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  1. 14 minutes ago, PortyMo said:

    Don't expect many changes in the Mo line up with SP sticking to the guys that have started the season so we'll. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


  2. 9 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    I'm still confident we're in a far stronger position than last season. This is a brand new squad, it will take time to get a settled consistency about it. I think the Clyde result maybe spiked expectations - but I wouldn't expect to see us playing to anything like our potential until October at the earliest. Faz needs time to work with the players, to identify his best team, and the players need time to get to know each other. If, come January, we're still shipping too many goals then I'll have concerns. But at the moment it's very early days.

    Last season if we had six players ruled out (including three first choice central midfielders) then we'd really have no options - other than maybe Ruaridh Langan. The fact we're able to bring in players like Wilson, Duthie and Paton (and still have decent options on the bench in Hoppy, Stokes and one of the strikers) gives me a lot of hope.

    Queen's Park beat us last week because they were the better team. They outclassed and outperformed us all over the park. If Cove turn up and are the better team tomorrow then they'll beat us. But unlike last season I feel like teams are going to have to work to take three points from games against us. Under Duffy all they had to do was score.

    Given the amount of goals Cove have shipped they clearly are there for the taking at the back. Unfortunately we are in the exact same boat. Both teams can clearly score goals, but you'd put money on Megginson being more clinical with his opportunities than anybody we have. It could be a stupidly open game. Or we could camp in a wee bit to keep things tight, and then try and hit Cove with the pace we have on the break.

    Who knows. But I'm certainly not getting down in the dumps about things just yet. We are night and day from where we were at this stage last season in terms of squad depth, options and style of play. We just need to find a way to bring over some of the defensive steel from last year, but without losing too much going forward.

    yeah you are right its very early in the season and i suspect we will improve but as for tomorrow i think we might struggle.certainly hope the young fb s are back -in.muir will improve with games like rico did 2 seasons ago.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    I think we need to stop trying to rush Joe back if he's clearly not fit. There's absolutely zero point in playing him when he's at 70 percent, only for it to then rule him out for the next 10 days. If that means he misses a month, but is then back to full fitness and able to string a run of games together then so be it. Shame about Norway mind you, I wouldn't have been averse to trying him in that #10 role.

    Lynch in at right-back for Geggan, Paton in for Carlo and Wilson in for McKee. I like Conner Duthie, but he should be played as a winger (or maybe a forward) not a #10. He needs space to use his pace and physicality. 


    Lynch McGeever Buchanan Muir

    Paton Carswell

    Duthie Wilson Maclean


    Subs: Keeper (was Paddy O'Neil, formerly of Brechin last week in case anyone cares), Boyle, Stokes, Orsi/Schiavone, Lamont, McKnight, Hopkirk.

    Paton and Carswell should give the shaky back four a bit of protection. The young full-backs can give us a bit more in attack, Duthie deserves a punt over Hoppy who has gone off the boil a bit and lets get Callum Wilson on the ball loads so I can rave about him on the stream again. The blonde Iniesta. 

    you make it sound good....really hope you are right...

  4. 8 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

    Talking to myself here but Syvertsen, Erskine and Evan Maley are all out with doubts over Geggan, Pignatiello and fucking Joe McKee. Could perhaps see Paton making his debut here and if McKee is out I hope he starts Wilson in that role. 

    Yep just saw that..this season is quickly turning negative..too many stop/start for [players either due to covid or injury.Could be another humping tomorrow ...i hate being negative but this team just isnt solid at the back and cove are like brazil 94 upfront.

  5. I thnk the game showed our obvious weaknesses.We really need to be at full strength to trouble the better sides in this league.For me Boyle,Geggan,Paton,Mckee and Sam all missing meant we were always open to a hiding .It may well have gone that way if not for the red card.Airdrie were hngrier sharper and maybe even fitter than us over the first hour but no doubt the red card changed everything.

    Airdrie threw away 2 points yesterday and we gained one.I just hope the 5 i mentioned can return next week (not sure about Sam given the quarantine period).Its another game down and 34 to go and my hope is we can only get better as the team gels.As mentioned above young Calum (who seriously couldn't kick the ball up to the halfway line ) and sam muir could do with some time being loaned out.Unfortuneately with Boyle being 34 you have to worry about injuries etcProblem is too old and too young!!

  6. 13 minutes ago, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

    I applaud your positivity but I’m really struggling to find any positives in this performance and if Jim Duffy was the man overseeing this game I reckon the knives would be out. We’ve created absolutely nothing and we don’t look particularly solid at the back. The lack of cutting edge in the final third continues to be a massive issue, despite us having a new manager and a completely new squad. 

    I don’t want to be too critical given we have a young guy at left back who looks miles out his depth and we have 4 guys playing who have spent the last 10 days isolating/infected with covid but I’m definitely struggling to find many positives other than the fact we aren’t really hoofing it up the park. There were actually a couple of times I’d rather we’d have hoofed it and ended up playing ourselves into trouble.

    Two things are clear after tonight - we desperately need a striker (or two) and we desperately need a left back. 

    There is no question the squad is unbalanced and it will be difficult to please everyone in the dressing room.I'm hoping for some loan signings in the positions you mention with some of our squad maybe being loaned out.A LB and Striker are vital if we are to mount any sort of challenge this year.This LC is cash for the club ( wasnt it 20 k last year?)but other than that it is thoroughly depressing as every year we are unready to compete with a new squad being assembled in a month.

  7. I think its likely that some players may be loaned out at some point.Just now I think they are there to add cover as they will probably be on expenses only.I reckon we will add to the squad probably loan players once the SPL teams sort their squads out for the season.

  8. 1 hour ago, BallochSonsFan said:

    He can't. He can tell Sweeney that Brabco has agreed to his suggestion, but Hosie himself can't do any of it.

    He also couldn't do anything without authorisation from the Brabco directors. I don't see Stainton and Wilson (or the other investors we never discovered the identities of) being party to something that risks the sale of their stake in Brabco.

    So what I can gather from all of this is that- Sweeney and Hosie have a personal problem which cannot affect DFC directly. But all these marshy going-ons are detrimental to the running of the FC in the short to long term?

  9. 25 minutes ago, Silverton End said:

    Looks like A Hosie maybe owes money to some bad people, he was behind the BetButler shit wasn't he?

    What a mess 

    My question is did the TRUST have any inkling of this or has it come as a surprise to them as much as those of us on here?

  10. JEEZO....thats not a grenade its an atom bomb...so convoluted who the hell knows whats going on.It would appear MR Hosie is one source of the problems.2 million quid he borrowed -for what? squad building? expenses? or for his pocket/? we need clarity.

  11. 12 hours ago, Silverton End said:

    A quasi idea? 

    I don't think that has been pulled out of thin air.He must know something potentially but is probably not allowed to say which is fair enough.I would do the same.

    Of course it may or may not materialise.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Nowhereman said:

    If the player hasn’t been at the stadium since last Saturday how come it’s only called off now?

    I can only think its because of contact at training on Wednesday/Thursday and the result has shown up now.All players and staff will need to be tested to see if there are more cases and depending on that we'll see if the Stenny game can go ahead.Its a bit like walking in a minefield.

  13. Just now, Thommo90 said:

    Your nephew should have booked himself an appointment like a huge amount of other folk in their 20s.

    Or attended a drop in session at a football stadium on Tuesday there, cant think where it was ........... dont think it was local........

    Think he's working from home so maybe getting the time off to drop in has been an issue.However its not an excuse.I'll get him told.

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