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  1. He red dots enough of us never mind the opposition. I just got one for simply asking a query.
  2. I'm amazed Brian McLean is still playing football. Looked done ten years odd ago when he played with us.
  3. Is that Ronnie Corbet in the Arbroath dug out
  4. So why are top flight clubs trialling safe standing and why do they need to ask for permission to install safe standing? Surely if there isn't a rule against standing in the top flight you can just put in what you want?
  5. Watching ICT v Arbroath. If Arbroath did somehow get promoted where would they play games? Dundee? They only have 800 seats at gayfield and whilst the 6k rule no longer applies to compete financially they need crowds bigger than 800 surely.
  6. I agree Airdrie are the better side but qp seem to be hitting a bit of form at the right time. Airdrie can leak goals too. Difficult one to call.
  7. So both teams are shite at the moment Yours has been shite for far longer than ours. In fact since the day it was formed basically in 2002 it's been pretty miserable.
  8. You average 2 man and a dug on a saturday FFS. We're still getting more than we got in the champ ten years ago.Even if our support halved it would still be double yours FFS. We've both got shit league one fitbaw teams. Yours currently a better one than ours after that the similarity ends.
  9. We've been a season away from part time or hybrid on here for about 4 years now and yet we're still full time and getting more than 2000 season tickets sold every season. I'd expect 2500 this year again. You've still not shown any evidence of a hugely dwindling fanbase either. Most of the drop in attendances can easily be explained by online streaming and lack of any sizeable away supports what so ever last season. If we go by the source of the stats you originally threw up unaltered Airdrie have lost approx 300 of a crowd on average per week since the 19/20 season . That's a third of your support and must surely be very concerning.
  10. Had the hangover from hell on that bus to those games though. Great sing song on the way back though.
  11. I just wish incompetence was all it was unfortunately it went a lot further than that.
  12. I'm choking to see a few hammer throwers in the squad anyway tbf Mcglynn definitely keen to bulk us up a bit that's for sure. We've been far too lightweight for a good few seasons now.
  13. I think we'd be naive to think that mcglynn hasn't seen us or at least had someone watching us since we first showed an interest in him. I'd expect him to know every player on our books. Plus Rennie will have info to pass on to him.
  14. Was at Raith on loan. Totally different style of left back to McCann that's for sure. Would meet the more physical requirements that mcglynn favours.
  15. We weren't prepared to pay what Clyde wanted so that was that. Raiths board were and are still paying for it and could be for some time yet.
  16. We showed an interest but not at the price clyde were asking as far as I know. Rennies away now so who gives a feck.
  17. That seemed to be the amount mentioned most by Raith fans on the Raith thread. Whether it's a pound or a thousand pounds it's a complete waste of money that's for sure.
  18. Well someone's telling Porkie pies that's for sure. I don't give a feck either way. It's raith that have to piss about trying to get a striker getting paid over a grand a week off their books not Falkirk. I'm more interested in what he does for us. No skin off my nose so I've no reason to make anything up and I certainly don't spend my time thinking about what sort of stuff I can make up on a message board I can assure you of that.
  19. Do we know if they've shafted everyone else they've sponsored were we the only ones stupid enough to fall for their pay monthly pish?
  20. You believe what you want if it makes you feel better.
  21. I think he only starts today. Probably be an interview on Falkirk TV.
  22. Fill the white in with blue and it could look okay.
  23. That was last week. It's on the club website.
  24. He'll be scanning our attendances every week. Seems to get more joy from us losing circa 600 folk since we came down than his own side playing in the playoff final.
  25. Feck me I'm shocked that Dunfermline had a bigger average attendance than us. I mean the likes of Kilmarnock, partick and Raith wouldn't bring more than the hoardes from cove and Montrose surely we had.
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