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  1. I don’t get why you’d purposely try and cause aggro within your own team? If you were a family member or something I might get it but just seems like shooting yerself in foot. That guy on Facebook posts about Samson going somewhere else like every 5 minutes. It’s not news to anyone surely that the majority of our players are approached, when you’ve some of the best that will happen. you’ve also agents with bills to pay it’s always going to be difficult to keep any squad together. Credit to Talbot they’ve managed that against the odds as much as possible. Personally don’t like discussing injuries unless the player has agreed to share it. Medical situations being freely discussed in public just seems dodgy at times. What I will say is Samson has indeed started from the bench, to killer affect. He’s a stronger character than another and not the type to take the huff, he’s still getting the goals and glory. No shortage of offers from elsewhere for a good striker but he’s a big part of things here and gets a lot in return. Not sure what Andy was hoping to achieve other than causing aggro but we’ve a massive game next week that is better deserving of the attention imo
  2. And so you should for illustrating karens coming together to make something out of nothing to tarnish a legitimate win
  3. Angle is such for those in the front row to see
  4. Bridge too far this afternoon, don’t think Raith deserved 3 but on to next week
  5. Jeeso! Sorry for waiting until full time! It was a great result and looks like it was a good time! Not every post is an attack my friend.
  6. Saturday for Raith ticket sales it says now on Twitter
  7. Muirkirk have highlights on their Facebook page, it’s a robot camera. I’m back in time for raith game
  8. Well this “looney” who “needs sacked” has been extremely impressed with the last few weeks. Well done to Tucker and the team, hopefully can keep it up ️
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