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  1. Was at the Tynecastle v Hearts game yesterday and while still a good crowd I think it was nearer the 400 mark than the 700 that seems to be quoted.
  2. Did Loanhead Mayflower have anything to do with the pub of the same name or vice versa?
  3. I've only really started getting into the Juniors about 5 years ago so not me. Always wondered why given the areas around Edinburgh, particularly Midlothian, West Lothian are 99% Junior. Always amazes me that up until a couple of seasons ago there were Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Perth, Larkhall and Forfar derbies but not Edinburgh.
  4. Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow are awash with Junior clubs but any reason why Edinburgh isn't apart from Edinburgh United and latterly Craigroyston. I know they have the East of Scotland League but any reason why the clubs in that weren't originally part of the Juniors?
  5. Pity one of the players came out with this in the press before the 1st leg then....“We’ve been training ever since our last game just in case the play-off happened. A few of the boys have had to delay their holidays and some are going to miss out on weddings because we need to stay up. We are just taking the two games as they come and hopefully we can get a result and then bring them back home the following week.”.... Obviously he was always going to a wedding then? League shouldn't go beyond May to hopefully avoid wedding season but it did. Maybe if he'd said I can only play the first leg it might not have generated "slagging"? Read more at: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/lower-leagues/newtongrange-star-determined-to-grab-super-league-lifeline-1-4457120 Nitten got relegated because they only got enough points to make a play off. They fell short on Saturday so are relegated. Surely up to the ERSJFA to decide what happens. Maybe they will listen to you and suggest another play off against Tranent but don't hold your breathe. What are the crippling debts you are on about? Interested to know what, why and how much or is that just a rumour you've made up?
  6. http://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/5466 Hearts v Annan at Tynecastle this Sunday at 1pm. Anyone else?
  7. Was at the Beith v KRR game and first of all well done to Beith for getting the game on. Missed out on 3 points thanks to poor refereeing as the Beith player did get taken out so it was harsh to lose that goal with last kick of match. Thought Beith coped better with the wind and yes probably should have won. Missed what happened for the penalty but you should've had one in 1st half when Linesboy (how old was he?) waved his flag then decided not to discuss the incident with the ref. Wasn't a dive though so the booking was harsh. First time to Bellsdale and great set up. In the words of Arnie (that Terminator bloke not Arnie Rangers).....I'll be back!!
  8. Thanks Rab. I must be ahead of myself in a world where the Juniors have joined the LL pyramid...ahem!!!!
  9. Juniors alert.. according to their facebook page Nitten Star v Haddington 7pm 23rd at New Victoria Park
  10. And their off - I don't mean the horses but Eyemouth v Stirling Uni and Tynecastle v Duns according to EOSFL website
  11. Great game for the neutral and certainly better than watching the Hearts game on TV. At 3-0 it looked like a hammering was in order but the penalty (soft in my opinion but a penalty nonetheless) certainly made it a game for the second half. Actually missed the sending off incident so whether it was or wasn't I couldn't say but the guy walking off cheesing probably suggests that it was debatable? At 3-3 I thought Fauldhouse would nick it but fair play for Bonnyrigg pulling it out of the hat. I've started watching more Junior games than Hearts and must say it's better value and rarely disappoints. Roll on next week.
  12. Any idea when these games getting played? I know QOS beat CC last and Hearts game v ICT cancelled today but what about the others?
  13. Was at the Selkirk game yesterday and they were a goal down in under 20 seconds and 3 down in 10 minutes. They were young and out of their depth and did look like they hadn't played together. If they had any subs it was only 1 and they had to change players positions to try and tighten up but that wasn't happening. I felt for their keeper who saved a penalty (scored from rebound) and had a number of good saves to keep it under the potential 30. I'm sure the Ref blew for FT before the 90 minutes were up and to be honest the game did nobody any favours. It certainly wasn't a reflection on the LL or U-20's League but then again those that watch those games will know that.
  14. 0-9 at HT and Selkirk 1 down in under 20 seconds. Was a long day for them and their keeper actually kept the score down by at least another 5
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