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  1. 1 missed from Dundee United Mark Reynolds signed a PCA to turn the loan permanent
  2. Barton away is good news but Sow & Reynolds would be even better tbh
  3. You clearly don’t know they are loaded so can match football league wages and have ambitious plans? that ignorance aside we need battlers and he is 1 bud we are easily bullied in games, I don’t say a team of hammer throwers but we need to toughen up or get smarter to scrap our way out this league
  4. Could of done with Callum Butcher on Friday so I fully support this signing. He has been playing mostly as a holding mid position wise which we need
  5. So basically should have nipped in and maybe resigned Steven Anderson from Saints but hopefully RN has a target in mind
  6. Who would you replace though Both our centre backs by and large have been good but Booth can easily get replaced and not be missed
  7. Met The Edge a couple of times a genuinely nice guy unlike some others he try’s his best just maybe lacks the ability sadly look after him we also have Tam Scobbie if you want another defender all the best for the season (except vs United)
  8. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/5923/EDJENGUELE-JOINS-FALKIRK-ON-LOAN.html?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=Dundee United Football Club&utm_content=EDJENGUELE JOINS FALKIRK ON LOAN | Dundee United Football Club
  9. We are crying out for another striker tbh if not him hopefully RN has someone lined up but sounds like what we would need feeding off Safranko
  10. Bohemian’s snap up Scott Allardice after he left United
  11. David McMillan not free to a good home in Scotland ?
  12. **** offering £50k for Kamara be shocked if it’s accepted by you lot tbh
  13. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/5918/TOSHNEY-AMONGST-PLAYERS-GOING-ON-LOAN.html?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=dundeeunitedfc&utm_content=TOSHNEY AMONGST PLAYERS GOING ON LOAN | Dundee United Football Club
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