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  1. If I wanted to jump back in immediately could be in post tomorrow but not in any rush.
  2. Ignorance is bliss I guess but few better than me.
  3. Attempting to but fully entitled to call out the nonsense as am sure you would if it were u
  4. Sweep sweep, why would a media officer ever advise on media. In fact you don’t have to be one to read the law.
  5. I’d do it the same way again, not right for that to happen and wouldn’t want to be anywhere it was happening. For me I’ll spend the 20+ hours a week on something else, penny will drop at some point.
  6. My friends at Leven, always loved their ground for the unique followed by the old tinto grand stand. https://extremefootballtourism.blogspot.com/2017/07/scotland-vale-of-leven-fc-1888-1929.html
  7. I’ve restraint but also no desire to being a part of your clean up. Why you’re commenting, noise me up try and make it look like I’m unhinged or crazy. “They got it right” I’m not and better to watch things than reading them.
  8. No, it’s not I’m happy to talk about about true stories if you’re interested? Pick a season
  9. aye that’s a nice story, good to see the clean up in operation from a far
  10. Well as other notice, u tried to conflate the situation involving the photographer and now on me with this? Some need to remember that I’ve all manner of experiences over many years which has taught me to be benevolent.
  11. Think it’s trying to be objective rather than switching anything on or off, been a massive part of my life and perhaps there will be a time where I can do that. Right now I have to just keep walking.
  12. No idea, not my problem and removing my feelings; replacing one talented volunteer is difficult enough without any of the circumstances.
  13. Had a few folk ask if this meant me coming back, no idea whats going on but nothing to do with me. Was told that pledge was from months ago, no tweet about ditching their media team either.
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