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  1. Gowser is fine for another year. He is proved time and time again, when played properly he can still do some damage.
  2. Just be yourself mate and lead by example. But don't try and keep everybody happy, it's impossible. If they respect you and you are honest with them, then nobody can argue with that.
  3. Nice to see all the interviewees for the Dundee job in the studio.
  4. Spent longer than I should've trying to work this out, at first I thought it was 'Ming Rolls'.
  5. Yeah, he should definitely not be a spokesman.
  6. He's the RMT guy. Is he the guy that comes across as really thick?
  7. The way some from the Central Belt add in 'you' randomly in words. Was listening to Radio Scotland yesterday and a woman was on talking about the Scotrail timetable and she was repeatedly saying 'Absolutely' but she pronounced it 'Absol-you-tley'. It's the same when some Central Belt politicians pronounce 'Devolution' as 'Devol-you-tion'. Why is this? It is really fuckin' annoying.
  8. Watched his video for some Zombie tears, but he said he didn't get anything of any quality because the pub was 'Hot, sweaty and everyone was drinking'. Clearly code for 'Everyone was singing the songbook and I couldn't put anything up'. As I have never heard of any of those 3 excuses stopping a camera work. Still, he was upset, so that's enough for me....
  9. Excellent Girth. When I am on the board I will give you my vote.
  10. A DAB with the big team found. GIRFUY ya boot.
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