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  1. I’ll be working up in Aberdeen for a few nights and fancying popping down for this. Is there a PATG option?
  2. Anyone ever had a conversation with someone where they repeatedly tell you they don’t care? I for one believe them each and every time.
  3. And yet, you’re the one appearing more bothered by CiM’s rivalry banter back at you.
  4. It looked quite clear that the players found out the Ayr score at half time and chucked it. Played reasonably well first half and could have had a larger lead. Not too bothered about result in grand scheme of things, we were fucked anyway. Have zero confidence for playoffs.
  5. I’ve only played about 15-16 hours and sitting at level 18. Pretty much just been exploring and getting sidetracked at all the side quests and errands. Last main mission i finished was finding Gaia so hopefully still loads to do. Unable to whizz through it due to 1 year old commitments but thoroughly enjoying the time I do get. Glider is a brilliant addition.
  6. So who’s got involved in the new edition? I took the plunge and sunk about 2-3 hours into it last night, completing the interlude. Looks stunning on the PS5 and plays very similar to before which is ideal. Only difference I’ve encountered is there are more skill trees to complete and climbing seems a bit less restricted. Encountered some new machines which brought back a lot of fond memories, and the story has potential. I would suggest that if you haven’t played the first one, then the story will sound a bit mad and you might struggle to engage with it. Raring to go further.
  7. For me, Hughes appears set on trying make Allan and Todd work since they are from the youth setup and “the life blood of the club”. I could understand to a certain extent since no one in the squad has really made the position their own. Hopefully after today there is a rethink as it’s clearly not working. The others have a clear asset. Still need a new face in there though.
  8. For me Stay Close was stupid nonsense. A show that can be enjoyed if you can just switch off and don’t ask any questions as to how/why/what has happened. So many things conveniently falling into place. Right from the start I struggled to get past a woman who clearly had a rough past, decided to run away, change her name and start again, but only appear to move 20 minutes away. By episode 6 of the 8 I was pretty bored with it.
  9. Got the Clynelish Distillers Edition from the wife today. Not had it before so looking forward to it.
  10. Or just bring in your magazine as a point of reference.
  11. What a result. Bunnahabhain 18 getting cracked tonight.
  12. Along with the Super Joe and Higgy at Kelty Hearts. Going to be some laugh battling for play off spots with Falkirk, while Kelty romp the league. Just realised you meant Cardle.
  13. Which bookie is paying nearly 50/1 for Rudden and Graham to score anytime? Seems a tad generous [emoji23] Edit to add. Just realised the odds are including the 4-1 score line. Carry on [emoji28]
  14. No one sacks Peter Grant. You strap yourself in and feel the seeeethe!
  15. Got tickets for Edinburgh. The countdown begins. Lovely stuff
  16. I couldn’t agree more. I was more tongue in cheek referring to the post from Shadwell stating how you guys have beaten Arbroath 3 times in last 2 seasons.
  17. Wee teams upping their game against the big sides happens all the time in football.
  18. This thread looks like two sets of fans desperate to lose so they can dish out the “Telt ye’s”. Interesting stuff.
  19. If you look at Google Maps in the direction you are facing, it’s more of a WNW direction. Following a straight line from the shore line of the docks, it’s certainly more likely to be Lomond that Arran.
  20. I’m guessing it’s either Ben Lomond or Ben Ledi. Ben Ledi is just past Callander beside Loch Lubnaig.
  21. When the opponent has the attacking ability of a swordsman with no arms, you’ll generally be untroubled.
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