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  1. Friendly Monday Night

    3-2 to Largs with about 10 minutes to go. Sounds a decent game so far
  2. Friendly Monday Night

  3. Pollok or Pollock?

    You are entitled to say what you want but your not. Great post. You do realise folk can move on socially after secondary school?
  4. Pollok or Pollock?

    My comment was a joke response about a league flag joke. Some folk, well the usual suspects (most of them liked your post) dont think i should be allowed to post anything that resembles a wind up, I also shouldn't respond to personal attacks or do anything. Once I left Hurlford I should have never done anything ever again because SHAME!!! Boo!!!! Hiss!! Football is suppose to be entertaining. I'm happy with my part as a villain to some but please can you come up with something better than 'repugnant' for joining a vastly superior club as a free agent four seasons ago? (Boo, Hiss!)
  5. Pollok or Pollock?

  6. Pollok or Pollock?

    Could always become a second rate journalist at a daily record subsidiarity I guess
  7. Pollok or Pollock?

  8. Pollok v Auchinleck

    I heard yesterday that the budget was slashed from last season and that contributed to difficult decisions having to be made. That could be bull but put his controversial statement into more context and possibly why he was maybe feeling let down by individuals.
  9. Pollok v Auchinleck

    the language was probably coming from the weans.
  10. Pollok or Pollock?

    Without a doubt.. they've prevented winning anything for a while now.
  11. Pollok or Pollock?

    Closest place they get to see league flags?
  12. Pollok v Auchinleck

    Raised their game today, clearly showing they can do better than they have been of late. Thought gormley looked better that the last few fixtures between us. A Lyle shot stopper stopped him from scoring but a lack of finishing from Talbot today kept the score line down. Many thanks to Pollok for an enjoyable afternoon hope things improve for ye's which I'm sure they will
  13. The Recent Match Videos Thread

  14. ..of today's game