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  1. I lived on the Banff and Buchan coast for a couple of years. It was shite. Too much wind and heroin.
  2. I looked into using cinch. The trade-in price they offer over the Internet, is that guaranteed, or is it knocked down as soon as they come to collect it? I know their other company We Buy Any Car was notorious for knocking the trade-in price down a fair amount on inspection.
  3. I just did, something to do with an incident involving a Dundee keeper in London, police were involved or something. Could be shite though.
  4. That kind of confirms a Legzdins rumour I heard. Something to do with Police, London and a Dundee keeper. It was all very vague what I heard.
  5. It's never nice when folk lose their jobs. However when a business is undergoing a restructuring, like we clearly are, these things are inevitable.
  6. Along with the regularly ignored racial slurs against the Travelling community. There is even a user with the name 'Mr Pikey'.
  7. Out of curiosity, do you have the stats for Jay Chapman?
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