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  1. Here are my bold predictions... We will sign a left back and centre half within the week. Griffiths will sign at least until the end of the season and score at least 6. McGinn will be a revelation and fans favorite. Chapman will be a complete baller and stroll through games. We will avoid the play offs and McPake will stay for another year.
  2. He's only 31 ffs, not like his legs are gone, he is just carrying (and losing) some weight.
  3. Who's being nostalgic? Griffiths has the talent only May and MOH could dream of. Get a match fit Griffiths and he will be good enough. I can't think of 1 instance Griffiths was free in the box tonight BTW. You're talking shite.
  4. No, punting high balls constantly to him cost us. Just highlighting that you should check the shape of your own striker first.
  5. You do realise you signed a fat waiter to pull you out the shit? Who is now injured. Hahahaha. f**k Shift Key.
  6. Might be an unpopular opinion here, but I would give him an 18 month deal, on a fair (by fair, I mean sensible) wage. He is improving every game, if we just had a bit more composure playing the ball to the final 3rd, which McGinn might give us I think he could turn into a major asset for us once more. Or maybe I have been blinded by years of shite on display?
  7. I have to say though Griffiths does look faster and sharper with every game.
  8. Good display from McGinn and Byrne. Final ball and a bit of composure lacking again. Defence is a true bomb scare. No doubt McPake will praise the clean sheet/Defence and of course Griffiths.
  9. Chapman must be sitting on that bench, freezing his balls off, in a half empty stadium, watching this utter mince thinking... 'Try European football, they said...' 'Go to beautiful Scotland, they said....' 'The fans are passionate, they said....' 'It's the birthplace of the modern game, they said...'
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