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  1. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Agree with you there.At 2-1 we were still in it.But that 3rd goal took any wind out of our sails.Also it has to be said we simply didnt compete 2nd half.DT had a poor game by his standards but the real problem was in the central defence.We are far better with Perry or Mclean in there.Carsy has to be in midfield.Also i think the team get ahead of themselves in the gallusness stakes.We are playing well aye but we are not Man City or Juve.We need to stay humble and do the simple things right.Too many basic errors cost us. Its all about next week now and a 6 pointer vs Stenny.Dare i say it..im feeling positive despite today.
  2. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Missing Perry or Mclean in that CD position.Not sure why so many are suddenly missing.Adam for that 3rd goal was back to his old bad self.Otherwise we have controlled long periods of the game but without creating anything other than Gall's goal.Need a serious turnaround in the 2nd half.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Great stuff OS...lets just hope it all works out favourably in the end.Could be a major turning point for the club interms of stability.
  4. Montrose v Dumbarton

    Great header though by Dillon.He looked decent.
  5. Montrose v Dumbarton

  6. Montrose v Dumbarton

    Pretty sure when Optimistic realises he'll not be best pleased. He'll ken ....ma hands are freezin.
  7. Montrose v Dumbarton

    Should be a cracking game...call me brazen but im feeling optimistic!!
  8. FifeSons v 1320Lichtie

    Are you feeling less doom and gloom now, aye?We are not safe yet of course but surely this team ought to be looking up the way rather than down.
  9. FifeSons v 1320Lichtie

    And here was me thinking my positivity was rubbing off on you.!!! Great result and all good.We need to loook up not down.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    Yep... that's him Looks like 50 shades a gray actor.Hope we dont get too many whippings when he plays. Ill get my coat....
  11. East Fife v Dumbarton

    Its done..get over it.Hae a Large Donor and 5 pints you ll feel better til tomorrow morning.
  12. East Fife v Dumbarton

    Great stuff,,,DT is a God no doubt.