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  1. He was my pick for motm today. Starting to come out of his shell in the past few weeks with a few decent efforts on goal
  2. I cant believe after all the things said on this thread no one has mentioned the absolute worldie of a save right at the death... the ref was ready to give it as well!! We were pretty shite today though, plenty fight, nae quality.
  3. Calum Gallagher came off yesterday as a precaution (I think) and walked down the tunnel at full time with his ankle wrapped in ice. He should be ok for Saturday though (I hope) other than that we wre a full strength I'm sure.
  4. Smashing, he was standout in the game earlier this season and him being out certainly adds to our chances of winning.
  5. Very important game for us in terms of judging where we are. As said above we cant go in with the mindset of a point is a good result, we have absolutely nothing to fear from anyone in this league so I hope our attitude and effort matches that thought. Going by train for this one, seems like a bit of trek for me but I'm sure itll be worth it[emoji3532]
  6. Its like a football manager team meeting, f**k sake[emoji23]
  7. Fuckin excellent. Great 3 points, falkirk are shite and Conor 'sexy toes' Sammon must be a parody- everything he touches, he fucks
  8. Probably a question we will never know the answer to. The guy has hsut graduated from uni so maybe it's what it says on the tin, maybe theres something more to it or maybe its hes recently found out I'm his neighbour[emoji23]joking aside though, he was far from a legend but was definitely a good pro and servant to the club. Best of luck to him wherever and whatever hes going onto
  9. Gypsies beat, again. To be fair they looked decent for some of the first half but then the time wasting started and like a few teams they looked decent without troubling too much. Second half we looked like a team and as much as I cant stand Crighton he was MOTM, his two runs from the back are the type of responsibility we needed him to take and let's be honest who doesn't love it when a CB can push 30-50 yards up the pitch? Seen a post on here say the goals we scored were scrappy but looking back I think they were well worked either as a unit or individually. Absolutely delighted to see McNiffs face as he turned around to see the ball in the net after bear hugging Gallagher- delicious.
  10. What makes it more remarkable is the bear hug Gallagher receives before muscling himself into control.
  11. Montrose were probably one of the best teams we played last season and I emphasize the word team because they all had a job to do and done it very well, their win at our place early last season was the best team performance I've seen for a while. They were a decent side, used loan market well and as I said everyone knew their job. Dumbarton were a car crash with no real direction, as were we given last season's results against them. Things picked up eventually when Duffy came in but looking in on them this season without actually seeing them yet I'd imagine itll take something special to field a worse team than them this season. Stranraer are a plucky wee team and are no mugs, they might not set the world on fire but they are usually a solid mid table league one team, possibly just looking over their backs. For clyde to do well in this league this season things will need to improve, a lot. We didn't have to be any great shakes to go into a 3-0 lead and I think it should've been more. You looked decent in spells but I think there is a flatness about your play, something that will need to change.
  12. Clyde started really well without troubling our defence too much, they looked to move it about very well. Once the game settled after the first 15 minutes we came into it and controlled, special mention to Wedderburn- he used the ball as well as any player I've ever seen play for us and of course Eckersley, who is no doubt an upgrade on Macdonald. I felt we took all 3 goals pretty well with the pick of the bunch being our second, it's always pleasing to see something from the training ground come off. Then came Clyde's penalty, bizarre decision and it gave them a lift and they once again come onto a game whether it be through our own sloppiness poor referee decisions or their own doing, who knows? 3 main points on the referee- Kerr could've easily walked just after we scored when he pulled the clyde player down, although there must've been cover from Crighton as it's the only explanation for why he didn't see red. How the f**k he never managed to award us a free kick for persistent fouling on the edge of the Clyde box just before their penalty is beyond me and many others I'd think. The penalty itself, if anyone could shed any light on it I'd be grateful, I think hes the only one who thought it was a penalty. I think it says it all when theres very little (if any) claims from players.
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