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  1. Nope, but some on here might like to know that Talbot were fully compliant with the license requirements and the application was sent on to the same board meeting as Clydebank’s. So not sure how that fits in with theories but thought I’d pass it on.
  2. Looking to make the same buck as everyone else it looks like.. you can’t buy back your history.. wait.. I don’t even know anymore, plastic pitches for everyone
  3. Thought the kill the juniors bots would have been turned off by now?? Don’t know what the juniors did your significant others but jeeso mahn away get your burner accounts promoting the game or doing something a bit more positive in general.
  4. Very true bud, on the back of big disagreements n all but we’ve all got there now. With one hell of a season to look forward to! Hopefully see some of the older characters and some new ones in the process. Perhaps do an amnesty or reset to get some of them back lol... that said some i don’t miss at all
  5. I’m not a hater of Americanising the language but seeing trump supporter terms banded about makes me cringe. Most opposition terms to BLM and anti racism are sadly adopted by lazy folk here who often for example use them criticise players taking the knee. Or describing the concept of humans being equal and treated as such, as a leftist agenda.
  6. On a serious note was talking to another poster how I miss the old days of p&b, despite the abuse being dished out more then it’s kinda turned into an information source (which is probably more functional) but miss the days of looking forward to RRG’s latest spin, latest spat on some committee, rumours etc. Really added to a Saturday, did you see so n so, what were they on about. How could they say XYZ. I was talking to my postman who’s his cousin. Think a lot of folk still check it but don’t get involved. Hopefully it picks up a bit again
  7. I thought that was a very nice certificate ahead of being admitted membership! Your forgetting my work for Beith, Rob Roy and a few others that spring to mind. Very proud of all my work... perhaps gaining as much experience as possible is why Talbot TeeVee competes with championships teams for views and no Bankies TV.... oooooo went there! Popcorn oot, P&B is kicking off the night lads! 😂😂😂😂
  8. He’ll be scoring against us it’s a certainty noo lol
  9. He was solid for us, Thought ardrossan would have been a good fit for him with how they like to use their wingers. Exactly the player you’d want latching and smashing balls in the box. Not sure how Glens are set up but wouldn’t write him off. Age gets the legs but no the heid. Tucker got pelters for letting pettigrew go the last time but like all of us players change and develop over time. Some times that’s with a team other times it’s in another direction. Tucker said he wasn’t the same player that left Talbot and that wasn’t he had got any poorer it was he went in another direction. Couldn’t justify spending x amount of the budget on a player he’d have trouble fitting into the system. Don’t think it was anything personal, more a footballing decision, the type I’m glad I don’t have to make. if your Glens, tried and tested player who’s dependable, makes a lot of sense. anyway typed way more than I planned, I wouldn’t write them off. Besides I think you’ve got the bookies pick of who will score against Talbot next season sorted lol
  10. If racists didn’t exist at our level perhaps have a point but they do. Some of the personal abuse dished oot about players or staff has been brutal. Better they are doing something than nothing and anyone who uses terms such as woke and virtue signalling to describe action against these things, are perhaps more interested in ignoring the problem than finding solutions.
  11. Big Sean is one of the most experienced players at our level and if Glens use him to his strengths will be in the top ten scorers this season.
  12. More they don’t shout count the numbers of eggs they have before they hatch? Fair play waiting on everything to be stamped, sealed and signed. Experience can suggest a nudge and a wink, can mean more than whatever you interpret it to mean. I don’t expect Talbot will announce anything until the dotted line is signed and it’s a done deal but can see why the Bankies would celebrate, it’s been their long term goal and arguably have taken the entirety of junior football with them on the journey.
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