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  1. TBF he's also had shite managers at those clubs.By shite I mean not exactly motivators.He was very good with us in the most part and to say a player is 'done' at 31 is not physical but mental.With the right manager he will be fine. Andy Graham was brilliant with us until Aitken came along.Almost the entire support said he was done.Moved to Alloa with Jack Ross and hey presto got another few very good years out of him.So saying 'done' is not necessarily final.
  2. Any rumours or sightings or discussions with the fish lady? 18 hours without a signing whats Faz playin at?
  3. On a trip to Methil for A LC tie about 5 years ago( the time of 1872 strips/brand) EF had a trailer in front of the ground packed with merchandise from strips to ties to shorts, mugs,keyrings the lot.I couldn't and still can't understand why they could do it but we struggled.I'M not aware of EF having a vastly superior fanbase to our own.So there must be something I'm missing.Are EF more welcome in their community????I wouldn't have thought so. Back in the 90s(early) you could buy a Dumbarton top in Intersport in places like Stirling and IIRC Falkirk.I think getting the tops into stores in the High St is vital and promotes the club.Availability is first and foremost when selling any product.Most people will not go out of their way to buy DFC merchandise but if they have it to hand who knows?The trailer at EF outside the ground was good because you could buy stuff without having to pay an admission fee to access it.
  4. Paton if injury-free is a great signing at this level.
  5. True but it was season 51-52. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1951–52_Dumbarton_F.C._season
  6. GOOD SIGNING-A guy with something to prove. Its all about SF getting these guys to gel and play for the club.He is a good motivator and i'm feeling good about today's business.
  7. We should definitely rename our ground as the WANKDORF STADIUM.
  10. It really is ridiculous that grown men like us are jerking off at the prospect of new faces coming in. But that's life
  11. Cheers Jan....so there will be new faces for sure on Saturday even if they are only trialists.
  12. Seriously there will be virtually no training only games from now until the season gets underway... Pre-season must be starting next week ????
  14. BUGGER ME----AITKEN RETURNS TO THE ROCK!!! https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4946 LOL...Don't worry folks only a pre-season friendly. Join the queue for the hurling abuse .....
  15. I wasn't against any of the players mentioned.It showed what a decent group they were with what they did/have done with Alloa.It also shows what a manager with a Shite Attitude(SA) can do to good players.
  16. No of course not but we are in a different league now and our expectations/budget have been lowered.I wasn't comparing the standard just the situation.There are plenty of footballers availablethat's for sure but attracting them may be a problem as we have no idea how our budget is as our owners are anonymous pretty much. The fact SF jumped from Stranraer may not be an indication of a decent budget but rather the internal problems engulfing that club.
  17. Each to his own but I think he has something to offer and is worth a trial along with Wallace.Of course it is SF's squad and it is unlikely he will ask either of them back. It is right that the manager puts his own stamp on the squad but sometimes ego is a problem which we saw with SA who got rid off some very decent players who went on to do good things with Alloa( Dick,Taggart,Graham,Cawley , Kirkpatrick et al).Balance and common sense should prevail as I guess we are beggars not choosers.Lack of an appearance from the new owners is even more worrying though.
  18. Still think Rabin's worth a punt.Decent player in there.
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