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  1. Craig Napier

    Lol, I’m not sure the stats but I can’t recall being awarded penalties at Beechwood from him, someone will correct me. I said it wouldn’t be a popular opinion but wid always defend refs as they have a thankless tasks and I wouldn’t do their job. I think it’s good seeing anyone progress regardless if they did or didn’t award us this or that. There’s a few refs who will request footage of incidents, after the game and they will review certain decisions or points in the game. I’ve seen some pretty terrible decisions in review footage but there’s a human element involved and fair play to those who want to better themselves. I don’t know all the examination criteria so not in a position to say who should be promoted or otherwise but that’s why there’s assessors etc and appears to be a lot of hard work involved rather than it being personality based.
  2. Craig Napier

    Perhaps unpopular opinion but OTT in my opinion, think he didn’t shy away from difficult decisions which is why he is deemed more controversial/memorable. No saying that’s not aggrieving or mistakes aren’t made but hard working bloke who must be doing something right?
  3. Poaching players and not paying the money

    He came across as the exact opposite of the way he was described on here in his interview earlier in the week. Then today could have scored two but set up Gee. Almost like some folk are full of nonsense?
  4. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    so bitter and so raging, brilliant
  5. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    The decline continues
  6. Poaching players and not paying the money

    I do hope you can back that up
  7. Poaching players and not paying the money

    What a rank thread, argee OP should delete it. if a clubs or individuals have issues there are channels to raise whatever concern, but publicly shaming a young player and spreading rumours about him?? low.
  8. Sectional Cup Final

    Can u post the missing frame? cheers pal
  9. Sectional Cup Final

    Need to have a thick skin to that type of stuff unfortunately, doesnt mean it is right and hopefully didn't detract from your day. Personally enjoyed the afternoon all in and found everyone including the supporters in red and white a good bunch. Look forward to the return leg. All the best
  10. Friendly Monday Night

    3-2 to Largs with about 10 minutes to go. Sounds a decent game so far
  11. Friendly Monday Night

  12. Pollok or Pollock?

    You are entitled to say what you want but your not. Great post. You do realise folk can move on socially after secondary school?
  13. Pollok or Pollock?

    My comment was a joke response about a league flag joke. Some folk, well the usual suspects (most of them liked your post) dont think i should be allowed to post anything that resembles a wind up, I also shouldn't respond to personal attacks or do anything. Once I left Hurlford I should have never done anything ever again because SHAME!!! Boo!!!! Hiss!! Football is suppose to be entertaining. I'm happy with my part as a villain to some but please can you come up with something better than 'repugnant' for joining a vastly superior club as a free agent four seasons ago? (Boo, Hiss!)
  14. Pollok or Pollock?