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  1. The huge “ohhhhs” when Accies miss a chance [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. I actually thought that went quite well. Kerr and Gordon seem enthusiastic. Getting Rory Hamilton in as a commentator is decent (although Idsane is no good I agree). The Hibs-Killie commentator seemed alright too. Also, the highlights seemed longer too and less rushed than before. The results show is awful though.
  3. Evita Director Alan Parker at 73. Don’t die for me Argentina.
  4. Didn’t Greater Glasgow and Clyde register 14 in a day on a Sunday recently? That didn’t seem to be a cluster so hopefully could be the same.
  5. Only 4 new cases today. That’s the lowest Sunday figure in a while.
  6. He presented Who Wants To Be A Millionaire over there. And he’s ran out of lifelines.
  7. Poker Player, Susie Zhao at 33 https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/mysterious-death-of-poker-player-investigated-after-burnt-body-found-in-park-12035195 Hope it’s a bluff
  8. It’s good we are going to get a percentage of new cases related to tests provided at a daily briefing. Gives a much better picture. And keeping it too confirmed hospital/ICU numbers.
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