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  1. Exactly. We've tried and failed for many a year to get out of this league with the same model year on year, things needed freshened up and it looks like we are going in the right direction. Everyone must get behind it or it'll never be a full success. Looking forward to the next announcement.
  2. Its no even the getting it up people that we should be keeping our eyes on, its the very fact that everyone and anyone is writing this off before its even started, here's hoping they're wrong and it catches them off guard, its about doing our own business now and tunnel vision is very much required.
  3. I don't have a grievance other than with the article suggesting it's a money making scheme. There's going to be more opportunities than Thomas Robert for us to make money from this setup. Enjoy the ride.
  4. A development fee for one (shortened) season will amount to bugger all. We are unlikely to know the ins and outs of said deals that being even if there is very little fee generated its still more than has been in previous years. He could also turn out to be a total star and fire us well on our way to getting out of this league. I genuinely don't see your grievances here, we've stayed in this league with a total failure of a setup these changes could be the catalyst to changing our fortunes.
  5. How do you sell on a player who has only signed a 1 year deal? A January transfer would be a nominal fee given all that is left of the contract or it will be pre contract/free in the summer. Sure we would be due some sort of development fee at a minimum. I've also heard that a deal is already done for the boy to move on.
  6. Its important now more than ever that we get it right on the first team pitch and if that means no academy then so be it, like you said its not as if we've produced player after player from it, can't really think of any in the last 5 years that are good enough to take us where we want to be.
  7. Hopefully Millar is next, solid player for his position and really impressed last season.
  8. Seen this on twitter, wouldn't mind some clarity on it...
  9. It must be remembered that this ludicrous plan has been thought up by a supporter of a team who look like they've chucked all their eggs in the one basket by signing up near enough a full squad. If things start back later than anticipated they could be up shit creek and joining the list of clubs hes rhymed off to be in immediate financial danger in other threads...
  10. Why would you need any split? It's a shambles and should be a non starter in any league, how anyone on this planet can think that the possibility of finishing 6th with less points than the team that finishes 7th is a good idea is beyond me.
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