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  1. 33 minutes ago, cb_diamond said:

    I appreciate your "glass half full attitude" and it is nice to have something positive to hold on to as literally everything else about and related to your club lurches from disaster to disaster. Good for you. It's all terrible but lots of people regularly watch it being terrible is your mantra. 👍

    I don't think you'll get many on here agreeing with you re me having a glass half full attitude. We've been abysmal on the park and recent boards have treated fans abysmally off the park.  You could possibly say that the loyalty of our support has worked against us at times as bods have seen approx 2500 season tickets sold every season no matter how crap we've been on the park and that's given them little encouragement to really  improve things.  Other clubs have seen crowds plummet due to similar circumstance. Feck me QoS who used to have a decent support had 600 turning up the other week and that was then still in the champ. Aye, Raith, Morton have never seen crowds recover. We are beginning to reach a stage where things need to turn around or crowds will finally started to really dive .  Thus season is a big one for us in that sense.

  2. 9 minutes ago, cb_diamond said:


    As I said according to yourself the actual, legal, official figure is c. 3000. However (again), I'm happy to accept your personal amended figure as fair for the circumstances and as I said earlier it is a more modest (albeit around a tenth) reduction on the last equivalent year, which was a substantial drop on the year before, which was a substantial drop on the year before when you were 13 places higher in the SPFL pyramid than you've been over the past two seasons. I've no idea why you're still upset. "It's not rocket science" after all...

    Home fan  attendances haven't changed that much though incredibly enough.  The crowds in 2017 were boosted by away supports of around 1800 on at least 6 occasions.  In league one your lucky if you get 200 from away supports with some only double figures. Compared to some other clubs who have spent seasons down here our crowds have held up pretty well.

  3. Just now, cb_diamond said:

    I clearly accepted that and can happily concede your point, was that lost in translation? We agreed that the online figure of 2400, was too low, then your original figure of 3000 was too low and we're currently landing on the figure you worked out on a napkin of 3400, so unless you want to round up to 4000 then we'll call quits for your blood pressure if nothing else.

    See it's quite simple really you add all the attendances up accept the two limited ones and divide by 16. That's not an estimate it's not a made up figure written on a napkin  it's exactly what the average attendance outside those two games was.  My original figure wasnt 3000 anyway it was 3400. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, cb_diamond said:

    Fair enough, I'll hold my hands up on that one, I'll happily concede the point and agree with your assertation that your average crowd since 2017 has only actually dropped to your newly self adjusted estimate figure of 3400 from the 2017 figure of 5000+ and won't use the officially recorded figure of 3000 as mentioned by yourself in your post earlier.


    Christ it's no feckin rocket science. No point including two attendances where the crowd was limited by the blooming govt surely even someone from Airdrie can grasp that . The other 16 games give you a more accurate figure of our average which was 3400.

    In 2017 you also have to take into account that we had away supports from Dundee United, Hibs and Dunfermline who bring slightly more than cove, Airdrie or Montrose for e.g. 

  5. 11 hours ago, cb_diamond said:

    A bit over 3700 to the current a bit over 3000 since you dropped. That's more than double your 8%. As I said earlier it's not a kick in the arse off a reduction of one-fifth of your average gate.

    You can't count two crowds where you were only allowed 500 folk in due to govt regulations FFS. It's 3700 to 3400. Jesus wept man.

  6. 25 minutes ago, cb_diamond said:

    So just the drop of 19% then? We'll that's alright if you've only lost a fifth of your paying crowd. On top of the other 21% you had lost since 2017...

    This Is Fine GIF

    Doesn't help when your getting 3 men and a dug turning up every week in the away stand.

    We've lost about 8 percent of our crowd from our first season in league one.  Not that much considering performances.

  7. Our average crowd was 3400 that's without the two games with restricted access due to Omicron at Xmas. Pretty good considering we've been pretty honking for 5 years now. However, it won't last much longer if we don't start getting things right but I'm sure the new bod realise that.

  8. 8 minutes ago, cb_diamond said:

    Leon McCann's mobile rings...

    Iain Murray "Hello Leon, I'm thinking about taking the Falkirk job, how have you found it there"

    Leon McCann *hangs up*


    I'd think that McCann would tell him to drop everything and come straight away it's great here  surely.  If there's one manager he'd  want here it would be him 

  9. 2 hours ago, Hampden Roar said:

    You can’t do that with managers, players yeah, if he’s under contract you have to seek permission 1st. If a club has a whiff that we’re “discussing” then it’s Morton mk2, 

    Come on anyone that thinks that these days chats between clubs and managers doesn't go on is very naive.  We made an arse of it with McKinnon by doing it far too obviously.  If a manager is going to be out of contract in the summer he's going to make sure he has a job in place.

  10. 12 minutes ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    They have to have the numbers for the budget it would be inept if they didn't. For without that no manager will touch us and the club needs a manager in place in the next couple of weeks to sort out the mess they have on their hands. 8 weeks to  -  Bring in their management team - Move on contracted players not in the plans - New signings - Style of play / fitness. If we muck about for 4-6 weeks with interviews we will be signing the dross nobody else wants again.

    They must know geez if they dont then we are F****ed

    Just be patient.  If the manager is in post elsewhere they won't be able to announce it till his commitments with his other club have finished. That doesn't mean they haven't discussed things with him. We don't want another McKinnon situation though.

  11. 53 minutes ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    You make the point for me the support are coming to these conclusions by deduction.

    The club must know what they are going to do. So tell us rather than the leaks / bullshitting.

    Situation regarding the manager. Full Time confirmation. Academy. Budget. Keep the support informed and on side.

    Not  to much to ask

    Why are you so convinced at this stage that they know exactly what they are going to do though? The bod aren't sitting their thinking ach weve got a new manager but we won't tell the support as we can't be arsed  As has been already mentioned we are going to be full time as stated by the directors any time they have been asked.  They will not announce a manager until they have an agreement in place with a manager and if currently employed his commitments at any club he is currently at are concluded.  The budget will be determined once they have finished stabilising the situation at the club. That goes for first team and youth. Absolutely no point in coming out saying we are going to do this, this and this to then find out we can't and I would also think decisions on these will also depend on the new manager . The season isn't even finished yet. Season tickets won't be on sale till June as per normal nor will the transfer window be open. I'd expect the bod to have completed and informed the support in good time for season ticket sales at the latest. I can't remember any other bod we've had coming out and telling everyone their complete plans for the next season on the Saturday the last one finished. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Blue Toon Renegade said:

    If you went for a FOI to all part time teams including the Lowland league you may be surprised at how many are getting paid a damn good wage might not be quite the £500 I see quoted on here all the time but  a hellavae lot are not far off. Plus a lot of part time teams can offer other employment to make up the balance and probably more than what a full time player at L1 level makes. These part time teams who also give part time work also allows players to train and use fitness coaches as well as attend games. That is why they appear as fit as full timers plus teams are not weakened as much during midweek games. You also have a huge amount who are fitness instructors and the ones who own their own business. Gone are the days of "The Part-time Team" very few about now. There are teams in the Highland/Lowland leagues who offer stupid money for signing on and a weekly wage which is absurd, not fully sure where these teams get there money but they do.

     Yeah as I said then. Few will be on higher football wages than our full time guys probably those at cove.  Others may have a higher combined wage and may have received help with employment via the club they play for. You do sometimes wonder in the merits of being full time at this level.

  13. 14 minutes ago, CoveRangers1922 said:

    Not exactly filling me with confidence but I'll take an honest assessment. I'll hold out this rumour is just that and instead we're going for Dabrowski or Rae. Both aren't rumours just who I think would do a job for us.

    Was decent his first season in the first team but has become more and more unreliable. Mind you playing behind our centrehalfs probably hasn't helped. I'd like to see us getting a more experienced head in next season if he moves on. I presume you guys are going full time then next season?

  14. 13 minutes ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    Again, it depends. MR was pretty clear on the best part time players often earn more than full time players at our level. He used the term “the better part time players earn more from football  than many full time players”. He was of course, speaking about L1 specifically. He wasn’t talking about job plus football earnings……purely football earnings.

    The better part time players he talks about will be the likes of vigurs and Reynolds etc at cove. I highly doubt any of the rest of the part time outfits pay more than our full time gang.

  15. 20 minutes ago, Proudtobeabairn said:

    McCann played 26 games.  Thats a pretty good chance.  Can't think of 1 he impressed in.

    With clowns like Mackay and hall playing inside him is it any surprise. If you're going to play attacking full backs you need rock solid centrehalfs to allow them to get forward and cover for them. We've not had that all season and he wasn't really given a sniff under rennie even with Taylor Sinclair and Dixon stinking the place out.  He was excellent for Airdrie last season.

  16. 12 hours ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    Does not stop the people claiming to have an inside line on what's going. The board leak like a sieve or posters on the forum are bullshitting its one or the other. Your contradicting yourself saying we are staying full time and at the same time saying. 'They won't know the budget till they have a clear view of the financial position'  Because the budget will dictate if we stay full time.

    The board if they value their credibility will clarify things in the next 2 weeks.

    The fact we have 14 players on full time contracts mean we will stay full time and the budget will dictate how many more players and of what standard we can sign.

    McCall as usual has his finger on the pulse signing guys like Milne up.  We play against these guys and yet either never sign them or sign them and don't give them a proper chance like dowds and McCann. 


  17. 2 hours ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    Unless the forum is inhabited by bullshit merchants the new board leaks like a sieve with these little snippets, told, got an inside view, was told on good authority. All that does if these leaks are true just undermines trust in the new board.

    Now that is stupid when goodwill from the support is in short supply. If the board had the gumption ( which I'm beginning to doubt they have )  They issue a definitive statement regarding Budget, Manager status, Full/Hybrid/Part time, Academy, Background administration  and issue it at the final whistle next Saturday. 

    They won't know the budget till they have a clear view of the financial position of the club for starters. It's going to be full time as confirmed previously by the bod . Manager will be announced once we have one I would think.  You talk about leaks but apart from Kenny miller touting himself there hasn't really been a peep from the press.  No idea why we need to know about background administration to be honest and again academy situation will depend on what cash is available to fund it 

  18. 53 minutes ago, JulioBairn said:

    Why are these 2 things connected? Remember Gary Holt worked 12 hours a day and he’s the most egotistical bellend going about. 

    He did feck all in his 12 hours for a start and that was the job he was paid to do.  The bod have far better things they could be doing instead of giving up their time for hee haw to sort out shite at the club and getting pelters for doing it .Do you personally know any of the guys on the board or do you just fancy a pop at them.

  19. 36 minutes ago, Braes_Bairn said:

    Agendas? You’ve had an agenda for years to cause disruption and criticise the club. Now your group are in power no-one is allowed to criticise the bod.

    Nothing wrong with holding the board to account - if they do a good job we won’t have anything to complain about. AGM is a long time away and not open to the ordinary fan.

    Not open to the ordinary fan ?you make out as if you have to be a millionaire to get in FFS.  I'm an ordinary fan and will be attending whenever it's held. 

    Of course the bod need to be held accountable but you also need to give them time.  Rennie didn't work out unfortunately. He's away. People were quick to point out that it's hard to get decent players in January well the same could be said for managers mid season.  They now have a full close season to get the right manager in and allow him to sign the players that will give us a decent team back . They also have their hands full trying to sort out the mess left by the last lot.  They will be judged like any other board though on how we do on the park this season but let's at least give them a chance to get things right first before we start calling for their heads.


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