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  1. My guess was he thought it wasn’t Gee’s header
  2. We can all agree and disagree and think we’re a pretty forgiving bunch! Unless you did a job elsewhere lol.. but aye he and few others need to move on from the triumphant constant diddy and deed stuff, plenty more positive things to focus on.
  3. Aw that’s good to know! With a bit of targeted advertising over the cup, extended entry and show casing the glamour in the semi final/final could no doubt attract some more clubs.
  4. But it's still up there and I'm sure all things aside if it came down it, you wouldn't be upset winning it
  5. It was Kilwinning first few weeks anyway, Talbot won't be far off. Hope things continue to go well for ye's
  6. And the Junior cup is one of the best looking cups in European football.
  7. To you, imo its above the Killie pie cup and the demolition derby. Junior Final may have a big attendance. perhaps more than both those cup finals combined... also may have much more marketing value in being televised.
  8. In the videos all you can see if a wee guy running up the side of the park,, then a dog is running about and finishes with a big chap with a pollok scarf standing on the pitch??
  9. Your right pal but not a day goes by I don't hear something negative about Clydebank and it relates to the few rather than the many. I know I'm not alone in being a bit fed up with anti-junior everything that is constantly spewed out by the same few, who seem to enjoy empty grave dancing. When it comes to final it will be a great day, televised and well attended regardless who makes it. I'd hazard a guess there will be a few of those not in it will be jealous as hell that afternoon and those who dismiss it will go shopping or do the garden.
  10. Your team aren't in it, there is no history of winning it, I get that but alongside the junior diddies and cup comments, it just taints your club with obnoxious and arrogant vibes. Have a day off, it screams ignorance to celebrate the Bankies being back after all these years but slag off and put down those who celebrate what is important to them.
  11. Hey, Not sure the interest but Chris is on loan to us at the moment and is looking a class player! Quick interview with him on the club channel if anyone is following his progress. Cheers
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