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  1. Values like value of downing a pint in 5 seconds [emoji4][emoji3]
  2. Course i stopped posting when we lost the league no? When we went out Scottish no! When we went out west on penalties no , the season before that when we fell away i was here posting away I could go on but i won't , folk like you who pick up on one bloody game where i had personal justifyable reason why i didn't and couldn't come on here. Do i need to pollute a football forum with non football issue i had that nobody wants to bloody read. If that's no a good enough reply for you then as a poster on here used to say away and throw shite at yourself.
  3. I have eyes i saw the team lines it was the same referee as back in march where i again saw the team lines when a real proper shocker went against us which cost us least you'd can recover and probably will ,it was a hammer blow for us. As i said on the other thread if you work hard that brings you the rub of the green , Talbot have done it for years loads of times and punished the opposition now you get a wee taste of what others have had to put up with in bigger games than this. No need to have a go at our captain mcmenamin either in the club after its a game of football ffs no life or death , all the success in the world and still act like weans when one result doesn't go your way.
  4. Same referee who gave a disgraceful decision for talbot against us back in March at a crucial part of season which allowed you to win the game . Maybe seeing your away top in the flesh he didn't like it its really is a shocker like our blue one.
  5. Just as the same referee did in March at a crucial point in the title race awarding Auchinleck a goal when everyone i have spoke to said it was miles offside . Talbot won the game 1-0 to put a big dent in our title hopes. The guy sees what he sees and acts how he sees fit. We didn't win a game he took for us last season so he isn't exactly going out his way to help us. Even men down we still had to play and execute the goals under pressure and we did that. Hard work brings you luck Talbot have done it for years and we got a rub of it today. Welcome to a small small dose of what many teams have had to deal with at the end of a game playing talbot over ten twenty plus years.
  6. and you could of said no we will play it at the original venue and save our pitch from an unscheduled game on it just saying like.
  7. If Kilbirnie wanted 6k and Pollok offered 2k and nobody is budging surely a tribunal would settle it at 4 k or is that to simple.
  8. Rabs fans in the pheasant celebrating our own win the taps came aff once news of Kilsyth Rangers dramatic collapse came through.
  9. What also makes me laugh is teams saying now the serious stuff starts Saturday as if your club taking part in a tournament means nothing and pointless. Most of these teams saying this would be shouting from rooftops if they got near winning it just saying like [emoji4]
  10. Oh no wait royal albert was a pitch issue [emoji4].
  11. Bus then train then a bit of canoeing then a bit of hiking then jump on a plane and parachuting into the ground. Leave now for half six Wednesday kick off [emoji4]
  12. Well depending on where the majority of fans and players live and work it could be. Stand firm now that's all I'm saying just incase a request is made like has happened in the past [emoji4]
  13. Some exciting groups and finishes this season and a interesting last 8 with a few new names which is good. Pollok having to get to forth on a Wednesday night at half six, they wouldn't dare kill off the spirit of the cup and competition by trying to get it switched would they.
  14. Pitch held up really well and is playing a lot better well done obviously lot of hard work has went into it and the surroundings. Well done guys.
  15. Maybe nobody wants to talk and ignoring it for a reason. Most have a hundred and one things to do before thinking about or bothering about this , it won't be priority .
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