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  1. Unfortunately none of these teams have chosen the licensed route so no promotion issue here then.
  2. Cmon City Shire are a dead team walking, offered nowt to the SPFL for years time for a change
  3. Agree with you bud, the Shire offer nothing to the league time they went replaced with some fresh blood, been dead wood for far to long
  4. With Leith's current home ground they can't get licensed
  5. Totally agree with this and your last comment. They've made it abundantly clear they want no involvement in the structure. Let the pyramid, however flawed it may presently be, move on and attempt to flourish. There should be no more mention of them in a system they are not involved in.As for the SC your correct they are taking money that member clubs could really use. Due to their stance, and they are entitled to an opinion, their clubs should be removed from next season or potentially all current non member clubs in leagues within the pyramid could be asking for equal treatment.
  6. You didn't say that chum.........
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