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  1. should be a close game but dunbars confidence will be sky high after last weekend. its still very early in season but if blackburn cant beat dunbar its obviously advantage the seasiders. although everyone knows points on the board are whats important in this league rather than games in hand. Yound ballantyne was sent off last time at blackburn so im sure he will be looking to make amends. Mcquillan for me is the best player in the league and will always be a threat no mattter who he plays against.
  2. young ballantyne is on fire. keeping sam young out the team, rightly so at the minute.
  3. Cumbernauld Colts 4-1 Civil Service StrollersDalbeattie Star 2-0 BSC GlasgowEast Stirlingshire 6-0 Hawick Royal AlbertGala Fairydean Rovers 1-1 Edinburgh UniversityGretna 2008 2- 2 Whitehill WelfarePreston Athletic 0- 2 East KilbrideSpartans 4-0 SelkirkUniversity of Stirling 2-1 Vale of Leithen
  4. BSC Glasgow 2 - 2 Hawick Royal AlbertEdinburgh University 1 - 0 Dalbeattie StarSelkirk 1 - 6 Cumbernauld ColtsWhitehill Welfare 0 - 3 East Stirlingshire
  5. BSC Glasgow 1.1 Edinburgh University Civil Service Strollers 1.1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Cumbernauld Colts 0.1 Preston Athletic East Kilbride 4.0 Dalbeattie Star Hawick Royal Albert 1-2 Gretna 2008 Vale of Leithen 0-3 Spartans Whitehill Welfare 5.0 Selkirk
  6. Dalbeattie Star 1 - 2 Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride 5 - 0 Selkirk East Stirlingshire 4 - 0 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean Rovers 0 - 2 University of Stirling Gretna 2008 4 - 1 Civil Service Strollers Hawick Royal Albert 1 - 2 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 0 - 2 BSC Glasgow Spartans 2 - 1 Edinburgh University
  7. Friday 29th July 2016 University of Stirling 1-3 Spartans Saturday 30th July 2016 BSC Glasgow 3-0 Gala Fairydean Rovers Civil Service Strollers 1-3 Hawick Royal Albert Cumbernauld Colts 1-1 Gretna 2008 Selkirk 2-2 Preston Athletic Vale of Leithen 1-2 Dalbeattie Star Whitehill Welfare 2-3 East Kilbride
  8. Chris King of Dunbar and Craig Thomson of Newtongrange best i have seen in the east
  9. Well done to Tranent and everyone associated with club on promotion ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ†
  10. Ur right Matty great game and great game for east Lothian
  11. both dunbar and easthouses would beat preston at the minute so how can this not be the answer signing players from them? his job is to improve his team, thats what hes doing. Easy for people like you to sit and criticise behind your screen.
  12. i play junior now and paul hanlon has refereed my previous games i have been involved in, i also watched him a number of times last season, which included duns v ormiston, how u can defend him and only call him strict is a disgrace, the guy has no people skills, gives players no respect, so why should he demand any? The biggest factor is that he has clearly never played the game before. Yes i agree with the fact that the level of football reflects its referees and everyone knows east of scotland is not what it once was but he is not capable of this level. this is not personal its fact.
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