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  1. Can't disagree that the team has been rubbish since they moved first into kingdom then the EOS leagues although finishing 4th has been their best placing since playing in the seniors. Does the sfa plough money into licensed clubs for the benefit of youth teams as The youth set up has been neglected by the senior side, with 6 teams under the shipyard name but with no real direction from top to bottom, All bar the u19 side have to play and train away from the club at their own expense which brings no togetherness of a club. The committee have done well to get the ground up to criteria mark even though we're stabbed in the back by the LL for a team with no 1st team at the time or ground and still don't have a ground of their own, and by the sfa by changing the format at the last moment for entry into the Scottish cup 1st round so you wonder if they had spent the money on players instead of the ground they would be in a better position playing wise than they are today??
  2. So how is it the club can't attract players, with their Scottish cup status???
  3. I don't understand the fitting into the EOS league? the juniors isn't all it's cracked up to be either mate. I'm sure people would support the team regardless if it was Leith or Kirkcaldy Ym?
  4. I don't think those Fife sides have big support to constitute more than "twa men and a dug" crowds to entice players? and the few Lothian sides don't bring much through the gate either unfortunately
  5. Derby games would be OK if the Fife teams in the south division were off any standard except lochgelly Albert but unfortunately their playing sides are just as bad as the Shippy. You would end up competing with those sides to try to attract the same players would you not?
  6. i said at start of season that it will be a hard season and I'm not wrong. The manager can't seem to attract a steady group of players as every week their is at least 8/9 different faces in the team to have a starting 11. He's contacting boys a Friday to turn up to play and if they can't manage asks if they have any mates who can play instead. training is poor due to numbers so can't work on anything, so I hope things get better but a shake up from top to bottom can only be the way forward for the club.
  7. Fear for the shipyard this season after 2 defeats by amateur sides through pre season with a 10-1 hammering by Sandys AFC at weekend. Now today's game called off as they can't raise a team.
  8. Should have been more, agreed. But I didn't know what was more disturbing from the Kelso gk, arguing with a Kelso committee man or fan, cursing at him then threatening to knock his head off or the same gk entering Burntislands pub wearing shorts with his knees still covered in dirt what a complete Buffon
  9. Fixtures are out. 1st August League Cup Sections begin - Shipyard v Eyemouth Civil v Tynecastle LTHV v Craigy Peebles v Hawick Spartans v Duns Stirling v Kelso Coldstream v Leith Ormiston v Heriot Tuesday 4 HRA v Craigy Peebles v LTHV Coldstream v ormiston Leith v Heriot Wednesday 5th Civil v YARD Tynie v eyemouth Duns v Kelso Stirling v Spartans Then saturday 8th teams will play there last game in the section. Saturday 15 is Scottish cup weekend or the East of Scotland qualifying cup for those not fortunate to be in Scottish, with the holy grail commencing Saturday 22nd
  10. Burntisland Shipyard- 4 July Linlithgow (a) 23 July Crossgates (a) 25 July civil service (h) 28 July lochgelly albert (h)
  11. One league would be a farce? For what reasons?
  12. On a biased point of view Alex Lowe at Burntisland Shipyard followed by O'hare at Peebles.......
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