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  1. He seems to fail to mention that he was also booked for being a walloper. Just comes across like a seething mess.
  2. It's like they were hoping that nobody in Greenock bought a PPV ticket on DeeTV.
  3. When I worked in Yemen, you could see some pirates in the distance getting shooed away by the military.
  4. Don't feel bad. I am delighted that someone has taken their time to educate themselves on this.
  5. Yeah, not until we are in a play off spot. That was the deal.
  6. That would be the non ignorant wavelength then.
  7. I have found some of the 'chat' on here quite offensive tonight. But hey, it's the last form of acceptable racism so enjoy it while it lasts. I argued with a few of the same posters about this in the past, surprised to still see them part of the generally accepting P&B community. Dicks.
  8. Last season was a free hit, a rebuilding exercise, would have been the same with any new manager.
  9. Nice to see our friends from Kirkcaldy back. I have a soft spot for Raith being born in Forth Park hospital. However, your good start now must come to an end in a slow, turgid fashion at Dens.
  10. Welcome back to the Championship Hot Potato thread for this season. I have no idea why it took me until week 2 to start this. As it stands... Week 1; Dundee. After a heavy defeat by Hearts Dundee have started with the HP. Week 2; Morten. These guys love this thread, they get so involved! After a defeat to Dundee 1-0. Morten collect the HP. Next up for them Ayr United.
  11. Dundee stream was good. No drop offs, good picture quality and replays after chances.
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