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  1. I certainly am not defending him and all I am saying is he isn't a member and is an idiot.He has been dealt with by the club and if you want to take it up with the club then do so.That is up to you.
  2. He isn't a member and the banning order is up to the club.What about the other fans round that area who were out of order aswell whats being said about them.I know some of our lot act like idiots at times and they also know that when they do they get dealt with by me and the committtee .I am no trying to be an apologist but do you not think that if I thought any members were acting like what they are accused of then I wouldn't do something about it.I cant say the same for the whole raith support tho.
  3. If theres a rovers fan doing that salute then hes a fucking idiot and should be banned for life and certainly nothing to do with us.Liam who ?
  4. I am only telling you what I hear.Anyway east fife deserved to win on Saturday especially the way the played in the 2nd half.No complaints there.Ryan has been given a 6 month ban from starks and banned from bayview for life.Same will go to anyone else involved.
  5. He doesn't go on our bus any more and isn't a member although I do know him but then again I know half the rovers support.There was only 2 members of our group down the front and they were shouting at the east fife keeper for being a fanny.The rovers head of security is now on the case and bans are being handed to those involved.Once the idiots in the raith support are dealt with then its east fife`s turn.So any east fife fan who was chucking coins or plastic bottles at rovers fans during the nonsense then expect a chap on the door as theres cctv footage of everything that went on.An official complaint is also going in from raith regarding the behaviour of certain individuals towards the rovers manager and to fans.Being called animals by stewards when doing nothing and being told to f**k off by people in suits working for the club is not acceptable.
  6. I know him and he used to occasionally travel on our bus but he isn't a member.I didn't even know he had waved that chair above his head until I saw the photos tonight.I am pretty sure he is embarrassed by what he did.Like I said he isn't a member of fifes finest.The video footage I saw from east fife tv shows him put that chair down a few seconds later then walk away.
  7. In what way do we have morons in our group ?.None of our members were involved in that nonsense at the segregation barrier although we did give the keeper stick for being a fud.
  8. I saw a few comments from folk saying it was ff who were starting all the singing yesterday.It wasn't just us as there were plenty other rovers fans doing that and making up some brilliant new john mcglynn songs which was great to hear.We are all raith rovers and long may the atmosphere continue home and away from now on.Regarding the game we were brilliant yesterday and hardly gave Dumbarton a sniff while playing some great football.John mcglynn and smudger have got a decent squad there and playing players in their right positions will certainly help us.Super john mcglynn
  9. Can any albion rovers fans tell me what the st.andrews bar is like its down near sunnyside station and how far is it to the ground.Cheers
  10. It certainly is with me anyway and nothing to do with fife`s finest.
  11. I should have kept the post up but dont want to get into an arguement with a pars fan about something thats nothing to do with him.
  12. coming from a townie i will take that as a compliment.
  13. He may be banned from my bus but i cant ban him from starks and unfortunately he sits near us.He isnt a member of our group and never will be but i wont hesitate to tell him to shut up if he spouts pish at starks.We are all turnbull hutton ..
  14. 1. Raith2. Alloa3. Ayr4. East Fife5.Stranraer6. Airdrie7. Queens park8. Arbroath9.Forfar10. Albion Rovers
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