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  1. From my understanding, I think it's a rule that UEFA gives FAs the option of activating and it's only the SFA and FA who use it
  2. Doesn't the SFA prohibit the transmission of any football from 2.45pm and 5.15pm on a Saturday? hence the Saturday 3pm blackout on TV. Could be them just cracking down on this existing rule.
  3. From my experiences with public astros, it's about 7-8 years of play before it needs replaced, but for a pitch that is used at a better standard I would imagine you could take a couple years away from it
  4. Petershill Park has about 10 games on there every weekend including two wosl teams, surely the same sort of arrangement can be found to allow Rob Roy to play there
  5. Yeah I think because Harmony Row and St. Cadoc's are switching groundshares, it technically doesn't count as a new groundshare so is allowed.
  6. While his goalscoring record is very good, I'm pretty sure the twitter admin made a mistake because he has 100% played more than 19 games this season
  7. I think a good possible solution would be for the SOSL to be absorbed into the WOSL, then the winner of both the WOSL and EOSL get promoted, then there could be a potential play off between the second place teams of the WOSL and EOSL depending on how many teams the Lowland League loses/gains to the SPFL
  8. I'm pretty sure St Mirren wouldn't want to hold it seeing as their season ends on May 1st and I doubt they'd want to delay relaying the pitch for a month because of the junior cup final.
  9. I think it must be something to do with falling out with Ferguson
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