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  1. What a result. Bunnahabhain 18 getting cracked tonight.
  2. Along with the Super Joe and Higgy at Kelty Hearts. Going to be some laugh battling for play off spots with Falkirk, while Kelty romp the league. Just realised you meant Cardle.
  3. Which bookie is paying nearly 50/1 for Rudden and Graham to score anytime? Seems a tad generous [emoji23] Edit to add. Just realised the odds are including the 4-1 score line. Carry on [emoji28]
  4. No one sacks Peter Grant. You strap yourself in and feel the seeeethe!
  5. Got tickets for Edinburgh. The countdown begins. Lovely stuff
  6. I couldn’t agree more. I was more tongue in cheek referring to the post from Shadwell stating how you guys have beaten Arbroath 3 times in last 2 seasons.
  7. Wee teams upping their game against the big sides happens all the time in football.
  8. This thread looks like two sets of fans desperate to lose so they can dish out the “Telt ye’s”. Interesting stuff.
  9. If you look at Google Maps in the direction you are facing, it’s more of a WNW direction. Following a straight line from the shore line of the docks, it’s certainly more likely to be Lomond that Arran.
  10. I’m guessing it’s either Ben Lomond or Ben Ledi. Ben Ledi is just past Callander beside Loch Lubnaig.
  11. When the opponent has the attacking ability of a swordsman with no arms, you’ll generally be untroubled.
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