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  1. wtf is mclean thought he would have learnt his llesson from airdrie game...total knob.
  2. Not able to see the stream today but hows big Joshua doing?
  3. Really enjoyed watching that today.Great commentary too as well and some amazing stats ( the bertie auld one was a screamer!!!) Thought we huffed and puffed a lot in the first half and were lucky not to be pllaying a more clinical side as we are still scattery at the back.Second half was much better .Wylde was M.O.M for me given the assist , chalked off goal and an amazing strike that will live long in the memory.Mclean was brilliant and looked back to his old self.Thought pignatello was also great with some tricky play on a pretty dire pitch. Joshua could be good for us but needs game time as he looked slow on occasion and I think struggled with the pace of the game.Having said that the guy looks a unit and he did well for his goal.His positional sense also seemed decent. At the back we need a brian mclean to settle things down.We really miss Mcgeever and Im not sure about the guy today.Also looked lackingmatch fitness but his first half clearnce was worth a goal in itself..so maybe given time and more training he could do a job.. Pleased overall and roll on the cogies next week...
  4. This has been the situation for many many years.Fans really DO NOT KNOW what is going on.Football is notorious for people with agendas therefore what you hear through the grapevine might be total shite.Johnny Red is saying the Norweigan is taking cash out of the club.Quite possibly.But where is the proof.Who has access to the club bank account to write blank cheques? I can only assume the worse as the club has always been in debt to my knowledge.If you go back to the 70s when we were regularly selling players but paying them f**k all we always needed about 300 grand in extra income( according to an old interview with alex wright from the early 80s) to balance the books.Why?You can only assume a major amount of pilfering given gates were about 3000 back then. Add in Sir Hugh getting involved in the club at a time when he was almost bankrupt can only make you think he was in it for himself.Maybe not..but again show the proof. Aloofness is something that has plagued the clubs various boards over the years.You are looked down upon if you are not ITK.I say this from personal experience by the way.Although this point has been covered enough above. I suppose if Rangers going under ( with all their high profile attention) came as a shock to most then what hope do we have with our wee club?As fans we are asking for more clarity to what is really going on.What if the ground move fails again?What then?Is there a plan B?We deserve to know as we have all put money in at somepoint.
  5. Really odd line-up ..No Carsy and Schiavone benched again.
  6. Anyone know whats going on with the stream?
  7. Conditions the same for both teams ..no excuses please.We have been woeful.Period. Brings us back down to earth and hopefully give us a reaction for next week.
  8. Is pay at the gate an option?or do we need to buy tickets beforehand? Cheers
  9. see mckee is on the bench..hope he is not another long term injury player.Not convinced we look that strong for today.
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