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  1. Had a few folk message about coverage in the event of supporter restrictions, looking at a few ways of live streaming and audio commentary. Just wanted to let those who provide their club with coverage know that a few of us at different clubs have been discussing and welcome you to join our Facebook group. Sharing tips, tricks and equipment ideas etc inbox me for the link, cheers
  2. He sets himself up as the leftist Farage
  3. They are like a broken record mate, leave them too it.
  4. Hopefully more good news on the way! Who knows, even a significant is not surprising signing might pop up.
  5. Well done to the club, management and of course the players. Exciting keeping this squad together for the next few years
  6. Have a good laugh, i've enough to do a highlights reel of spitting alone.
  7. Excatly and it wasnt even Colin.
  8. That what other posters have said about me, tiresome? Good you can relate
  9. Not sure I've had any interactions with him prior to anti establishment establishment stuff. Educated guess would be the shipyard but that wouldn't explain his postings on the junior and west forums or maybe it would as no being offensive but doesnt look like much happening on their thread or medias in comparison to here
  10. Did we ever get to the bottom of that one, read there was a leak to that same reporter about Talbot and like Annbank signing some declaration but was loose in the details if I remember correctly
  11. He ducked the question as he was 'silenced by the overlords' who are all 'embarrassed by him' but is equally 'having a meltdown'. Or just doesnt want to answer lol
  12. The various committees and supporters clubs all feed back into club. Weekly Talbot update is emailed to all members and media outlets. Would imagine if Talbot were considering leaving their junior credentials behind then we might see wider consultation in the public domain.
  13. You cant pick a team etc, it's the usual personal from the faceless such as yourself. I dont bring that up, folk like u do. I identify and then get I'm playing a victim. Again say nothing I'm silenced, say something I'm having a meltdown. Folk can wind me up all the time but I can't ever wind them up. Pretty rubbish debate ground really. if you read again what I'm saying theres a difference between consulting about the future and telling your supporters what's happening.
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