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  1. Sounds like cooler heids prevailing TF!!! I know some were very invested in certain outcomes but well done to all parties involved finding at least some common ground. Await the next bit of information with interest.
  2. All I've seen is you red dotting and calling folk names. Sorry if I dont automatically beileve random strangers on the internet!!! the only thing you should ever fear from a question, is it being answered honestly.
  3. Genuinely intrigued, it's a bit light hearted but it cant all be loggerheads on here all the time surely.
  4. 😂😂 Hate us because they ain't us! 😁
  5. Think I'm over experienced with angry folk so take it as a compliment you didnt measure on the scale Haha. Cheers for the link, think it will be statement saturday this weekend.
  6. Anger, resentment to angst and recrimination? Ive met you a few times and never really struck me as an angry man, was genuinely interested in how you arrived at your position. Has Pollok made any statements about things yet?
  7. Yeah could have done without moving and the hand operation but something to look forward to!
  8. So whit are the Talbot songs darvel sing??? Can we just suggest songs and someone can confirm if they are sung? "We hate Talbot, everyone here, wants to be the Talbot!" "As I was walking doon the brea, a saw a lonley stranger... Had to ask are you icon and or legend, said yes sir thats me"
  9. Yeah it's not meaningless to us, league to win! Just unfortunately I have no idea what our team will look like. Hope the weathers good, I'm down south tomorrow so not sure if I'll make it sadly
  10. Have you read the last 8 or 9 pages my good man?
  11. Hate to ruin the hate Talbot party hes a clydebank supporter....
  12. I have zero issues with you & have been involved with Junior Football since I was about 5 years old, I know that the grade is finished & I want Talbot to knock the likes of Cove Rangers out the park as I am a parochial Ayrshire Boy at heart, I just wish the people who can actually represent and help their clubs will realise the inevitable truth and do likewise. I didnt think you did have issues with me, I just really think if there ever was a time to leave fallouts in the past and let cooler heids prevail, it's now. My inbox would make most people sad as appears some are letting personal grievances get the better of them and its affecting clubs and supporters in lots of different ways. The absolute worst thing imo is for people to make decisions out of fear or bullying so lets all get as much information as possible from both meetings and even if theres things not agreeable, talk without being called stupid, backwards, dinosuar, traitor, conspirator etc. Lots of things no right in Scottish football but decent chance here of getting something good on the go, however that may look/be set up moving forward.
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