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  1. Aye had a slight technical issue, so had to edit on a much less powerful set up which meant that even rendering the goals took ages. Ordered another lead so will have the full highlights up when that arrives. There was at least 4 absolute sitters we missed and a few good moves by Tayport so worth another watch.
  2. A subject u actually know about!!! If anyone on here knows about shadows, living in them or overhanging relegation ones... its the cumnock support lol
  3. Yeah could see as early as the friendly against Neilston he was baller. Up for the physical but with the skill of pro youth, with pope as a mentor could well see him developing simlar famous runs and killer shots.
  4. Jeeso if it's no give the young blood a run of games, its give the experienced players a game lol. Imo, Tuckers just giving Aiden a run of games and Pope is experienced enough to not only come straight back in but no lose the plot in the meanwhile. Personally wouldn't be surprised if we see more similar rotation.
  5. Bet you still watch the highlights tho Fudgie? 🤣
  6. Yeah but was more of a preseason game in all honesty so didnt read too much into it, no taking away from effort of either side. Watch the darvel highlights when they are up and think the key is flexibility of play imo. Definitely mate, looking like it will be two games at least next season all continuing to go well.
  7. Counting out of ten, one being the least, how much do I annoy you really?
  8. Naw was more than that. You can count that in the stand up to the pie hunt in the video, then you've got the coal rd, terrace by the seated stand, then the folk in the seated stand.
  9. Sorry spending too much time on the darvel thread? 😘 think it was 650
  10. Let down really, think I'm not alone in observing some posters on here go on and on about their brilliant style of football in comparison to 'hoof ball' played by Talbot and others. What I see in the highlights is no better than any of premiership sides? Not taking away from winning games, no easy, just not blown away as suggested on here and it would be better the praise coming from elsewhere surely?
  11. No easy task regardless of the quality of players at your disposal. Just need to keep going ⚽
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