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  1. 6 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    Starts on Saturday. A week of training and then straight into games.

    The busy schedule makes me think back to Duffy's first summer, where we had two friendlies (Dundee United and Hamilton) and had to call off our first (just a fortnight or so before the league started) because we didn't have enough players. I phoned Duffy that morning and he said it would probably be fine - wrote the back page of the paper based on that, got on the train home...and boof. It was cancelled.

    My first DFC game as an official Lennox employee was that Dundee United game where (I think) we had 11 trialists in the matchday squad. Madness.

    Cheers Jan....so there will be new faces for sure on Saturday even if they are only trialists.

  2. 2 minutes ago, DobbiesAgent said:

    Of these names the only one I was disappointed in losing to be completely honest was Jordan Kirkpatrick. He was such a threat, went on to have a brilliant few seasons at Alloa, and I can only imagine the huge sense of accomplishment he must have got when he relegated us, Giving the messiah Aitken a huge “up yours” in the process 

    I wasn't against any of the players mentioned.It showed what a decent group they were  with what they did/have done with Alloa.It also shows what a  manager with a Shite Attitude(SA)  can do to good players.

  3. Just now, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

    Come on, Rabin Omar isn’t in the same league as any of the names you mentioned, and I wasn’t even a huge fan of Liam Dick or Kevin Cawley. 

    Omar was fairly hopeless and I’m not entirely sure Ramadan is to blame. If it is to blame then it’s absolutely beyond me that Jim Duffy would sign a guy for the run in who is being massively impacted by observing Ramadan. 

    No of course not but we are in a different league now and our expectations/budget  have been lowered.I wasn't comparing the standard just the situation.There are plenty of footballers availablethat's for sure but attracting them may be a problem as we have no idea how our budget is as our owners are anonymous pretty much.

    The fact SF  jumped from Stranraer may not be an indication of a decent budget  but rather  the internal problems engulfing  that club.

  4. 7 minutes ago, O'Kelly Isley III said:

    I'm not sure I agree with that, and to be honest I think there's a lot of rose-tinted retrospection going on about last season's team based solely on the fact that we stayed up.  With the possible exception of Neill I have very little problem with any of the departures and I would much rather Faz built his own squad without us revisiting some familiar failings.  We certainly wouldn't be having any fond recollections had we gone down !!  It wasn't all down to Jim Duffy.

    Each to his own but I think he has something to offer and is worth a trial along with Wallace.Of course it is SF's squad and it is unlikely he will ask either of them back.

    It is right that the manager puts his own stamp on the squad but sometimes ego is a problem which we saw with SA who got rid off some very decent players who went on to do good things with Alloa( Dick,Taggart,Graham,Cawley , Kirkpatrick et al).Balance and common sense should prevail as I guess we are beggars not choosers.Lack of an appearance from the new owners is even more worrying though.

  5. 1 minute ago, cameron2000 said:

    If these signings are for the starting XI I’m concerned however if they’re pre-planned backup options then that’s actually quite refreshing and good to see Farrell putting some effort into making sure our squad isn’t too thin

    With the exception of Erskine all these players will be first team i imagine.

  6. 1 hour ago, The Moonster said:

    Off to Airdrie if rumours are to be believed. I'm definitely a bit disappointed we didn't hold onto him but it's a new era and we need to trust that Faz will get sufficient replacements. 

    I like Wardrop but that horrific injury may well have affected him a la Calum Campbell.Also may have affected him empotionally.I think he might think twice about going into a dangerous challenge.Not calling him a coward in any way but clearly he has a career outside of football and you have to ask if its worth it for him.

    ETA Brian Graham should still be hung out to dry for that challenge.

  7. 7 minutes ago, O'Kelly Isley III said:

    As I was approaching the St James roundabout yesterday afternoon, a white Porsche Cayenne with registration HK77 whizzed past.  I reckon the driver had just been into Morrisons to consult the fish counter wummin who I know was working as I had bought lemon sole from her earlier.  Coincidence or what ?

    Thats what I heard...Harry Kane as player/manager.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Mattmc said:

    We’ve not seen much of his connections with junior football. 
    He seems to be well though of by many managers and players though. 
    Ryan Stevenson said he’s the best he’s worked under. Still chose to sign for Troon instead of us though.

    I think a lot of that has been down to budget constraints to be fair.The unfair relegation of Stranraer last year had a big impact on finances I believe so DF was working under very difficult circumstances but still put out a fairly competitive team.

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