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    Cheers mate. No I don't think so, more than likely dizzy tho! Pushing himself for the full 90+ but determined to find the next level. My kind of player
  2. Quarter Final Predictions

    Uch if only patter could keep you in the cup
  3. Quarter Final Predictions

    think we all know the answer to that one
  4. Talbot crumble

    Talbot Crumble or baked confections
  5. Hearts v Talbot, how far can the Juniors go?

    Yeah we're taking about producing a memory stick that you just plug into your smart Tv that will have the run and bunch of additonal content. Also hopefully will be on DVD for those normal telly owners. Unfortunately no VHS or Beta Max however
  6. Talbot crumble

    With that stat in mind, is it the surface?
  7. Talbot crumble

    With your heart and hand, over 40 years apparently! perhaps if you went a bit easier, that rash might go away?
  8. Talbot crumble

  9. Talbot crumble

    Can decide for youself
  10. Talbot crumble

    cumnock... Where half time is fulltime and drawing is winning
  11. Talbot crumble

    bring back the forum from five years ago.
  12. Talbot crumble

    Aye someone needs to find it lol
  13. Your local paper versus your club

    Many local papers depend on a club sending them match reports/stories for inclusion