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  1. Brilliant result and performance. SF seems to have ditched the odd lineups and playing folk out of position.I just hope he keeps it simple and doesnt get carried away thinking he is Guardiola.We have a good squad of players and that is kudos to SF.I reckon another LB as cover and another striker.If JG doesnt stretch the budget too much it might be worth giving him a deal. Hoping and Praying we maintain this level.
  2. Absolutely..he can score goals for sure..if he is hopeless then we move him on but I think he may still have something to offer.No wallace or Mclean again.So JG is welcome addition on the bench.
  3. Annan next week will be a real test...they look to be among the frontrunners as they were last season.Hopefully we will have Mclean back as he has had a good preseason.
  4. I intend to but I don't have your rose tinted specs is the only point I'm making. Now f**k off and enjoy your honeymoon.
  5. Its not negativity mate its reality.I am delighted we won but lets be honest .we get a penalty they get a red card and it seems we fluked the winner.Everyone then goes sucking each others cocks cos we get 2 wins out of 2.Remember howwrong things went last season after 8 games .Last season you , I and others waxed lyrical about how things were going and that seriously came back to jizz us all in the face.Once bitten twice shy and all that....
  6. Neither would I.We have a decent squad and with a decent manager we could actually do well.
  7. Sorry but we should be beating 10 men..AR considered one of the 'weaker' teams and we are second best.
  8. Potentially 30 odd grand in our cut of the gate ...hopefully that will bring us a LB at least.
  9. Any idea of the gate...5 maybe 6 thousand?
  10. Problem is PEP farrel who thinks hes a fuckingf technical wizzard playing bizarre lineups and players out of position. His ego is way TOO BIG for his skill set.Take a leaf out of Dick Campbells book.Play guys in their natural position and get the best out of them. This pish is unwatchable,Get him bInned NOW.
  11. SF: ' I thought we were excellent but they were just excellenter...'
  12. Binos go in front after we have a good chance. So last season all over again.
  13. Wallace comes across as a moody wee c**t.Maybe I'm wrong and i couldnt care as long as he scores goals and keeps his nose, ahem, clean!!
  14. Been a while since I've posted mainly down to dejection and disappointment with the situation.The main points have been well covered by the regular posters but to add my 2p worth I would say that I am reluctantly willing to give SF the first quarter to prove he can get things right.I know it's foolhardy as the guy has never delivered anywhere but h has signed 1 or 2 decent players and we have good players for this level but my fear is he won't be able to get them to play as a team. Probably he will need some experienced manager out of the game to come down and give him some pointers as i genuinelt believe he doesn't know whatnhes doing.This is a guy that talks the talk but has thus far not walked the walk.I really hope he proves me wrong but I fear he won't.Thats why giving him 9 games is foolhardy plus the fact that after 9 games last season we were 2nd in the table.We are playing with fire keeping himbut its clear he wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
  15. Someone on the FB page alleging a secret buyer is interested in moving us to CROY!!! Im guessing pure nonsense but given it's DFC anything might be possible. Anyone know anything?
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