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  1. My top 5: 1 - Cricket 2 - Baseball 3 - NASCAR 4 - Bowls 5 - Darts
  2. Think we have a chance here! Most of the players playing for there contracts so expect them to start showing what they can do (about bloody time) I'm going 1-1
  3. McGurn for me by far best GK in the league & a match winner as proven many a times this season! I reckon if Barr was fit from start of season he'd have been in there too at CB, not a bad game I've seen him play yet!!
  4. Gonna be a close one, expect Baird to score as he always seems to score against us but hopefully Vaughan & Stewart can keep up there form and cancel Baird out & sneak a 2-1 away win...COYR!!!
  5. Celery...Only thing I won't eat but f**k me it's pointless!!
  6. Jason Thomson is my choice for Captain next season! Think he deserves it with the performances he's shown for us! Wouldn't be bothered if McGurn was chosen tho
  7. When girls put "feel so ugly" when they know there stunning but just want compliments!!
  8. Livi away first game, that would be juicy given the recent shenanigans
  9. Im quiet happy with reece being played thought he done well when he played and thought he showed good energy going forward. If he gets a good run out this season he can only improve and we could end up with two quality fullbacks.
  10. Did you not see him in his few games he got? May aswell sign Mcbride again as he showed more promise
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