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  1. Never heard that one before! must be really upsetting for you then that I really don’t care. Shame that, thanks for the attention tho
  2. Yeah get that buddy and agree, just trying to separate the game side of things from any alleged dodgy admin things from anyone. Did Blantyre make a club statement? Saw Glens TV updates
  3. Fair points but what alternatives would Blantyre have? Other than try and start the game?
  4. Back to ethnic jibes again? Easier than debating the points I guess
  5. Correct me if wrong; Blantyre spot they will have issue fielding a team due to a major sporting event. Approach league and request a change of date. The Glens who really want the game to played (have ordered pies, made arrangements and may or may not see the advantage in playing a depleted side) say naw we want the fixture to go ahead. Leagues hands are tied as kennie informs rules mean that both sides have to agree to a change of date. Glens stick to guns. Blantyre may have had to weigh up the punishment of not turning up against showing up with whoever is available. Blantyre go on to start game with 7 players, one goes off, game abandoned by ref. So all the circumstances and allegations aside… Blantyre attended and had enough players to start the game with the officials approval. The ref then abandoned the game following it starting. (Think starting may be key here) So had Blantyre not shown up or been unable to field a team and game was never started… Glens would be awarded the win and guessing Blantyre would have questions to answer/face sanctions for not for filling a fixture. At the core then, as the match had officially started and was then abandoned. It has to be replayed???
  6. Attention seeking is an illness piyo so you should make an appointment with your Doctor. Just focus on the fitbaw, fact u pile on to anything I post says more than I ever could or hope for attention wise.
  7. It’s frustrating as reporters will just film goals with their mobile phone and upload them with the score, which then impacts on the embargoed as a reduced number of folk then need to watch the highlights. Morton I think it is have a live audio commentary chat room, without seemingly breaking any rules so there’s got to be a way forward surely.
  8. It’s only due to the exceptional contributions of all our volunteers, the expectations placed are so high imo. While me and Kenny don’t always share the same opinion, he’s a talented, committed individual and I respect him as I do anyone, who has to make personal sacrifices to provide a professional level of service to clubs/fans essentially out of the goodness of their heart. Maybe back in the day there was some benefit to being involved but in the current day and age it’s difficult to get folk to volunteer, never mind talented or specifically skilled individuals to give up their time.
  9. Bonnyrigg strong favourites no doubt, destroyed Cowdenbeath, our form has been patchy at best as the squad have looked done in last month or so imo. However seeing the difference a week made on the energy levels… I think another upset is entirely possibly.
  10. Here I’ve seen what’s said about Talbot and me in group chats, more chance of Andy25 having an apology thread on here than one where that universally happens..
  11. Nope and been specifically told can’t live stream
  12. Bonnyrigg have to be strong favourites based on form and standing
  13. Samson clearly taken out by the keeper… and…. Samson is booked for being taken out by keeper
  14. A possible place in the cup final squads is up for grabs
  15. Could be doing with a video recording platform. Maybe above the shed. That would be the dream highlights wise, the BRC are looking into it, think we need someone with scaffolding expertise. The BBC managed it with room for multiple people for the hearts TV game without anything under the stand, so is possible alternative was a scaffold beside the pie hut. Draw back to that is you have the bottom corner cut off by the stand.
  16. Read the main stand was being refurbished among other things
  17. Agree was more professional in comparison, fraternal even. Fans don’t get much of a look into the day to day stuff other than tweets etc. IMO how we appear, conduct ourselves in real life is what matters at the end of the day and the online stuff doesn’t always reflect the person. When you have an interview like Mr Galls imo it kind combines the two but can say any real life interactions I’ve had with him have been pleasant and hasn’t acted like that towards or in front of me anyway.
  18. There are many places for me in this world but that is not one of them . Some of the practical jokes/wind ups on me have been brilliant over the years but some took it a bit far once or twice.. will leave it at that. Anyway, you can watch the highlights on glens tv
  19. I’ve not seen anyone suggest the best team didn’t win? Said earlier I’d rather we didn’t freak out and spend mega to have a squad of almost 30 because we could have nothing to show for it, other than a stack of debt. They appear to have enjoyed rubbing Talbot faces in it, which is up to them at the end of the day but I personally couldn’t care and no surprised by it.
  20. I'll crack the jokes. Back to slagging volunteers again, class act.
  21. No need to be sorry m8, I’m no expert on them, referencing one I saw where he was outside Ayrs ground delivering products saying the ground was dump and falling down. Which seemed bizarre when selling them products?? Could be an elaborate marketing thing
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