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  1. How unfortunate that they didn't get the whole of that sign in the picture... "Fat Arse and Proud"
  2. I hope he handed back his EBT money to save the club from dying?
  3. Could have been Rooney imo, apparently he is hard as nails.
  4. TBF, you could stick a cardboard cut out of Tractor Tom at defence and we still won't score.
  5. Yeah I know bud. Knee jerk. Looking back, we need to play like that every game. It will come.
  6. Fatty Boyd not bitter at all... "When he scored at Rugby Park one day he looked up at me and made a shooshing gesture"
  7. Ahhh I see, far too much shite to read over the past few days from the Fermers. As you were.
  8. Injured. Straight down the middle and caught the keepers legs, nothing wrong with it, maybe should have had more power if anything.
  9. Yeah, the Defence seem to be doing a good job, although it doesn't look pretty at times and quite scrambled.
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