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  1. Why would you need any split? It's a shambles and should be a non starter in any league, how anyone on this planet can think that the possibility of finishing 6th with less points than the team that finishes 7th is a good idea is beyond me.
  2. If this was to happen I'd fully back my club and the other that other clubs that are closely behind the top 2 any legal action they deemed necessary to take.
  3. Montrose are quite comfortably the best team I've seen us play in the league this season, a real unit that understand their jobs and do them effectively so theres no doubt we are up against it here and Montrose for me should be favourites to take this one. Their game on Tuesday night could be a deciding factor too, with a long trip to Stranraer where its never easy despite their lowly position, with the chance of poor conditions and a real tough game it could play into our hands (I hope). I dont think we can afford to take the approach of 'a draw is a good result', if we are to have any hope of keeping up with the top two and with Montrose and East Fife hot on our heels I'd say it's a must win. I'd start with the same team that's started the last two but we should also be cautious with how quickly Montrose play through the midfield and into attack. A real tough one for us with either side winning narrowly.
  4. We wont beat Raith Rovers, no need to worry about that. If he has personal issues then hes want to grow the f**k up and sort it out for the greater good of the team.
  5. Ian Murray will ruin our season. Terrible team selection and even worse subs.
  6. These are exactly my thoughts, said to my grandpa at the game yesterday Murray tinkering with things that generally didn't need to be tinkered with could remove all momentum we have/had. Yesterday could make or break our season. Disappointed doesn't quite cover how we should all feel about yesterday.
  7. Great to see us having what looks like to be a very solid core squad signed up for next season already. C'mon.
  8. Notice he didn't once attempt to play the ball yesterday as it was aimed at him, if he had done he might've got on a bit better, theres certainly no shortage of weight to be thrown about
  9. Can Raith fans moan about players dishing out kickings when Iain Davidson plays for them and has done nothing but kick for years...
  10. He was my pick for motm today. Starting to come out of his shell in the past few weeks with a few decent efforts on goal
  11. I cant believe after all the things said on this thread no one has mentioned the absolute worldie of a save right at the death... the ref was ready to give it as well!! We were pretty shite today though, plenty fight, nae quality.
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