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  1. guy above me beat me to it youtube
  2. GFARAB82

    Career mode

    My Salford team that won promotion to the Premiership sold Shaw back to Barcelona for £40m and replaced with Jonny from Wolves though
  3. watched them too very informative and enjoyable
  4. Jim Cornette experience and Bischoff 83 weeks off the top of my head pal
  5. he's not a real 1st team signing though lets be honest here hes a developmental kid, your post sounded like every club has made a 1st team signing this isnt the case Well if i talked about him as a big signing that's going to be pushing Benji Siegrist i'd get a few choice words from my fellow arabs put it this way.
  6. how cute but false we havent really signed anyone yet due to the farce going on
  7. Think this should be in the gaming area i play ewr but nice one
  8. GFARAB82


    His other half is in AEW so unless he's getting certain assurances you'd expect him to jump ship where he might be booked as a top star when the deal does expire. When NXT changed networks him and other's did sign longer deals last year apparently.
  9. GFARAB82


    Heard if he doesn't get proper treatment asap hes going to be All Elite
  10. good luck is it any good ? i tend to play GTA, RDR2 & Skyrim
  11. it's a funny old game as someone famous once said
  12. They were cruising to it bud if they had played out the remainder would have been wrapped up about Easter only Raith Rovers technically got awarded anything tbh
  13. GFARAB82


    That or creative wont know what to do with them or they will be pushed as baby faces in no time if not split up
  14. Goggsy 99 and Joe Hendry are 2 scottish youtubers that have decent channels though Hendry tends to game more on Twitch
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