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  1. Lets name these stars?? The guy just to left of the union jack is robert hay,followed berwick everywhere. Who are the others??
  2. He did and to be honest its beyond the present board at shielfield to see its the only way forward. "If you always do what you have always done you will always get what youve always got"
  3. That is pretty damning. But the same people who wanted coughlin out because of results seem content to back robbie horn?? Suppose it depends on who appointed horn?? I keep hearing he is john bells appointment?? Is this true??
  4. Most on here seem happy with the manager?? His performance and that of his assistants is woeful. He has taken a very poor team under coughlin and somehow managed to make them even worse. Sad sad days when this is accepted by fans and board members.
  5. Under 20s have pulled out of the Oban tournament at very short notice,anybody know why?
  6. Hearing sad news that the former Berwick and Brechin goalkeeper has passed away all too early. Rip derek
  7. was at the game v heriot watt.very tight game which the home side were a tad fortunate to win, but look a solid outfit. league cup is always difficult to judge though, league will be the true barometer as ever for clubs.
  8. tweedmouth did not have enough players due to international clearance issues- England to Scotland transfers.
  9. sad day. some great lads at duns who have put a power of work into it off the pitch. lads in the area don't seem to want to commit to training seriously. hope they can sort themselves out and come back and play in their great facilities, but I personally cant see it, shame.
  10. I think all the talk about getting players in really hides the main problem, getting players in is short term, I know they need results asap, but its the club that needs fixed before the team. 10 years of the same failings!!!
  11. that has to be the best post ever!!!lol
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