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  1. Was saying this as we showed some vulnerability throughout the second half, we need to sign a centre half in January because as good as Kerr is playing 1 game in 3 isn't going to win us the league
  2. These tears are so salty... and delicious. GIRFUY.
  3. Say 3 minutes for all subs and then 2 minutes for McLean to get off and a total of silly fouls throughout the game. 6 minutes about right.
  4. Doesn't have to be a bad challenge in the game to rack them up the way your lot did today. That's a hallmark or Farrells teams though, terribly disciplined
  5. I think that's the first time I've ever seen a ref play by the law. Tremendous. What a way to win it.
  6. Excellent 3 points, Excellent form and hoping we can continue from here. One of the most pleasing things about beating Falkirk is how they expect us to play to their strengths. Love it.
  7. Paton played at a higher level for a much longer part of his career, streets ahead of Agnew imo
  8. Judging by what we've signed and rumoured to be signing I'm more than underwhelmed. A lot of people praised Murray's recruitment recently but imo it was a fluke. I have no confidence in the guy to take us forward.
  9. The time was right for Carrick to move on imo. If we are to have a team to match our ambitions he would be a squad player. Good luck to him.
  10. Ruthless business releasing Crighton, was very much the right thing to do for both parties. Wouldn't really add much to the release list other than Ritchie and Carrick, I think we can do better but that remains to be seen.
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