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  1. Aye i will take your word for it.But the rest would do well for us im sure.
  2. I hear you.Sometimes though players do well at a certain tewam or under a certain manager.We have a wee track record of getting the best out of some players although im not for a moment saying that would be the case with Johnstone.Might be worth a punt in these desperate times.
  3. It won't happen but i would be happy with all of them.
  4. In the grand scheme of things its chickenfeed that they are offeruing and as usual treat Lower league clubs like the dregs they believe us to be.This also shows up PROJECT BRAVE for the pile of shite that it is.Scottish Football will not progress unless the authorities stop obsessing over those 2.
  5. I thought it said meet Murdo in the boredom but it was boardroom.Same difference.
  6. No such thing as bad publicity...
  7. Doncaster is a businessman who's interest in the Scottish game is dependant on his paycheck.Im sure he does his best for the clubs but only when it suits his agenda.Example...he got what many would argue was a good sponsorship deal with SKY.That is his job.Any delay to the start of the new campaign down to an inability for clubs to call an end to the season could have jeopardized the deal. So underhand tactics were used ..some say bullying others coaxing others revesre psychology ( vote what you like but it doesn't matter as the YES have already won).He achieves his aim for what he argues is the greater good of the game which in this case involved shiteing on Hearts, Thistle and stranraer from a great height. Could a deal be renegotiated?I suspect yes but he didnt want to go down that road.He will argue that the deal would still be done but for less cash but i suspect his personal gain from brokering the deal would be under threat or delayed hence his actions. If SKY are investing all this money in the game surely its because they will profit from it too.Its not charity and its not a handout.We give we receive.Again the game is sold short much as Barry Hearn said some years ago.
  8. I was gonna say you can email the club but Simon beat me to it.
  9. All clubs will have their problems for differing reasons.The main point is Falkirk may well have won the league or not.We don't know because it wasnt finished.So you both deserve promotion and do not.But what IS sure is that those clubs do NOT deserve relegation.At least null and void the fucking lot.There will be still losers but it would be fairer if that were at all possible.
  10. Whereas it is true Falkirk didn't actua;lly win promotion it is also true that Hearts,Partick and Stranraer were NOT relegated either.I think it is fairer for those clubs not to be relegated which is extremely harmful and have a couple promoted.Clyde, Peterhead and forfar would have felt aggrieved by being in the bottom tier and that is totally understandable.But the other way to look at it is they're still only one jump away from the championship which for those clubs and mine is the be all and end all.We will never host Premier league football.Its not perfect i know but i would have much rather had 14-14-14 than maintaining the status quo. Obviously this is all frivolous as clubs are fighting for their very existence.But do you think those relegated clubs will be better off in what is already a perilous situation?Just compounds the misery.
  11. 'This is exactly how Nazi Germany started.A lot of layabouts with nothing better to do...'😄 You can but laugh
  12. Im hardly against the private sector FWIW.And im certainly no communist.And i perfectly understand your points and sergeants .But without turning this forum into an episode of Question Time lets just say when the powers that be need money they find it no matter what e.g iraq war and subsequent conflicts..bank bailouts etc etc When its a crunch like this or even in a normal recession( which are cyclical) money is suddenly very tight and cuts have to be made.I am simply looking at the bigger picture rightly or wrongly.
  13. It was but labour/tory nowadays more or less the same thing.Certainly under Blair anyway.Maybe today they're different.
  14. Don't waste your breath mate.It would be easier talking to the wall.
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