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  1. Aberdeen City Cooncil used to be utter shite at chasing up parking fines, not once did I get chased for multiple window stickers. Dundee City Cooncil, different ball game. When I lived in Balmedie, on the way back from IKEA in Edinburgh we stopped in past Dens to catch the game, just made it in time so had to park on the Provie Road, got a ticket. They sent multiple letters and eventually sent someone round for me to pay. This is going back about 12 years now.
  2. @AmericanFan lives in Austin, perhaps he could point out the best place to watch it?
  3. Did you get to watch it on the monitor? I found it, erm, interesting.
  4. Was it with an Endoscope? The flushing out fluid you take before that is pretty insane, you end up shitting water.
  5. It is, I worked on Flotta a few times. Not much work for Lumberjacks on the Northern Isles though.
  6. Plus The Ryan Tannehill pass interception showcase.
  7. Not the first time I've used a Penny for some Woods.
  8. Robinson is the only player getting me any points. Maybe for Gordon or Penny?
  9. Another DAB c**t Manager waiting for the Derry uppercut.
  10. So close, if only that egg was runny, and getting soaked into the black pudding, mixed in with the broon sauce. You would've had a 10.
  11. Ananas.... Ananas.... Ananas.... Ananas... The Reflex-ex-ex-ex-ex!
  12. Was there a lot of arguments about the best way to set up a wall?
  13. Yeah it was quite the brutal game on Monday night, not dirty imo just very tough.
  14. Fried Asparagus to dip in a salty egg. Oh aye min.
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