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  1. Some sort of disagreement as you said but it was with more than just Campbell, Fitzy told him to take some responsibility and stop fannying around. He then responded by pointing at just about every player within 15 yards of him having a right good moan.
  2. The Leeds Thread

    Might descend onto Ipswich on 5th of may but early indications on hotels and trains are sky high
  3. Get crighton as far to f**k as possible. I'll be assuming she was slaughtering Fitzy for getting tore right into him.
  4. Airdrieonians vs. Montrose.

    Glass is chronic, he needs to learn to pass. If he squares it to Duffy on the second chance you talk about we go 2 up and the game is less nervy. Also worth noting at how chronic big Crighton is, not captain material for me and was quite rightly called out by Fitzy in the first half.
  5. Football League 2018/19 season

    £200000 fine for standing on a public pavement, that's next level compared to the stuff the sfa and spfl come away with.
  6. Wasnt it common knowledge that PH and Green wanted to own the club a few years back and the stumbling block was the time frame set out for the transfer of money to JB?
  7. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    A draw was a fair result yesterday, young glass is a decent prospect just wish he'd pass the ball a bit more rather than trying to do it himself. He's exciting to watch. Two very nice finishes from Dumbarton as well and one from a player I hate to see score against anyone and the other from someone that over the whole game didn't impress me too much at all, nice strike though and that's all the counts.
  8. Stenny v Airdrie

    We were fucking shite.
  9. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    It doesn't take a genius to work out what's behinds the asterisks.
  10. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    That must make us second only to your lot for the worst fans in the country then? Take your bigoted drivel pish elsewhere.
  11. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    No chance any of this should be let go, ever.
  12. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Stating facts that many seem to gloss over.
  13. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Well that's a lie...
  14. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    No one has claimed Airdrie fans are angels... However many people have claimed and provided evidence to support the claims that, kids, pensioners and disabled people (all inmocnetly) going to a game were attacked and your lot still try to defend and deflect.
  15. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Is this the first admission that it actually happened? Scum.