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  1. Sons' sorrow

    JD will sort this but needs time.Whoever came in had to dEal with SA mess.I am all for backing him 100 percent just as iwas 100 percent behind replacing SA.Its going to take time and more than a few lucky breaks to get us back up the table, but i always look to the example of stranraer from 1998 who went on a winning run of God knows how many games to lift the trophy on the last day.Real life roy of the rovers stuff but possible.Lots of points left to win, so 4th place not impossible.Lets just get behind the manager and team and support them the best we can.Anyone criticizing JD now is being way too harsh...the guy has accepted a disaster and we need to support him.
  2. Half time report please RF.....
  3. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    Yeah thanks very much for the highlights...great job to all concerned and very much appreciated. From my perspective we do seem to have a better shape now and are playing as a team albeit we are not great.For me there is a marked improvement in that area.Players seem to be a bit more motivated too although clearly a long way to go.The goals seemed to spur the team on which is clearly a confidence issue.Our real problem though is being so lightweight upfront.Personally wouldnt mind Mark McGuigan.Could be good with Seagal.
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    This sort of break we could do with.....normally hate games being called off but Saturdays game
  5. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    My bad , forgot it was SC after Forfar. Gladly half turn up for that.League is where its at , at the moment.
  6. Dumbarton -vs- Stenhousemuir

    Great win if a little ugly.But if SA were in charge we wouldve lost..no doubt.It will take time and a bit of activity in January for JD to turn this around.God knows what sort of team we will have for Forfar.If that game gets cancelled then all the better with the break coming up.Hopefully we can get a few bodies back.Any news on CB ?Supposed to be back this month or am i making that up?
  7. Sons' sorrow

    I think i posted before that he has the ego the size of a house...that comes out in what he is saying.Having a dig at the ST director is out of order.He was punted because the football and results were shite. Bottom line.
  8. Dumbarton vs East Fife

    Reading that is pure vindication for some of the folk who had such a go at me for wanting SA puntedafter 2 league games.Night and fucking day.As you rightly point out just 4 hrs with the squad and a total change of attitude , energy vibe and confidence.Big congrats to the players but an even bigger one to The Duff...brilliant stuff.
  9. Dumbarton vs East Fife

    At last we are back to being something resembling a team.It will take time though for JD to get the most out of the players as hes been handed a team with no confidence.Hopefully we can see this out for 3 pts and use this as a base to build on.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    ooft nice one
  11. Sons' sorrow

    i happened upon 3-3 draw at hamilton season 89/90 ....cant remember why maybe sons werent playing that day.same one?
  12. Sons' sorrow

    He got confused with SA
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Met JD many years ago..very down to earth guy .Lives and breathes football.His knowledge of the game in Scotland is unsurpassed. During the talk he told me how good he thought Chic Charnley was for Sons.Couple of weeks later he signed him for Dundee!!!
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Thats what we need ...100 % effort which wasnt the case under SA