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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Lot of shite being spouted by people regarding our imminent demise.It will be a tough season no doubt and one that will probably see a lot of our squad made up of of higher league loanees which is fine by me.But some of our core players like SC, BB,RF and CG would be good to have tied down.Budgets are not the be all and end all...just look at Falkirk last year..one of the biggest budgets in that league and relegated.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Yeah good solid player IMO.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Clearly talks are dragging on as our budget will be an issue for any manager.As stated above it will be a competitive L1 next year and there is no gurantee we will be competitive.I tend to think that off the field activity needs to happen first if we want to progress on it.Having owners who dont cobtribute a penny to the club is simply bad news.For sure JD will be weighing up his options if he feels it will be an uphill struggle next season.Its up to the board to set a deadline and move on if JD drags his heels.Hes been great for us but we really need to settle down and sort out our squad. If DF is released by AYR would love to get him back.I would keep CB,CG,KH,SC,BB,CB,RF.But thats it from last season.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    100 percent with you there.We need a structure in place to sign up players as quick as we can while looking at bringing others in.I suppose off the field activities re brabco may also have an impact.OS did come up with a story about potential buyers.Behind the scenes goingons could be influential but we cant put our hope in potential new owners.We ought to stick with reality and have a management team in place ready to work with the budget we have..
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Really strong end to a difficult season.I was always sure we would be fine with JD and you can see how we improved since he came in.I really hope we can keep him but with vacancies appearing in the Championship i think we may have a job on our hands.My main fear now is what budget we will have.I think we are 100 grand down from last year in terms of SPFL revenue. Whatever it will be its up to all fans to rally round as much as we can be it buying bricks , retro kits, buying ST's or sponsoring.I still feel optimistic for the future and PT football with Lichties and Wasps up there next year.And good on them.Really hope we can join them next season.
  6. Dumbarton v Brechin City 6/4/19

    Great turnaround...all about mentality now and not losing our heads.
  7. Erratic puts it mildly.Lets just hope the other SONS turn up un the next 45
  8. odd line up but im still optimistic ..feck it why not
  9. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Thats your opinion but at 2-1 you are always still in the game...a bit like san marino yesterday up til the 2nd goal.They had chances to equalise.So no i dont buy what you are saying.The third goal is what killed it.
  10. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Agree with you there.At 2-1 we were still in it.But that 3rd goal took any wind out of our sails.Also it has to be said we simply didnt compete 2nd half.DT had a poor game by his standards but the real problem was in the central defence.We are far better with Perry or Mclean in there.Carsy has to be in midfield.Also i think the team get ahead of themselves in the gallusness stakes.We are playing well aye but we are not Man City or Juve.We need to stay humble and do the simple things right.Too many basic errors cost us. Its all about next week now and a 6 pointer vs Stenny.Dare i say it..im feeling positive despite today.
  11. Raith Rovers vs Dumbarton

    Missing Perry or Mclean in that CD position.Not sure why so many are suddenly missing.Adam for that 3rd goal was back to his old bad self.Otherwise we have controlled long periods of the game but without creating anything other than Gall's goal.Need a serious turnaround in the 2nd half.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    Great stuff OS...lets just hope it all works out favourably in the end.Could be a major turning point for the club interms of stability.
  13. Montrose v Dumbarton

    Great header though by Dillon.He looked decent.
  14. Montrose v Dumbarton