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  1. Gigs up Geeso mahn, the entitled to opinions not working anymore. At least auchinleck person forgot his caps locks for a post to rumble himself
  2. While i support any and all hassle of the trolls (folk with accounts pretending to they follow Talbot) and andy jr, free country. Imo think most are wise to their constant moan positions and have very limited impact. Poor preformance, could have been a classic but a sending off shows how very equal the sides in fact are. Darvel wanted double figures so credit to the 10 who closed rank and could have still been a game if Wilson's strenght hadn't seemingly left him on the spot. These things happen whats more important imo is how you respond to them.
  3. Apologies for being too zoomed in to capture Armstrong's red card. I had wrongly thought a foul on Wilson would be awarded.
  4. If it was rigid Taylor for example would be in defence. Healy almost had a 25 yarder in on Saturday. Few mistakes but a few of them across the team, first game of the season and thought we did well overall. Really must be some good luck to have won a cup double and nearly the league shy of some points with all these 'not good enough' out of position players I guess...... sigh
  5. I think fans should be able to film what they want personally. Ronaldo plays to a sea of phones for example. Different for clubs. Mind there was a spell where the local press were live publishing the goals of a game, Folk sharing them about and kinda took the imperative off getting the highlight video up as soon as possible for supporters to watch as they'd had already seen the main parts type thing.
  6. Rules were dropped over covid, should only affect the folk that post the goals during the game or stream the game live.
  7. I’m sure I read on their Facebook they transferred ownership of the club to the guy? Remember as I thought at the time how many clubs (not necessarily Ardeer) might be left vulnerable moving from committee style fan ownership to essentially private ownership.
  8. Doubt it, check his previous posts, always trying to have a dig at Talbot. Next we’ll have auchinleck person on trying not to forget his cap locks again.
  9. Good news, seems to have bypassed the rumour mill as well which is a positive sign.
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