 4 legged companions to spectate openly at any of our senior or youth team matches.
  2. City are at home to Brora Rangers. Top of Lowland vs top of Highland if I'm not mistaken.
  3. http://www.southofscotlandfootballleague.co.uk/Divisions?div=10738&age=22
  4. Who played in goal for Heston tonight?
  5. Thought some of you might find this interesting..... Match - https://twitter.com/kingyatthesun/status/493764502522183681 Training - https://twitter.com/kingyatthesun/status/493785597245661185
  6. Grant Parker + Darren Johnstone with 1 each last night. Darren Johnstone with 5, Kieran Kenny and Darren Malin with 1 against Corinthians.
  7. Bombers finished 2nd in the Sunday League Premier Division last season. Black Bull finished bottom of the Premier and were relegated to the First. The Jolly finished 4th in the First Division last season. http://www.dumfriesamateurfootball.co.uk/fixtures-results/dasfl-tables-13-14/
  8. Open the Tweet full screen and then click the 3 dots at the bottom of it, then click copy link to Tweet.
  9. Speaking of Kev, I see he was playing in goals at the weekend. Never knew he was a keeper. Where was Kieran?
  10. Only Heston Seniors play at Palmerston and I believe there is a small charge, much like other grounds in the South. The Heston youth teams still play at Maryfield which is FOC as all Youth games are in the region.
  11. I believe that they are not allowed to use the main stand (the wooden one) because there's no fire officer there.
  12. List of them is here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_Libraries They own basically every wrestling video ever made.
  13. If the game had been on a Saturday do you think the crowd would have been higher?
  14. MGN

    Social Media

    Just looked on Who.Is and it appears that the site is registered to a company named "Matchday Media Scotland" registered to a Christopher Palmer in Edinburgh. Neither of those names mean anything to me though, don't know about anyone else.
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