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  1. I don't get why some think we need another target man, Cummings does this perfectly. His hold up and link up play is really good.
  2. What are the things that you never witnessed live at your club this season an doubt you will see next season? Good or bad. I can't see me witnessing an Osman Sow flick to nothing, in the flesh, I doubt he will get a new deal. None of us saw Hearts in the flesh at all in the Championship. I doubt Afolabi will be back with us next season either. Discuss....
  3. Had to check it out...I hope he is not starting in Division C! Haha.
  4. You will have no complaints missing 8 games last season then.
  5. No, definitely Hearts, they win best 'diddies' this season. No need to froth at the mouth about it chief. Luckily there wasn't a full season or you could have been caught.
  6. Indeed. They will f**k off back to Jambo's Kickback soon enough.
  7. Al bert you have no idea. Don't be too upset, you must be about the 86th person to fall for it.
  8. Morten hold on to their beloved Hot Potato for another week as a late equaliser at Dens wasn't enough to pass it on. Next up, Hearts a week on Tuesday.
  9. Hey guys, Monkey Tennis is having a heads gone on the Heads Gone thread.
  10. Rangers signed a whopping 4 Catholics between 1917 and 1989. I could name them. But, you have to be honest here, the Rangers board were very bigoted when it came to signing Catholics in this period and I guarantee that this played a role if a player got signed or not. They were not the only 'Company' during this time that wouldn't take guys on because of their bigoted mindset. My previous employer, Weir Pumps, who also had shares in Rangers, went through a long period of not hiring Catholics. It was well known. It might not have been written down for all to see but it definitely existed.
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