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  1. Well here's hoping you bet on it. I am so disappointed with you.
  2. They have done it! Ayr United finally offload the Hot Potato on to Alloa. Next up for Alloa are Morten.
  3. I'm starting to think that Sean Byrne is a major weak link in the squad. Every time I see him play, he is totally anonymous, like having a man down. Today he came on at 4-1.
  4. I am so uninterested with whole thing today. Just can't get into the Saturday afternoon mood.
  5. The enthusiasm for that riot left many weeks ago.
  6. Who is the fool? A guy around 60 saying he "would make me look daft" when it came to a fight and uses derogatory terms such as "window licker" and "nancyboy", who claims they are a "proper man"? Or me for laughing like f**k at the "proper man"? You sir, are a walloper.
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