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  1. No he wasn't. He wasn't absolutely pish at Sunderland or hibs. Got Sunderland to a cup final and the playoff final which they've never been at since. Many Sunderland fans felt he was sacked far too early. He then took Hibs to 3rd place and two cup finals and I don't think Hibs can really expect much better than that. Certainly wasn't absolutely pish that's for sure.
  2. Lot of sub apps at torontothough. His problem when he was with us was that he couldn't tackle. Got torn to shreds by any winger with pace. Wasn't a patch on Kingsley who came along before him.
  3. Cifti as well he was well off the pace at Motherwell a few years back.
  4. Aye and the usual pish about him being a player that likes to puff his chest out.
  5. I think George Clarke scored on his debut and then got a double in his second game or the other way round can't quite recall. Same season as lytwin and he disappeared even quicker than him.
  6. What's gone on with QP? I know we're not ones to talk but I think everyone thought you'd be much stronger this season Followed our lead of appointing a useless rookie manager basically.
  7. That would mean Ruths fecked if he wants to play football again this season. I would presume those youth sides don't count.
  8. Is it not worth going back to 4 at the back now at least till Dixon's casts off. Watson and ATS must be better than Watson, ATS and either hall or bloody McKay.
  9. If he stayed fit being the main question mark . 10 goals in 18 starts at qp would say he'd get pretty close to 20 in a full season. Unfortunately for him hes as reliable on that front as Williamson these days.
  10. He also moved on Davie NIC for some crazy reason . Yogis post Xmas slump was all too often an occurrence unfortunately.
  11. If dowds or kabia get injured though then your really struggling for two up top although I suppose we still have till end of February to cover that if necessary.
  12. Not when you ask like that that's for sure. I don't expect people just to take my word for it . I haven't taken anyone elses on here for a start. Up to people to make their own minds up using the info they have available.
  13. Info I received was yesterday so I'm not convinced it's dead and buried.
  14. I never said it was definitely not happening I always said I would need proof from people I trust first of all. I wasn't going to take it as genuine just because someone said it on here.
  15. I said until I heard it from someone gen I wouldn't give it any credence. That doesn't mean I can't change my mind once I have more information to hand.
  16. If he wanted to go back to Ireland better not standing in his way and having him moping about. Shame we couldn't have swapped him for the boy they have transferred to st Johnstone.
  17. I heard they are still trying to agree a fee with Clyde. We want to pay in installments and add-ons whilst Clyde want more up front.
  18. Not sure about an off day , we played much the same as we played against Clyde a couple of games before but fortunately we were playing a worse side and we had a boy who could finish.
  19. Would he come back after last season's shambles mind you. Must've been absolutely soul destroying for a young player stuck in that side getting gubbed every week. I'm not sure he'd jump at the chance.
  20. A week ago we wouldn't have got a result as it was kabia that made all the difference. I doubt we'll get a result playing that badly next week so we will need to improve greatly. I'm just not convinced that without more new faces we can improve anywhere near enough to get results against teams like Montrose so hopefully new faces at the back this week.
  21. Not at all as I've said already there are players in the team like miller, Mackay and hall who pep guardiola could improve so we're unfortunately limited till they are replaced with better players. Biggest concern yesterday though was the sudden lack of real attacking threat from the side. That had certainly improved but yesterday took a step back again just thankfully the young lad managed to take his two chances very well and that was the difference. We're back up to a level where we can beat the dross again which had become a real struggle under sheerin. Now it's time to see how we do against the better sides which we've really struggled to make any impact against. Montrose away will show us where we are currently. Hopefully more bodies in this week .
  22. I don't think it matters a jot yesterday they were absolutely howfing and if that had been a week before we would've got a point at best without the young boys brace. Too many of these players just aren't interested in their own performances I'm afraid. These aren't young kids needing confidence they're all experienced players and a good number of them just don't give a f**k.
  23. Absolutely no consistency in our performances at all at the moment. Clyde dreadful. Dumbarton a lot better attack wise but still looked weak at the back. Airdrie dire first half second half picked it up you kind of hoped that they'd take on the second half performance into the east Fife game but no first half was horrific and second wasn't much better. Couple of good saves from Martin kept us in it and that's against ten men. It's incredible how guys that have nearly all played at higher levels can put out performances like that in league one. Mystifies you how any of them earned a living higher up the league's.
  24. Here we go again read my bloody post. I don't expect him to bloody criticise the bloody players in public. Honestly. I sometimes wonder if people get past the first word of a post before fecking replying. Read it properly FFS.
  25. It's made absolutely no difference all season praising them in public no matter how shite they've actually played so it's going to make feck all difference now. Players should need to earn praise and not simply get it no matter what dross they put on show.
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