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  1. @arianatoratcore Yeah

  2. @WrasslinFanBoy @Vicky_l_l @cutiecourtney94 NO CHANCE IN HELL AND NO PROFILE PIC = BLOCKED

  3. @Cyphyxia @FFemalesGlasgow @Shedglasgow Yes you can pay £10 on the door

  4. @bainalan05 We having a party when Drew wins the men's MITB then cash in his to become champion and get us Scottish… https://t.co/1Z8nctSGbj

  5. @jennifermjones @Missgreenie2 @RhiannonV My mistake so I apologise it's Jennifer Duncan

  6. @NBFootball @CelticFC @Kevinbebbingto3

  7. PMSL that couple needed 9.2kg had it them down to 9.1kg then again 9.2kg then 9.1 lol won then lost £100 #InForAPenny

  8. RT @KaseyOwens5: I am raising money for Leah Owens Recovery after ACL surgery. Click to Donate: https://t.co/8Uz7Ide5gf via @gofundme

  9. @_JenLouise_ I even was at a quiz tonight finished 3rd and my prize a meal for 1 but congratulations on winning your quiz x

  10. Right you lot follow @RudoLightning he only needs 5 followers from reaching 3,000 come and follow the only 2 Time… https://t.co/YDBkD8QlsT

  11. @madnutter0102 Yeah this is all to extend Brexit

  12. Happy birthday @_JenLouise_ hope you have a great birthday always makes me smile and happy a lot x https://t.co/MhnGUD4RKp

  13. @_JenLouise_ #PrayForJen

  14. Happy Valentines to the one the only @_JenLouise_ as I don't have one I thought I will just say it x

  15. @LeytonBuzzard I can remember when we used to have a NFL Europe league and going to Hampden to watch the Scottish C… https://t.co/gb6NVz9U3J

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