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  1. Nah, they need to stop the Henry train first. Mon eh Titans!
  2. For what we need right now... Jim Duffy Jonay Hernandez Zurab Khizanishvili For what I would love to see again... Caniggia Caballero Nemsadze (I could go on..)
  3. I use VIP stand. Just have to close off a few pop ups.
  4. What was the craic with both sets of players praying in centre of the pitch after the Dolphins v Jagwars game?
  5. I would have thought it obvious, but the comment relates to the way the County Chairman does not fek around when it comes to firing managers. Are you planning on hiring big Ron Atkinson?
  6. I like him, quick, good turn on him and good cross. Everything you want in a winger.
  7. Aye but, that's a Derby. Not getting beat 2-1 from bottom of the league, minutes after calling for their manager to get sacked. Give me this moment ffs.
  8. Can I just say, this thread has been pretty placid for years. I for one, welcome this new 'hot topic' Aberdeen thread with in-fighting and upset. Your club has been long overdue a car crash of a season. In doric ana cuv.
  9. Nah the Aberdeen fans shat it, throwing their pyro on the pitch, they were worried it would come right back at them. Who let's off a smoke bomb when you're 2-1 down? Minter.
  10. Is it not something to do with a member of the coaching staff getting a card, automatically goes to the manager?
  11. I would rather wait for our win against them to be the last game of the season, when they need a point to win the title.... Not Kidding.
  12. Rob McLean's a w**k. "Games against better teams is what you need." What a bitter melt. GIRFUY Rob.
  13. Did anyone else catch Charlie laughing like f**k behind Broons back after he put a pass out for a throw in?
  14. They are in general good c***s, however, growing up in Aberdeen, it feels sooo good getting one up on them.
  15. I have also found £20 in my wallet I didn't know I had, and a Dundee win. Today has been a great day.
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