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  1. they've done away with B matches, so this is kind of irrelevant!
  2. You don't overhaul the squad in the space of 4 weeks - It wont be too different from that of this months unless injuries dictate. Excluding the handful of players that were out injured, the ones in that squad are pretty much the best available to us. Keepers will be Marshall, McLaughlin + 1 other LBs - Robertson and Taylor - doubt Teirney will be back RBs - Unless someone comes from nowhere, O'Donnell and Palmer, maybe Ryan Jack if fit. CB's - Cooper, Mulgrew, will defo be there, probably Hanley - then it depend if McKenna or Souttar or Findlay are fit - if not - take your pick from Bates, Devlin or Halkett Midfield - McGinn, McTominay, McLean, Mcgregor are certainties. Armstrong will probably be there - on the fringes you've got Armstrong (likely) and Fleck (not as likely). In terms of wide or further up, Fraser, Forrest, Snodgrass and Christie are all definites Forwards - I'd bring S Fletcher back in, but not sure he wants to play. Griffiths may be closer to a recall as well, but that depends on how he is being managed and whether he is ready. Depending on those 2, you are then left with a couple from Naismith, Russell, Phillips, McBurnie,
  3. I think the issue is potentially lack of fitness for the CB's McKenna and Finlay would potentially have been picked had they not got injured at the weekend, and Souttar isn't fit either. 2 of those would have been called up definitely. It looks as though Clarke might still call up another if they can get fit in time. If neither McKenna or Findlay gets themselves fit, that could be Devlin at Aberdeen, Davie Bates (although not yet played at Sheff) or potentially Craig Halkett who has started off the season well.
  4. Absolutely spot on re Fletcher - Fletchers contribution allowed Fraser and Forrest to play as well as they did last autumn. In fairness to Angus Gunn, and as much as I'd jump at the chance of capping him - he's never ever said he ever wants to play for Scotland at all.... has he? So not sure he's one hedging his bets.
  5. I'd definitely play Christie - probably ahead of Mcgregor in the no10 role - his work rate in the 2 games v Albania and Israel was outstanding. and he's only improved since then.
  6. I was at a meeting back in July and the nations involved will each receive around 17%. This is what UEFA have advised FSE (football lSupporters Europe)
  7. SSC ticket allocation would likely be around a minimum of 8500
  8. I think though there has to be some game time management of a guy as young as Bowie. As good as he is, and as good as he may become, he's still very young, and there's maybe an element of not wanting to burn him out at such a young age. Having options will allow us to manage that, and perhaps ensure he doesn't play every minute of every game. Particularly when Dingwall and Vaughan are back fit, you would anticipate Bowie dropping to the bench anyway, but it gives us options for injury cover and rotation. With Victoria and Smith out both for 4-8 weeks anyway, we are very short. grant Anderson as a part time player will also maybe need game time managed. Its a long season, and a bit of rotation is required.
  9. £4k a month is a fantastic amount of money on a monthly basis - and could easily fund 2-3 players at £3-£400 a week. It would be good if we could see that being used at least in part to bring in an additional player or two to really strengthen a depleted squad!
  10. There are nations already doing this, and its becoming more common. Wales had 300 fans denied entry in Hungary because the name on the ticket did not match their ID. Its something UEFA are looking at implementing further down the line.
  11. This tournament is nothing more than a pre season, so lets preserve with Mendy and allow him the 4 games to get up to pace. I don't understand the clamour for a right back - we've got Watson and McKay don't we? and Miller as cover?
  12. I'm certainly not baulking at it - its more a case of that I'm not prepared to pay loads for tickets if Scotland don't qualify - those of us that do pay thousands of pounds traveling for the qualifiers will get tickets through the official Scotland allocation.
  13. You can be successful for some and not for others, however, if you were to be successful for all Glasgow games, a game in Bilbao, and a game in London, you either have to pay for them all, or pay for none of them. You couldn't just say - I fancy 1 Glasgow, 1 London and 1 Bilbao and pick and choose. You either pay for them all or none.
  14. Pretty much where I'm at. I think I'll be fine with the points system, I have about 13 now. Depends how many tickets we get allocated I suppose. Knowing UEFA it'll be about 3000 per team. Likewise - I'm on 21 I think, and should be on 28 by end of campaign. 13 will be fine, but if you go to the rest of the qualifiers, you'll be on 17, as we only currently have 6 home games on the membership, so the next 4 will all generate points.
  15. I'm defo not applying - will get one through the points system if we do qualify - no real interest going if we don't qualify.
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