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  1. Looks a decent Clyde side to me.Would take a draw probably.
  2. There is no question the squad is unbalanced and it will be difficult to please everyone in the dressing room.I'm hoping for some loan signings in the positions you mention with some of our squad maybe being loaned out.A LB and Striker are vital if we are to mount any sort of challenge this year.This LC is cash for the club ( wasnt it 20 k last year?)but other than that it is thoroughly depressing as every year we are unready to compete with a new squad being assembled in a month.
  3. Couldn't give a toss what they call themselves these days but clearly you knew who i meant.
  4. I think its likely that some players may be loaned out at some point.Just now I think they are there to add cover as they will probably be on expenses only.I reckon we will add to the squad probably loan players once the SPL teams sort their squads out for the season.
  5. So what I can gather from all of this is that- Sweeney and Hosie have a personal problem which cannot affect DFC directly. But all these marshy going-ons are detrimental to the running of the FC in the short to long term?
  6. Incoming.....wonder if its that boy that was on his holidays???
  7. My question is did the TRUST have any inkling of this or has it come as a surprise to them as much as those of us on here?
  8. JEEZO....thats not a grenade its an atom bomb...so convoluted who the hell knows whats going on.It would appear MR Hosie is one source of the problems.2 million quid he borrowed -for what? squad building? expenses? or for his pocket/? we need clarity.
  9. That train of thought puts the wee stinker to shame!!!!
  10. I don't think that has been pulled out of thin air.He must know something potentially but is probably not allowed to say which is fair enough.I would do the same. Of course it may or may not materialise.
  11. I can only think its because of contact at training on Wednesday/Thursday and the result has shown up now.All players and staff will need to be tested to see if there are more cases and depending on that we'll see if the Stenny game can go ahead.Its a bit like walking in a minefield.
  12. Think he's working from home so maybe getting the time off to drop in has been an issue.However its not an excuse.I'll get him told.
  13. My first one only gave me a sore arm for 2 days or so.But the second one gave me a fever of 39 degrees for about a day before subsiding.Not nice but very probably better than getting the actual COVID.
  14. Thats no longer the case I believe.Cases in Spain in Italy are rising but likely to explode now that tourism is in full swing.The main groupbeing 18-30 most of whom won't have been vaccinated.
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