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  1. I am not a Rangers supporter anymore than I'm a Falkirk supporter and have probably been at more Falkirk games in recent years than Rangers games. Indeed if you paid attention my team is Linlithgow.

    But taking on your point how valuable was the game against Rangers to Falkirk last season. In additional gate money and match sponsorship etc? Indeed in beating them it gave further financial benefits that would not have come from beating another SPL team other than maybe Celtic.

    My original point was in relation to the BILE out there from so called Scottish Football fans for the demise of another Club and also the potential impact that demise will have to us all.

    Falkirk I used as one example based upon my own factual knowledge of the way they work being local.

    The falkirk game against rangers was a bonus last season and nothing more. We'd have still posted a profit whether we'd got them or not. The simplr fact is that rules are rules and must be followed. There was two options for sevco. One was acceptance to the SPL the other was acceptance via the third division . If the situation is that bad financially for Spl clubs then they should've allowed Sevco back into the SPL. They Didnt so the only fair option left is for Sevco is to apply for access to the third division and to work their way back through the leagues. Parachuting Sevco into the first division is a ludicrous and scandalous idea and I can assure you I wont be back in another scottish professional ground if this comes off. I'd have the same feelings if it was Celtic, Aberdeen, Motherwell orany other scottish football club although we know that celtic apart we wouldnt be having this debate if it as nay other club apart from Rangers. If rules are bended so much that we start fixing leagues then what is the point of supporting a league structure as corrupt as the SFL/SPL.

  2. He was murder. Never fit and even when he was fit he wasnt very good in the latter seasons. Basically got payed a fortune for lying on the treatment table. Had a good spell a few years back when getting played wide right in a front three but otherwise was a bug disappointment considering who he was brought in to replace. Was no surprise when he was crocked after only a few games for dundee last season. He'll struggle to play in half there games this season which is something that teams on tight budgets just cant afford. Couldnt be happier to see the back of him especially as he was replaced by a player who did everything he did but ten times better.

  3. Pressley on record that he is happy with the midfield players he has. Tend to agree. Need striker, wide player and centre half for sure.

    I'm not so sure. Millar will leave a big hole in my opinion and we really could do with a bit of a bear of a player in there . I'd also say we need at least two forwards as weatherston is a bit injury prone and White is still a country mile away from being ready for the first team and even Pressley realises that.

  4. Pressley says their looking at 500k plus add ons as a bare minimum for wallace so i very much doubt that he'll be going anywhere else in scotland unless celtic are looking at him. He's certainly the best young player i've seen at falkirk in the last twenty years. Sibbald is only 16 so it'll prob be a couple of years before anyone comes in for him. Duffie isn't far behind wallace so i reckon we'll be looking for a bit more than 200k for him. Fortunately the cup successes mean we arent desperate for cash or that might've forced our hand.

  5. Believe that Andrews will be the 1st choice keeper next season. Afterall, he is the current Scotland under-21 backup keeper. Barclay just looks to overweight to me and that will affect his mobility. Andrews looks more the keeper and has a season of first team football under his belt.

    Can't believe that nobody has piped up about the potential Darren Dodds signing. That would be an awful move. 35 years old and played only 4 games last year due to injury. We have limited scope to sign players and would prefer that we spent our money on filling spaces where we really could do with a leader. We have ample defenders:









    Give me a no nonsense central midfielder and a big striker who can hold the play up allowing his midfield to join the attack. Other than that, I am happy with the squad

    I disagree. We badly need a new backbone for the team. Centrback, centremid and centreforward. Whether its Dodds or not is another question but I wouldnt fancy a centre half partnership out of any of these guys. We'll probably need to sign more than one centreforward too as I've got a feeling there basically all out of contract next season.

  6. [/b]

    Was thinking the same myself.

    While I think Pedro would be great in Division 1, is he worth the financial problems his signing could cause ? After all we are probably safe from demotion and have waved goodbye to promotion. The only advantage I can see from him signing is he might pull in the punters for a few weeks.

    I would presume that if the Moutinho cash is being paid by an internal member of the club and not the club itself than signing Pedro will make no difference to our financial situation. It is though obvious that by not replacing Marr or Deuchar the board have basically resigned themselves to us being stuck in this division next season and are already trying to balance the books. This would also tell me that theres no way we will see the clown in the dugout being repalced no matter how bad things get between now and May.

  7. Okay Elvis has been poor and I think I want him away as well, but some of your points are just fcuking stupid.

    Miller has only been sent off once, I'm not his biggest fan either, but he's still young!! <_<

    How the fcuk can you blame Elvis for McManus getting injured? Think before you go near your PC FFS.

    Millar might only have been sent off once but how many times has he been booked? I'd be willing to overlook that too if he actually made other telling contributions to the team like Cregg did when he first arrived but the guy does absolutely nothing. I made a point of watching him in a couple of matches and he hardly even works up a sweat jogging from one area to another. We need a bear in the middle of the park who can put himself about for 90mins not just one or two silly tackles now and again. He might be young but he's played a t a decent level before do theres no excuse for his lack of interest. As for McManus it was unfortunate he got injured but Pressley then resigns him and we're now hearing it could be well into February before he gets back into the team. That's just ludicrous if you ask me. He isnt the only striker out there we could've signed for fecks sake and we need new faces now not in 3 or 4 weeks time.

    I reckon firing pressley now can only save us cash surely. If he's only contracted to May/June then the amount owed cant be ridiculous and crowds are already down by over 1000 on what we were getting earlier in the season. Add to that the fact that season tickets will be on sale shortly and we need to do something or theres no chance of anyone being stupid enough to buy one no matter what the price.

  8. I just cant believe that anyone can actually believe that Mark Millar has been a decent signing this season. He has been utterly woeful . He strolls about the pitch doing sweet FA and then when he does finally put a tackle in he usually ends up booked or sent off. Yes he scored a decent goal against Partick but thats been it since he signed. I'd punt him anywhere given the chance. As for the other signings Higginbottom is a sand dancer of the highest order and has no end product what so ever. You've got to ask why he was signed when we've already got Stewart, Flynn and compton in the side. Khalis is a young player who i feel has potential but he's not the finished article and needs time. Deuchar has to be seen as another failure . Pressley never played to his strengths and now he's away so its been basically money down the drain. Finally you had Marr who was no better really than what we already have and McManus who got injured after what three games if that. Signings can make or break a manager and I'm afraid Pressley has made a right arse of his.

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