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  1. Glasgow Harp 1 Eastfield 2 .Harp took an early lead but Eastfield levelled before half time and won it with another deflected effort. Eastfield just shading it
  2. Cambria also lost 3 to Petershill
  3. 3 top drawer hits from distance from Stenny
  4. If Cambria took their chances in the first 10mins they would have been out of sight ,came back to haunt them
  5. Cambria deserved winners should have won in normal time.Referee great game as well
  6. Donzo ,did you catch the Bridgewater v Cambria replay? What was score?
  7. I In regard to Auld yin on previous page on doing away with compulsary insurance,I think that is crazy.My club has had three players with breaks in as many months and the monies received from Sportsgaurd has helped those said players.For approximately £230 (option 2) it covers all players and coaches at training and games.I understand it might be a large sum for a smaller club struggling to make ends meet.There should be more option regarding different insurers with tailor made policies .Maybe the governing body should be covering all players/coaches
  8. Will the league 1a and 1n winners play off be played.Cambria v ?
  9. He was the difference when Shortlees beat Cambria recently,outstanding
  10. Shortlees v Cambria,lots of chances for both sides maybe a draw a fair result
  11. How much money will Colville have earned by reaching this stage? Fantastic to get much needed funds
  12. think disgrace what happened at Broomhouse,some players were left and an established guy with players ready to go and keep the ship afloat
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