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  1. What do you mean? Put up gifs of Greg Wallace waaay too early and make yourself look silly? @SEETHING
  2. 1 player sacrificed himself for every game missed out by Hearts. Standing side by side with their Maroon brothers. Heart of Midlothideen.
  3. I agree, it's an added bonus that a No voting city has been locked down and the team forced not to play.
  4. 100% this. I always knew you were a sensible guy. Did you get your photo with them on Saturday night? 😉
  5. FFS! We all know what happened with the Dundee vote. We didn't break any rules and didn't receive any fine. What about Hearts?
  6. Has Murray had a bad spell at any club he's been at?
  7. C'mon now Ludo, you should know better than that, to take in anything the moon howlers say on JKB.
  8. Hmmmm.... Did they not contribute to a top six finish in the Premier for Hearts 3 years ago? Hamilton is shite though but I don't think him and Berra ever played together for Dundee.
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