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  1. Public transport certainly doesn't do us any favours, however, for those of us that run buses, its not actually that bad. After the Kazak game on the Tuesday night in Nov, everyone was back on the bus by 10:05, and we had the bus back dropping off in Dunfermline town centre before 11pm. The new motorway has really helped things! Still, like I say, more joined up thinking required when it comes to public transport. For some folk outside the central belt, the last train leaves before FT! Anyone thinking about this that doesn;'t want to drive or rely on public transport, ATAC (Association of Tartan Army Clubs) have worked with local clubs and the SFA to pull together a list of supporters buses travelling from around the country to Hampden. If anyone's looking, check out the list and get in touch with your local club. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/supporters-buses/
  2. they aren't talking about banning heading in all football are they? Just Under 12s? They have a lot of case studies and medical proof of the damage it causes, so we need to listen to the medical professionals on this
  3. we were told when we were in for the meeting last week, approx. 35k sold to fans, with another 3 or so thousands extras (comps/sponsors/etcetc), so the actual was 38k. 8 weeks before the game, that's still a good number.
  4. 38,000 as of Thursday last week.
  5. We only have 1 game at the moment. Pick the best starting 11 to get us through that game, then if we have a final, lets worry about that when it comes! I note you didn't pick McKenna for your nest team for the semi either.... after that outburst about being our best defender.
  6. you need to play your best team against Israel, get through that, then pick your best team for playing in the final once we are there. Games are 5 days apart. should be no issues with fitness. What you are doing is picking a team for the final before we even get there. Its a semi final and a final. Not 2 friendlies. Best team available plays in the semi. Best team plays in the final, if we get there.
  7. I agree with this, we have defenders there with potential. What we need is for a couple of them to kick on and make the CB position their own. Could we even factor Tierney in to that?
  8. Calm down! would hardly say I'm displaying any hatred! I'm simply basing it on an opinion after seeing him play for us this campaign And for what its worth, I walked down the street back into Budapest after the game in 2018 arguing that based on his performance that night, it was a case of who partners McKenna.... This year, he was caught and at fault for the goal in Belgium, and along with Souttar was rotten in both Israel and Kazakhstan.... not that I'm saying others haven't been at fault - I'm not. I still like McKenna, I was just more impressed with Gallacher and Cooper in the time I saw them this campaign. Theres not much to be honest between McKenna, Souttar, Findlay, Cooper or Gallacher. Any one of them can go on and shine and make that position their own. Which EPL team has paid £6m for him anyway? Lots of talk about it, but nobody actually prepared to stump up the cash????
  9. would probably go Mulgrew plus Cooper I'm not fully convinced yet by McKenna, I'd actually see Gallacher is a stronger option than McKenna at the moment.
  10. did he not then go something ridiculous like another 18 months before he scored for us again?????
  11. Part of the money coming in to the Raith Supporters Fund is ring-fenced, so that's potentially where its coming from. A testament against to all those paying in!
  12. some of the abuse here towards Davo is ridiculous - he'd had a fantastic game on Saturday until the challenge - he was late and high - guess what - it happens! Get over yourselves.
  13. I don't think it is. The new Scotland top for example is RRP £65 this year. For a club like us. it prob costs a fair bit to make with such a small limited one off order, there will be licencing moneys due to the makers of the original strip, remaking of all the graphics, shipping etc etc, and the club will want to make a bit of money on it. + VAT
  14. Your attitude is pretty rotten, and actually puts folk off putting their hand in their pocket. I didn't buy it for a number of reasons. But I contribute to the Raith Supporter Fund, The Trust, Sponsor a Player, bought a Season Ticket, and do the 50/50 every week. But you are right. Shame on me., Go f*** yourself.
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