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  1. Why have I to stick to amateur football? That's a couple of different posters you've said that to
  2. It's f**k all about you've done for the club so take your self praise elsewhere, it's about your pish poor comment on here, so instead of trying to twist it suck it up and realise you made a c**t of yourself
  3. Wrong person and poor comments about an ex player
  4. The boy is a class player and proved it as he's one of the best amateur players going about, would be good to see him stepping up a level and playing every week in the juniors too see how good he can be
  5. Darvel won 2-0 against Irvine vics today
  6. I agree with this, not saying darvel have quite the same finances as troon but I believe if mick wants keir then he'll get enough financial back to match most other junior clubs
  7. I think if its a genuine attempt to play the ball then it's a penalty but no red card, but if cynical foul the red and penalty, could be wrong though
  8. Everyone obviously has different experiences with referee's, but for me I'd say his daughter is one of the better refs
  9. Tough draw, but always gonna be at this stage, a winnable game for darvel imo, if it was on the astro I'd say largs but at recreation park I think darvel could win this one
  10. For me balfour was probably the best striker in the adl for a couple of seasons, I expect he'll run riot in the league he's playing in, like a lot of players he'll have his reasons for playing the level he does, nice lad and cracking player
  11. Have to say I was shocked with that result, just a bad day at the office ? We definitely didn't play anywhere near what we can, probably just had the best of the first half but dirrans came out second half and were the better side and deserved their win, defo bad day at the office though
  12. Hurlford ammies 2 dirrans 3, Dirrans well deserved winners
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