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  1. 1 hour ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    You have a major grudge against Houston sir. The guy deserves a lot more respect for his service to our club than you show him. Stop sniping all the time ffs.

    I don't if you bothered reading my other post I said he was an excellent manager tactically and great at getting more out of other managers signings. His own signings were poor in the main unfortunately and that can't be denied. You only have to look at the long list of dross he brought in. 

  2. Just now, renton said:

    It's a shame you weren't able to convey the truth of McGlynn's resistance to the signing some months ago. Might have saved his reputation.

    I didn't know then did I FFS.   Frankly I wouldn't have given a feckif he had been all for it to the very death. That's raiths problem they need to resolve and hee haw to do with Falkirk


  3. Just now, Bairn in Exile said:




    Your first post implied total innocence on McGlynn's part which isn't actually the case then, is it Shadwell? If he was all for the signing initially then my low opinion of him stands.

    You fire ahead and boo him from the stands then. I see him as a guy who realised his mistake and went against the bod signing him. He was then overruled.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sortmeout said:

    Would you say the same about your own support given that you guys were talking a lot on here about the drop in home attendance?

    If wed been in the relegation playoffs we'd have got bigger crowds not smaller.  Our drop in crowds was because there was feck all to play for this season.

  5. 38 minutes ago, Enigma said:

    Sorry but there’s not a version of events I’ve heard where McGlynn was ever against signing DG. Even our former chairman Bill Clark who appointed McGlynn and resigned from the board in response to the signing, a man who has a bit of a known agenda against our former chairman John Sim and when he spoke to our local radio station looked to exonerate McGlynn somewhat, didn’t deny the original suggestion to sign DG came from McGlynn himself.

    There's a difference though from  putting him forward as a signing initially and then having gauged opinion decided it's a very bad idea and then being overruled  to just wanting to sign him no matter what.

  6. 3 hours ago, JBJ said:

    That statement is plain and simply untrue

    Not according to John mcglynn. Whilst he was keen to start with once he found out the feelings of the fans etc on it he was dead against it but the chairman overruled him. That's straight from the horse's mouth 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Otis Blue said:

    It sure as hell won't be a stroll in the park next season guys.

    Clearly the big favourites will be the Bairns and the Pars simply because of their larger supports and hence budgets. Then you have the rich kids of Kelty and QP (or possibly Airdrie who clearly have a decent squad/coach if they can keep that together).

    QOS will be hard to call. Remaining full time but with a new relatively untried management team and a fair rebuild required as always.  That said, Gibson's football should be more adventurous and pleasing to the eye than we had under AJ. So we might just fly under the radar, initially ... I hope!

    Could be a decent watch to be fair.

    Will be interesting to see how Gibson gets on. He has previous of falling out with all and sundry as a player. Mind him going home himself in the middle of a match after spitting the dummy out with Pressley.  Never played for us again. Should be different that's for sure.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Bairn in Exile said:

    Fair enough.

    No surprise that he was not happy at being flung in front of the cameras to field questions and therefore couldn't get out of Raith quick enough when we came calling. He was desperate to get the Falkirk management job which in our situation is quite remarkable.

  9. 11 minutes ago, latapythelegend said:

    I fear Cove more than Dunfermline and Airdrie more than QOS to be honest.

    QOS and Dunfemrline will most likely have total rebuilds (similar to us) and Kelty will need investment to compete as their current squad isn't anything other than a solid League 1 team.

    If Airdire stay down that is still who I'd fear the most if they keep their squad together.

    I want Airdrie to stay down as I think we may be interested in a few of their players with a bit of luck.  Them getting promoted though would make that a struggle .

  10. 11 minutes ago, Rennieball said:

    I think you're being really unfair on Houston there tbh. For a start, Rankin was not a replacement for Vaulks and Harris was not a replacement for Alston. He also brought in players that were key in our 2nd place pushed in both 15/16 and 16/17, John Baird, Mark Kerr, Lee Miller, Myles Hippolyte etc. 

    So who were the replacements then? Craigen who hardly kicked a ball? Joe McKee who was brutal in the main.  The vast majority of his signings were rotten. Taylor Morgan , Rory boulding, Alex cooper, David Smith, Harris,  tudur Jones, Kevin McCann, Ryan sinnamon, Fraser aird, gasparotto, John Rankin to name but a few.  You can count his really good ones on a fifers hand.

  11. 53 minutes ago, Bairn in Exile said:


    Dunfermline coming down has really affected the dynamics of the league for next season.

    Our best signing this season won't be McGlynn (who I don't want for his involvement in the Goodwillie signing), a new #10 or a new striker, it will be whoever the board are able to convince to put some substantial money into the club's coffers. Whether that is an additional consortium of some sorts or some mega wealthy sugar daddy, who knows. I am now much more pessimistic of our chances of going up next season.

    Before castigating mcglynn for the goodwillie signing you'd be better off trying to find out what actually happened. 

  12. 5 minutes ago, Tea and Busquets said:

    Whilst it’s all fun and games Dunfermline coming down, it’s going to make this league extremely difficult, and to even make the plays off will be a tough ask without investment. It’s been stated we must get out this league next year, and I don’t see that happening I’m afraid. Don’t want to be Mr doom and gloom, I just don’t see where the money is coming from to get the players we need.

    The money is coming from us the supporters buying season tickets. If we don't back the new board and management team then we won't get anywhere it's as simple as that. Mcglynn has already shown he can make the very most of his budget whilst at Raith so we need to give him every chance next season.

  13. 9 minutes ago, bridge of allan bairn said:

    Falkirk fans slagging off Yogi and Houston who were not only great players but great managers is incredibly sad, especially when you see what we've been served up on both playing and managing fronts in the last few years.

    And on the latapy front, one of the most gifted players I've watched, I remember several guys round me in the stadium frothing at the mouth because he was too slow, lazy and didn't track back!

    our fans continue to do it to this day. sometimes I think we deserve what we get

    utterly hacks me off legends getting slagged with the same old stuff. 

    They both did great jobs and I'm sure Hughes managerially would be seen in a better light by many if he hadn't hawked himself about to other clubs in his last year or so and then spat the dummy out when we quite rightly wouldn't let him go to Hibs for nothing. Houstie was great tactically and excellent at getting more out of other people's signings but surprisingly enough for someone who worked as a scout his own recruitment was dire.  Latapy great player and a joy to watch bit did struggle in the winter months. No surprise his worst season was the dreadful stenny one when the pitch turned into a quagmire with two sides playing on it. Great memories of all 3 .

  14. Every season under Hughes our record between the turn of the year and the split was absolutely awful mainly due to latapy struggling in the cold weather and heavy pitches. 

    Housties recruitment year on year was poor in the main unfortunately. The team regressed continually  due to this and was going to struggle eventually. When you are replacing the likes of vaulks with an absolute diddy in John Rankin and the likes of Alston with Alex Harris then you are going to have major problems. Yes you can't replace with the same quality but you need to do a lot better than that. Him announcing his retirement and Rory Loy turning into Jaime Wilson created the perfect storm unfortunately.

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