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  1. whats happening with shankland,read something about him staying in belgium
  2. not Jim Goodwins fault in my opinion,Jurgen klop couldn't make that bunch play any better
  3. yep well in county,seriously deserved top 6 finish,go for Europe now,your better than a few up there
  4. fucking shocking,not much players in that team I'd keep ffs
  5. absolutely no want about them ffs,1 goal and its top 6 ffs
  6. can't help thinking your wrong,his form has been up and down like a whooors drawers his whole career,what makes you think he's away to turn into Messi [emoji848]
  7. 100%agree with you,comes across really really well
  8. yep not true,sounding more and more likely he's coming.
  9. I do know one thing,stevie tosh is an absolute belter [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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