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  1. Yeah I think it’s an extension of the under 30s alternative choice.
  2. Aye. Spikes in Bolton caused by it apparently and will become 'fishuly a VOC. I see also alternatives to AZ will now be offered to those under 40 but it won’t affect the roll out pace.
  3. Also... On Wednesday there were 17 Covid patients in NHS Grampian hospitals - higher than any other health board - though this figure dropped to 11 on Thursday.
  4. Bit annoyed to see the stall in the hospital numbers.
  5. Not been a good week or two for the cast of the film ‘Their Finest’
  6. Absolutely gantin for some Helen Lovejoy Twitter threads of busy beaches. Gantin
  7. When will we hear the first “down but not out”
  8. They’re surge testing for the SA variant in two London boroughs after a big cluster. Close the WHSmiths
  9. Ramsay Clark, Saddam’s lawyer and former attorney general, dies at 93 Ladies and gentlemen...we got him.
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