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  1. Another factor i would add is the loss of momentum we have had from having a threadbare squad.Even if we sign Jai i wont be that excited to be honest as its clear we need about 5 bodies thru the door this week.Definitely 4th place is there for grabs but its all about the next 7 days as i think even a returning Layne wont be that sharp for a good while and miraculously turn our fortunes around.
  2. Noticed Scullion missing today and we played Tierney ...both effectively transferlisted.It really does leave us down to the bare bones esp with Hutton missing.If we do not add anymore it will be a relegation fight for sure.
  3. If we were to splash a bit of cash i would rather it were for a Chris Kane than a Kenny Miller.
  4. Just incase anyone missed it. Not sure what other Millers are out there that we might need but a striker is vital.Im not holding up much hope of JQ getting clearance any time soon.Need a winger and another defender as i reckon JM is finished with us and CS and RT are as good as gone.
  5. If it is JQ then that could be a decent addition.Would love SW too from Utd.
  6. In the end its about the gate money for us.A replay would have seen us beat for sure without necessarily bringing in lots of cash.It would be an extra game that we didnt need even if for the pride stakes it wouldve been good.For us its about signings now and looking to mount a challenge for a play off spot.With the right bodies in we can get 4th. Its a sickener losing so late on but we are Dumbarton.It is our destiny........
  7. Safe journey to all making the long trip North......
  8. It's the 4th round today. The commentary on last nights game said Stranraer would pick up 40 percent of the gate money.So maybe round 5 onwatrds pay the SFA etc?? Was hoping for a cheeky Saturday morning addition but alas that ship seems to have sailed.
  9. Apparently we get 40 percent of the gate.I would say at least 50k we should get.Does anyone know about jai quitongo?Is he still training with us? Im hoping in my childish way that CW is just an extra cover for the departure of frizzel and shiels.We really need a solid RB.
  10. Looks like we will be signing calendars before any players.😥
  11. It is weird that JM has not been recalled which can only lead to speculation.Has there been a fallout?If we could get a RB , covering Midfielder and a striker while recalling JM we would be fine.I would also loan out RT,MZ and LC.Effectively 6 out and 3 IN.That could make sense financially. In JD's defence i genuinely think( but of course i dont know for sure) its been a case of being blocked by other clubs situations and as frustrating as it is, we, beggars cant be choosers.If said deals dont come off it will be a case of bodies in to fill jerseys.Its vital to get the right players otherwise a potential promotion push could turn into a relegation battle very quickly.
  12. It will be off...we never pass pitch inspections!!!
  13. Hope to f**k this is off....we have no chance with a depleted squad and NO signings to talk off.It is madly frustrating.We desperately need a RB and a striker and arguably a covering defender and thats even when Crossan,Layne and Frizzell are available.If this goes ahead 3 nil to the Bully Wee.
  14. I take it this will benefit Brabco and not the club?
  15. Seems like Stranraer had the better of that game and should have won.We seriously need to strengthen .On another day we would have lost that but we cant be down to 2 subs on the bench.Squad numbers need to be at 19/20
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