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  1. Yes I would say Darvel deserved a point but Kilbirnie defended for their lives 2nd half, bad mistake by our keeper for goal but redeemed himself at penalty, we will probably run out of games to stay up but at least taking it deep into the season, Darvel are opposite and probably got too many games left, seen the boy Syme on crutches, heard out for season?
  2. Kilbirnie 1-6 Rossvale, well done Rossvale thoroghly deserved, Kilbirnie parted company with Martin Ferry after the gamw
  3. Where did I say were the victims? Far from it yesterday, 1 person injured that I know of which is 1 too many going to a fitba match,
  4. I was at game and it was n,t good, no going to sat this or that started it as you,d be here all night arguing, a member of one of Kilbirnie players family phoned the police and thank goodness they did or would have been a whole lot worse trust me, no really want to say any more.
  5. Robert McCartter has stepped down from Beith now as well, dom,t know reason but he is 1 of the best guys you are ever likely to meet, has been involved with Beith over 30 years through thick and very thin, another huge loss.
  6. Kilbirnie 1-0 Dalry ft, trialist Josh Winton with goal
  7. Yes it,s same guy mate, he,s 34 now but as fit as a fiddle, got a young team so bit of experience was required, manager delighted to have him
  8. Midfielder Martin McBride Rob Roy - Kilbirnie Ladeside
  9. Central Defender Kyle Girvan St Mirren U-20,s - Kilbirnie Ladeside
  10. Yes think he was, also Pollok, Rob Roy ,BSC as well, he took time out I think because someone passed away in his family, maybe just needs a good home,
  11. Cheers, aye he said he played for Cambuslang when beat Kilbirnie 2-1 in league that season
  12. Kilbirnie have signed left-back Lewis Kinnaird who seems to have played for a few teams, anyone saw him at close hand ?
  13. Full back Ross Gilmour, Renfrew - Kilbirnie Ladeside,
  14. Not a transfer as such but Stevie Aitchison has joined Ki[birnie as a coach.
  15. Greig with an I Ally, 100 dollars a week, how much is that? I,m only the messenger, I did n,t vote your pal out, am merely a fan/helper like yourself
  16. Think it could be ex-Kilbirnie manager referring to, anyway Liam Rowan Clydebank-Kilbirnie Ladeside
  17. What happened to the Shettleston thread ? The suspense was killing me.
  18. Must be a good age now? Good player, was on loan at Kilbirnie from Ayr Utd 2004-5 season, had a good attitude even back then.
  19. Midfielder Kieran McCrum , Bonnyton-Kilbirnie Ladeside.
  20. Striker Danny Bamford, Port Glasgow-Kilbirnie Ladeside,
  21. Jon Scullion has re-signed for Kilbirnie and hopefully another striker later on today,
  22. Big Mick been a good servant, all the best, could be another new face at Kilbirnie tomorrow
  23. Spoke with the boy and no longer working offshore, yes did say working on rigs hindered him at Bankies,
  24. Andrew Strachan and Greg Vernon , Troon- Kilbirnie Ladeside/
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