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  1. Indeed pal, I’m actually very proud have having worked elsewhere. Learned a lot and seen how clubs operate differently, lots of comparisons to be drawn. Example was how being away pretty ill, can prompt folk clams of fall outs and transfer lists etc. As another poster pointed out when it’s yahoos at other clubs you can write it off but when it’s people proclaiming to support the club it’s closer to home. My speculation was what is the desired outcome of that then? Make them feel a big man to their 2 pals? Make me feel bad? Make me quit? See Andy up voting Glens 93 victim blaming further up the thread for example.
  2. There’s no politics to be aware of, great bunch of guys at the club. I hear ye pal but from my view it’s rarely to do with my opinions, which I’m happy to debate.
  3. It’s been done to death, over six years of the same boring repetitive nonsense and yet still turning up doing a job.
  4. No I’ve not packed it in… Still recovering from covid. Was just speculation about what their end goal is in attacking someone at club they claim is there own.
  5. So I quit following years of abuse (some from self proclaimed supporters of the club) on here and social media, rarely challenged or moderated and you and the other three 'real' fans have a celebration as the years of covert snide abuse of someone helping the club to the point of quitting was successful! Yey he's gone, doing all that stuff that needed doing!! Club would seemingly just have to do without until they could get a skilled person, who apparently needs to have been born under a gold and black flag... then hope they stick it out despite the long hours for little reward and having to deal with the abuse from faceless self proclaimed fans? Seems rather, eh, troll like?
  6. Think still wanting a decent wage which is probably unrealistic in the current environment, according to one club anyway.
  7. Botlad67 is a troll, he’s someone who has been on here a while pretending to be a Talbot supporter but if you look at his post history you’ll see every post is a jab at Talbot.
  8. Might be in the minority but I don’t think it is the refs fault, you can see in the lead up body language wise he was getting fed up of the stupid tackles and carry on imo. When it ended in a massive rammy he was right to abandon the match. I can’t attribute fault one way or the other in it, both escalated things… thankfully none of them could throw a punch properly otherwise someone could have been seriously hurt. Still loving the dog just chilling in the middle. all in I think they have made the right decision in removing both from the cup. These things happen however and sure a few will learn from it all.
  9. Winters done pretty well at Pollok, be worth a few goals at least.
  10. Oh yes three rangers fans having a pop at someone about allegiances, great stuff.
  11. We're a season behind most teams in more ways than one, one not mentioned often its only recently tucker and allan could get out to see players, never mind do what they do in terms of unearthing gems. It's not sugar coating you can attribute opinions, but it doesn't change the facts. Unreal. hence why i think your a troll account.
  12. tonight was our first defeat in years!! good gawd troll mahn
  13. Why delete the post then? Exactly what I said, it was being taken out of context to have a go at me so took it down.
  14. Yes it's embarrassing but not as embarrassing as the one you posted on Facebook.... Usuals having a melt down over a reference to text floating about or a troll account on P&B trying to cause bother??? Oh exactly the same thing......
  15. Wish I was there, last few weeks especially have seen the season out catch up with us in terms of squad development and depth. Still delighted we got this far before the taste of defeat but still an absolute load of ground ahead and you know the loss will be put to good use. Well done Darvel, look forward to the highlights
  16. Got hit pretty hard with delta. Not sure when I’ll be back in action but hoping sooner than later.
  17. Early Lok lead, take any result win, lose or draw if no injuries
  18. Conditions look set to spoil the occasion but I think we have what it takes to get up there and go home with the points.
  19. Paper seemed to think drummy Utd we’re offering him some good gold for his services. A guy popped up on social media at the start of the season saying big things were happening there and expect to see their name more often.
  20. Lineman didn’t flag until after the goal. First one I’ve no idea why they ruled it out, cracking effort of a goal.
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