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  1. Doubt it, check his previous posts, always trying to have a dig at Talbot. Next we’ll have auchinleck person on trying not to forget his cap locks again.
  2. Good news, seems to have bypassed the rumour mill as well which is a positive sign.
  3. Need at least 6 quality players not just jersey fillers. Would you no say you’ve seen ‘filler’ become ‘killer’ enough over the years to know that when it works, it really works? Tough team to get into but personally I like seeing a player go through the challenges and doubt to become a main player at club, who can go and win games in the team. It’s no for everyone granted but it’s proved itself pretty good for the club over the years in opinions.
  4. Interestingly one criticism this season was we were passing it about too much.. oh well!
  5. Wouldn’t expect anything of substance until pre season starts. As per I’d suggest it will be players that fit our system with development potential rather than your big name big wages targets. Jack and Robbie have moved on but we already had had some room so would hazard there’s the potential for a number of players… could be interesting!
  6. Needs to be solved, if your the current establishment you’ll be doing your best to find a way forward with the bottle neck surely?. Just saying, what happens if west champs can’t win the playoffs for the next number of years? Anyway embracing the described fantasy whats to say in an alternative reality one party walks down the hall, chaps the door and says here’s £100,000 do what you need to do to make lowland equivalent happen… sci fi but stranger things have happened in real life lol.
  7. Personally I was told I was “fu&king high” if I thought there was any chance of the juniors being part of the pyramid
  8. No even an hour and red dotted by red dot himself Sure if you said the wosfl would be formed as part of a pyramid at one point you’d be called delusional as well. As would those saying the lowland would have guest participation in return was a wad of cash even two year ago. Football is a crazy game and if folk want to submit plans that positive. Doesn’t mean they’ll happen, doesn’t mean they won’t type thing but always healthy to have differing viewpoints.
  9. Apologies if this is against the grain but I was surprised to read the proposal post but not surprised to see some folk attack them for well.. being “ambitious”. Weird how that works eh? I’ve no stake in the race but to be fair they do have a serious war chest to make things happen… seem genuine folk so good luck to them. Imo bottle neck needs removed asap
  10. Do you feel it was devalued a bit this year? Fewer big east teams but that’s not the participants fault, I’m nobody but felt that may be more to do with politics than it was not wanting to have the big silver lady in the club cabinet. So not about value to me, At least that’s the impression I take and would doubt any of the thousands supporters spectating or watching on tv would have said, it’s fine if we don’t win, It’s not valued as much.
  11. Any to suggest it doesn’t have the potential?
  12. I can only imagine m8, to be a fly on the wall at that lol. However, fans are speaking and whatever differences got to be a middle ground somewhere, in my view. Even talking to a guy from production company after the game, they only had the digital stats but were genuinely gobsmacked at the potential audience numbers TV wise. I can’t be the only one to see what the potential is in everyone working together, so personally hoping for a good outcome
  13. Anything involving member clubs is relevant to member clubs and supporters. I get why a few are raging but the junior cup is still clearly a big deal to a lot of folk and obviously pretending it isn’t, isn’t working out so whatever this is, appears the alternative. Having been to both cups, the south and junior are in completely different levels. The junior cup is like festival, a big event, has been for over a hundred years. In my own opinion, they should just sit down with each other and thrash something out to work together on one cup. One side has for example a great established cup and the other has more member clubs. Plus many other positives on each side. Could potentially have the best non league cup comp in Europe.
  14. For something that apparently doesn’t matter it’s taking a lot of text and posters to try and explain why.
  15. It’s Hertha I suspect, not doxing, that was his previous screen name on here.
  16. Think your watching too much of the Fox News pal
  17. No embarrassing is yet again individuals are picked out and targeted with nonsense from keyboard hard men who fear being identified, would be moaning if there’s no updates. Folk wonder why it’s hard to get anyone to do it??
  18. As the title suggest, what in your opinion was the best league game you witnessed this season?
  19. Still don’t understand the anti Talbot stuff, never will. It’s insulting to even entertain the idea Talbot are even remotely non progressive, personally wish a few folk would stop treating Talbot like the awkward uncles of the WOSFL, all they’ve done in my view is recognise the junior vehicle that brought them to the here and now.
  20. Falkirk on a Sunday afternoon, wasn't for everyone it would appear
  21. One training session this week, two next, I am informed.
  22. I think so as well, in fact it’s a compliment, when a player moves to the old firm or like down south and they sit out while the paperwork/transfer is done, it’s on every bit and type of coverage going.
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