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  1. He didn't but was part of the warm up each day. Read somewhere it could be another few months before we see him
  2. I take it we can turn up at 15.45 today for the game rather than have to watch the game that's on before?
  3. Gallagher is always good for 13-15 goals a season, despite being frustrating at times. I also think he was top scorer in the league from open play last season? A guy basically guaranteed to get goals isn't something we can throw away.
  4. Was excellent for us last season, was able to produce the moment of magic when we needed it and when no one else on the pitch could see it. The only thing that will stop him having the same positive impact on your side is the increase in speed from league 1. Good luck to him though.
  5. Expected and not disappointed with that one. Wonder who is making the footballing decisions at the moment
  6. This is ok if we find someone that's the same standard or better. Decent enough keeper at this level but had laspses of concentration at key points for us last season. Then again if he wasn't prone to those lapses of concentration he wouldn't have been at our level.
  7. No thanks to John Rankin. The whole list of availability it's really concerning and totally uninspiring
  8. I'd imagine it'll be an appointment from outside and hoping it'll be equal to or greater than the calibre of Murray.
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