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  1. This - unfortunately Covid has probably lost us a load of good prospects since they've missed out on a year of progression (e.g. John Robertson) but Ballantyne has looked good and I've been impressed with Ferguson when I've seen him.
  2. That may be but it shows that at least the club are responding/listening to the fans. Thats definitely progress.
  3. Yes - probably covers a bit more investment in things like the youth academy, coaching, scouting, contract renewals as well as potential future transfer fees. That's fair enough. Its a good statement - possibly should have been put out earlier.
  4. Love how he sounds all Finnish and diplomatic then lets slip with "buzzin"
  5. Loan signing from Brentford - so not exactly the same amount of red tape crap we're having to go through.
  6. Think its a different Cammy Ballantyne. Sure there were 2 there last year.
  7. I agree with this - you could argue that the club are up against it with deadlines etc but even 24h for season ticket holders to get their seat (and not buy additional tickets) would have been a win-win IMHO for the club. I'm lucky I've got my usual seat but at the same time its unlikely I'll have my usual mates sitting round me given the way the East Stand is selling out. As for Saints TV never really watch it - I would say that the current 2 games / week and all the travelling etc for Euro ties probably isnt helping matters but it would be good to see some more in-depth interviews/features
  8. LASK tickets on sale now - general sale so no reserve for season ticket holders.
  9. Nah they'll be too busy selling off everyone in the Saints squad.
  10. Hope not since the games been moved from there cos of reconstruction work
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