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  1. McKnight McIntyre Mackay Sharp Marr Stewart Scrimgeour McVeigh Hill Ashwood Stewart
  2. Nor fellner who scored 4 goals in his 4 starts and 3 sub apps. He was decent for the first division. Lecsinel was top drawer when he played . Just not very reliable at turning up.
  3. Strange team all together. Not starting the likes of Chalmers who has been brilliant for them. St Johnstone's bottle didn't half crash in that second half though.
  4. Marshall Weir McQueen Gillespie Hughes Latapy Crunchie Baptie Stainrod Johnston McWilliams.
  5. Yes I think he was a god awful fullback for them too.
  6. Poor show losing to a side they ended up 21 points ahead of in the league. Best chance they've had of going up . Might not get another one that good.
  7. I've no idea why when we had the majority shate of the original group that the council were allowed to design the bloody stadium unless it was to reduce costs or something. We could've had a full ground on a smaller scale for that sort of money instead of a grandiose main stand which is being well underused. The club at least had the idea of using it for hospitality events and parties when George Craig put the marquee up and money started to flow in for the fcsl. However, the council pressured the fcsl management into dismantling all that to allow a company called Oran to take over the area. They did this and then Oran pulled out leaving no event facilities and no new Tennant. It's been a complete shambles by the council from start to finish.
  8. If he's fit enough he'd be a decent shout. Played 46 times for Aberdeen and Scotland the season before last but obviously missed a lot of last season with an injury. Cove sounds a more realistic location for him though.
  9. It's actually a 175 year lease. The problem has been that the clubs deal in all this has progressively got worse as time goes on. At the start the stadium company that was created to build and run the stadium had Falkirk FC as it's majority owner. It was supposed to fund expanding the stadium by developing the land around it. The council though having said verbally originally that the ground included in the deal was right up to the railway went back on their word and it only included land up to the grangemouth road junction. The council managed to prevent any development going through too as it wanted to develope the land over at the fire station first. This then meant fcsl was no longer viable in its setup back then and the assets were to be split between the club and the council. However, due to the council having put up the 2 million quid for the north stand and loans to keep the fcsl going it meant they now had the upper hand and why we no longer own but lease the land the stadium is built on. Funnily enough accountancy advice at this time was through KPMG and Gary deans.
  10. I'm sure he'll have seen him play or had someone watching him.
  11. Nearly 9million quid. 3 million of that was the council's that they put back in. ,The rest the club had but 2.2 million was owed to the stadium city group in loans to Eddie Healey and others and legal fees. We therefor put in approx 3m and the council put in approx 3m.
  12. The 3 million quid was the money they got from the sale of Brockville as they owned a third of the land. It was ploughed back into the new stadium. It wasn't just cash the council had lying about and wouldn't have been available without selling Brockville and moving elsewhere.
  13. If the board was leaky we'd have known about mcglynn a good while before it happened.
  14. You would reasonably expect Holt to be on peanuts but then there was a good chance his dad agreed his deal so he's probably the highest paid player at the club.
  15. It was thistle that dumped him just before we picked him up was it no and now he's going back. Funny old game right enough.
  16. Giving him any longer than to the end of the season was nuts.
  17. Yeah. If we're going for an older player I'd much rather it was in the McCracken , Dodds mould . We'll have Watson coming back at some point too and he's no spring chicken. We don't want dad's army at the back.
  18. I don't see him being a right back for us in this league that's for sure. If we're going to be playing some decent football we'll need a full back that can get forward and cross a ball. As a centreback it depends who he's alongside.
  19. Christ. Not much of an upgrade on McKenna apart from his pens. Amazing to think that queen's park have been promoted despite winning less games in the league than our dross this season.
  20. Yes you do get that case that sometimes a second bottom top flight club is that bad they lose out to the championship club. Basically it should be two down every season. That we agree on. Just depends on how you want to choose the teams below.
  21. I was pointing out that last season they had flung money at their side to get up so probably had a bigger budget than Killie. Most seasons though that will be far from the case.
  22. Seems to be taking it all the way with this tribunal mind you.
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