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  1. Edinburgh City

    The guy who had reported said he knocked back a full time offer at Airdrie.ETA we have reportedly offered him a part time deal too. Same guy who posted.
  2. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Kurtis Robert's, what have we got coming from this guy?
  3. Could possibly be a gamble worth taking
  4. Seen from a post on Twitter that Raith and Partick Thistle are looking at Hutton
  5. The 2019 Play-Off Thread

    Shite way to end a decent season.
  6. Trust airdrie fans to think of some conspiracy against them.
  7. O'Neill was showing some great promise under Murray, a great shame. Also surprised at Wilkie he looked handy and could've done a job off the bench.
  8. I have no loyalties at all I stated an observation. This whole 'woe is me' rhetoric wont solve anything and the way the trust and their followers, mainly followers are going about it all is more damaging than good.
  9. It seems like some people think that the trust have the right to own the club and it seems that these people believe they actually do own it. Theres only negativity coming from one side and it's clear which side it is. Its embarrassing and it's a clear agenda.
  10. That Facebook group needs shut down. Its basically a big stick to nest the club with.
  11. This seems like a more plausible explanation.