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  1. 13 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    There are a lot of team who I would consider a similar size with (I'd imagine) similar budgets this year. Take out Falkirk (even though they'll potentially be a shambles once again), Cove with their big money and Queen's Park and you're left with Airdrie, Alloa, Clyde, ourselves, East Fife, Montrose and Peterhead. All clubs with similar fanbases, recent histories and not dissimilar budgets. 

    Obviously Cove have plenty of cash and were a good team last season. But they aren't like 2012/13 Queen of the South. You'd expect Falkirk to be a lot stronger than last season - but equally they could easily have a disaster of a season. And Queen's Park? Well they've got a decent squad and plenty of money. But equally it's not a squad that blows you away - and they have a rookie gaffer.

    Airdrie have the full-time element too I suppose, but at this moment in time they don't look stronger than last season.

    I'm looking forward to it. I don't think there will be much at all between the teams in 4th and 5th and those in 9th 10th. But for the first time in a wee while I'm genuinely optimistic about what we can do.

    Go along with most of that but I think Sheerin will be a hit at Falkirk.He was fantastic at Arbroath in 2012 and im surprised he didnt get another gig.

    For us I really want to see some strong goalscorers coming in.It was our problem last year and i dont want a repeat.I will feel more confident when we have strikers i 'm excited about.

  2. 38 minutes ago, FifeSons said:

    The second Czech goal gave me flashbacks to Ramsbottom vs Forfar. Granted the Czech guy had a lot more to do, but left me with the same disbelief and speechless.

    It was an unnecessary goal to concede but you still have to say it was a super strike.

    no doubt DM will be in for some SCHTIK.(I'LL GET MA COAT)

  3. 5 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    I think Orsi, who was a winger back in his Brechin days, was turned into a sort of hardworking target man type in his spell at Cappielow. I'd imagine he'll be used as a striker. I'm not sure if Hopkirk will be seen as a striker, an attacking mid or what. Maclean is, as I understand it, definitely a winger and Conner Duthie? Well who knows. The right-back/right-mid/striker. He could find himself in the Ian Chisholm role.

    Bleedin Nora...I guess thats why you are doing the commentary and I'm at home watching 🤣

    4-4-2 was so simple....

  4. 22 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    I think strikers are becoming like goalkeepers. So many teams only play with one (or non at all) that most players will be able to play more than one position - rather than being an out-and-out number nine as they were back in the day. Think about the amount of forwards who are also wingers/wide forwards or attacking midfielders. 

    LOL..ITS GETTING ALL TOO CONFUSING!!!I'M obviously a fuddy-duddy who still likes all their players with a label!!

    So with this logic outside of Hopkirk who could play in a strikers role? Orsi?Maclean? Duthie?Ramsbottom? (OK JUST KIDDING WITH THAT ONE)

  5. Mark Mcguigan is the kind of striker we need.Great signing for EF in my opinion.There aren't many natural goalscorers out there.Used to be back in the 80s/90s every club had their target man. Rowan Alexander at Morton, Dalziel at Raith, Eadie at the Bankies,Colin  Mcglashen at Clyde, Willie Watters at stirling/killie, Robert Reilly the same, Chico Gibson at us, Paul Hunter at East Fife,Lytwyn at Alloa , Hendry at QP,Ally Graham at Albion Rovers etc etc

    Where have all the strikers gone? The Lowland League can't sign them all!!

  6. 22 minutes ago, Russ said:

    Balatoni is infinitely better than Buchanan btw.

    Ken we’ve got a decent record of breaking players but Buchanan really was pish poor with us before seemingly being the same with QoS. We were warned by Morton fans what to expect and they were right he’s not even close to being that same defender that was with you guys a few years ago. His positional play is rank rotten, for a guy so tall he’s very poor in the air he genuinely should have scored at least 5 or 6 goals for us but fluffed every header, gets bitched very easily by strikers and the worst of all was that both Mark Durnan and Ben Hall were a lot better than him. There was a lot of fluff with him being a local boy and ‘fan’ and he used to give away the armband every game to a young fan but he’s dugmeat.

    I can completely understand getting excited about a popular ex player coming back (I done the exact same with Blair Alston last year) but he’s really not the same player.

    TBF he's also had shite managers at those clubs.By shite I mean not exactly motivators.He was very good with us in the most part and to say a player is 'done' at 31 is not physical but mental.With the right manager he will be fine.

    Andy Graham was brilliant with us until Aitken came along.Almost the entire support said he was done.Moved to Alloa with Jack Ross and hey presto got another few  very good years out of him.So saying 'done' is not necessarily final.

  7. On a trip to Methil for  A LC tie about 5 years ago( the time of 1872 strips/brand)  EF had a trailer in front of the ground packed with merchandise from strips to ties to shorts, mugs,keyrings the lot.I couldn't and still can't understand why they could do it but we struggled.I'M not aware of EF having a vastly superior fanbase to our own.So there must be something I'm missing.Are EF more welcome in their community????I wouldn't have thought so.

    Back in the 90s(early) you could buy a Dumbarton top in Intersport in places like Stirling and IIRC Falkirk.I think getting the tops into stores in the High St is vital and promotes the club.Availability is first and foremost when selling any product.Most people will not go out of their way to buy DFC merchandise but if they have it to hand who knows?The trailer at EF outside the ground was good because you could buy stuff without having to pay an admission fee to access  it.

  8. 8 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

    Every single player saying that Faz and Frank have really sold the clubs plans to them. Every single player saying we should be challenging top 4. Every single player seems buzzing to get started. It's such a huge difference and ball hasn't even been kicked. If we can get much of the rest of the squad signed up in the next week or so then add to it with some loans when they come available we should be in good shape for at least a bit of entertainment this year. 

    Buy plenty of kleenex MR Moonster

  9. 3 minutes ago, Mr November said:

    Going by the wording I’m guessing this might be Joe McKee? I was hoping Airdrie would sign him but we’ve signed enough of your players already this summer, it wouldn’t be very fair if we started signing your transfer targets too.



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