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  1. Wage bill is £3.9 million so they are at least worth that in basic money terms......
  2. Think it’s pretty evident that they have a valuable squad atm to the tune of a few million surely if you wanted to buy them?
  3. Missed the Clydebank part? Trolls go away the more you ignore them but said before my opinions on a lack of moderation on this site. More folk being able to have a decent conversation on here more likely for it to be restored as a place fans can go to chat/debate.
  4. You can google it and see exactly what unfolded from all different perspectives. You can even go back and read why Junior Football was founded in the first place. End of the day, others may have influenced the game board change but Talbot were like fine game on. In it to win it. Always would be the club with most to lose but also the most to gain within a pyramid system.
  5. Yeah your probably right in your suggestion, increase in confidence is always good. Still not clear why he’s picking us out of all their possible competition but wish them all the best with that
  6. Not sure where this idea that we don’t want promoted comes from but has been hanging about. Also not sure why a queens fan is on here like billy big considering if we played the expectations would be for Talbot to beat Queens Park. Hearts are third in the country atm with multiple international players. They rested player specifically for playing us and tbh i think it’s says everything that they went full out against us. The only embarrassment is the folk who think it is….when their own team weren’t there or would have been hammered worst. As I said they put 5 by Dundee Utd last month there which was not considered embarrassing. So Talbot then are on a higher level than Dundee Utd??? As for the league, the Club and manager have been crystal clear we are in it to win it. Four games in hand and Pollok are due a dip in form. Talbot will win the league, I’m confident.
  7. Congratulations Cumnock on… winning 3 games in a row X nope manager lasting a season X nope Winning silverware X nope Being on the Telly X nope Not yet being relegated…. Yay!
  8. They put 5 past Dundee Utd and they are how many places above Talbot?
  9. Yes, by the third biggest club in the country at the moment. Millions of pounds worth of players who had embarrassment of an early exit last year to shake off. Was good for the fitness levels and experience and would not want to be playing for Beith next week. Thought some folks expectations were unrealistic, someone in the Talbot end shouted at wee Aaron Mason (who is a teenager and was playing amateur football last season) for not getting to ball before Scotland international Craig Gordon… Thankfully vast majority of fans seemed very proud of the players today. Players looked extremely deflated but were already heroes before the whistle blew
  10. Just coming into his prime goal keeping wise, look at Marshall, Gordon, Leighton, Goram, Buffon etc etc
  11. Glad this was picked out, the jump, positioning, flick of the head, all top level stuff.
  12. What a year it has been for all of us in our never a dull moment leagues!! Just wanted to say merry Christmas and wish everyone a happy new year, good health and hope you have a good one. Cheers
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