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  1. Beni Baningemi from Everton has interest from an unamed Scottish Premiership side according to Liverpool echo. folk have 2+2 = United
  2. Was your driver OorTerry The Terror by any chance ?
  3. Most clubs have with Covid at some point even Hibs done it they will have been paid or be in process of being paid out the prize money you’d expect
  4. You’ll say that even if he was good as he’s leaving tbh we do the same e.g Paul “can’t cross ball never mind the road” Mcmullen. What’s his actual strengths and weakness? can he beat a player or drive forward or ping passes to strikers ?
  5. Mate of mine used to be a dee diehard back in the day (older now) he still refers to it as that lol. At least BigMouth came up with something more original and anyways it’s good to have the banter and the rivalry back missed it in the season just ended like your lot will have done too.
  6. I am in a United WhatsApp group chat not much is known about your lad Doyle Hayes anyone got proper info like positions he plays, strengths/weakness that kinda thing? cheers and what a great result last night 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  7. At least your not referring to it as Tannadump so i’ll be a sport and smash that like 👏
  8. same as Inverness it was Billy Dodds job just token interviews
  9. yes but doesnt mean its a good squad to start with but it will be Tam Courts who'll maybe be gone by November when they find the gamble doesnt work
  10. way some folk talk youd have it as a few weeks not years lol
  11. Livingston also let a few go yesterday too that may be of interest, hopefully the club has a few targets they are already talking to in the background
  12. 1 year extension was maybe fine just don't understand why hes got a 2 year deal unless perhaps the Perth Preppies offered that
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