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  1. Worst toilets I have ever been in at a Scottish football ground (and still are when we ever return) the toilets in The Derry at Dens.
  2. Aye, WGS and Big Chaz Adam will even be getting their bonus cheques this season, thanks to our Insurance policy. Welcome. Now f**k up.
  3. TBF, DABs wanted the game off, Dees wanted the game on.
  4. Which makes me thinks it's more personal issues/can't be arsed from the Referee.
  5. These kind of shite decisions completely ruin thousands of folks Saturdays. Especially with not much else to look forward to just now. What a dick.
  6. Good to see them putting the farce with one man.
  7. Dundee confirm game is aff. This is shite banter from the ref.
  8. No, they were just self isolating. Well my point is, if no games are being threatened because of the tiny percentage (if any) of positive results, why look to halt the league?
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