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  1. 6 or 7 wouldn't have flattered us tonight, probably one of our most complete performance this season other than the first goal.
  2. Agreed. Get him to f**k. He's cost us enough points this season and his errors seen us go out the cup.
  3. Dean Lyness should never play for us again. He's gifted the opposition goals, twice yesterday, once against Peterhead and twice against Edinburgh.
  4. I hope the club and or PH himself file for Quitongo to pay court fees etc.
  5. Sleepwalking into having a ridiculously thin squad and potentially dropping down the table. Far from impressed. We were told to be patient re signings which we were more than.
  6. I make that 2 at a minimum we need to bring in. Strange decision if there's nothing lined up.
  7. If there's a foul there it's VERY soft. Possibly a push from 14 on the keeper but very soft and fortunate to get away with it. Extremely happy to take a draw with a few of our players having off days.
  8. Thought we were excellent today, especially first half and on another day we go in 2 or 3 up. Our drop off in the second half was self inflicted and despite never looking too troubled it was a bit worrying. We can't afford to be as wasteful every week.
  9. That's 2 weeks in a row he's looked far from convincing. I like him though and think he has a place in our squad but we will not be challenging this season with him at centre half
  10. Slightly off topic but it's sad to see the guy who runs the bus/buses to away games having such a struggle these days which just happens to coincide with us being well worth the travel most weeks. I've personally never been on the supporters bus due to being fortunate enough to be able to make my own way to games but his work is commendable. Over the past few weeks I've been wondering if there is any scope for the club to help in this regard. It's got to be beneficial for the team and the club in general to have as many away fans as possible, it could be the difference. They could also make a bit of money out of helping out with travel. There's a few ways they could spin it if it's something that can be explored. They could go down the route of just putting a bus on at whatever cost or they could start a travel club, I'm sure there are other teams out there that do this, whether it be a monthly payment which could either include travel only or travel and a ticket to the game. I know in these times it's difficult for all financially and asking g for another payment might be a stretch too far but the hard-core that go to 80-100% of away games are paying anyway. I also appreciate that this idea cut be seen as cutting the grass of the guy who's currently doing a great job of running the buses despite the current struggles and obviously opens cue here before and after where most will go in and spend a few quid before and after the game but the club could also liaise with cue here and possibly come up with a solution to have the bus leave from cue here or even do a pick up from there. Maybe it's pie in the sky and all a bit too complicated but it's something I'd hope the club could help out and allow the team to have the best backing possible.
  11. Hard to say with such a small sample size but Johnson looks the part. He will go far in the game
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