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  1. He didn't play a lot for thistle either. We should've at least ensured we had a decent backup if we were signing him but instead we didn't bother our arse.
  2. Ludicrous that miller's our only real option at right back. Williamson has been a chronic signing.
  3. Nah . Paid a fortune into the club over the last 40 odd years so definitely not.
  4. Not really keen on giving the sheisters destroying the club my money to be honest.
  5. Or I could just ask the club for one that's the far simpler route.
  6. How were they contradictory? I said Scotland raise your hopes up and then dash them. Anyone who follows the national team knows that. I followed them for years here there and everywhere. I then said I no longer allow myself to get my hopes up and no longer follow them here there and everywhere. That's pretty clearly not contradictory as there are still people out there getting their hopes dashed on a regular basis by the Scotland team it's just these days I'm not one of them.
  7. Contradict myself . I said they get the fans hopes up only to dash them. I have therefor no longer get my hopes up about Scotland anymore so I don't get my hopes dashed Pretty clear that as I've said it two or three times. In fact I rarely bother watching them these days at all whilst once upon a time I followed them all over Europe .
  8. It was very rare if at all in those days for players to say ah feck it I can't be arsed playing for Scotland anymore I'm not putting myself forward for selection. The old I'm retiring to extend my domestic career is something that's come into football in recent times that you never ever heard back then. It was mainly a more natural case of older players being replaced by younger players or managers just telling them that was it thanks for your contribution. Far easier to get players to turn up mind you when you have a half decent side.
  9. Normal football weekends are just far better than the international breaks in my opinion obviously. Game on a Friday night. Watch the early sat games, 3 o'clock game keeping an eye on all the different scores. Watch the Saturday night game motd, sportscene then Sunday you've got more games to watch. Then you have the midweek games champ league etc. I find it difficult to get any real interest in other international fixtures outside world cups and euros but that's just me.
  10. Did you not read my post. I don't get excited about Scotland games these days. I don't have hopes to be dashed. I've followed them to games all over the place when I was younger . World cups, euros here there and everywhere and that was when we had a decent side. I've learned not to expect anything. So when we eventually achieve something if we ever do then it will be a pleasant surprise. Each to his own but it's just not for me these days. I just look forward to the end of the international break and back to the bread and butter stuff.
  11. They always had great team spirit under the likes of brown and Roxburgh. In fact in those days you seldom got players pulling out for hee haw or retiring from international football in their early thirties. Used to always be that Scotland retired the player by not picking them not the other way round.
  12. What a load of shite. Scotland do get your hopes up and then dash them just look at the folk that still follow them in case one of these days it might actually be different. I've learned now adays not to get my hopes up for exactly that reason. Now thanks for your contribution and time spent raking up quotes but I'm sure the livie thread needs you far more than we do.
  13. More of a sandwich man myself . Their Mexican chicken wraps are very tasty.
  14. Of course but you know that a decent result will have the happy clappers back on side and saying oh give them time and all that pish so the level of vitriol will be much less after.beating Airdrie than losing to them.
  15. They'll be praying for a win Saturday or they'll get pelters.
  16. Aye just ,against 80th ranked srael and the 118th ranked faroes. Let's face it when your having to play punters like grant Hanley you're never going to get anywhere. We used to be spoilt for choice for centre Half's and centre forwards and now we're really scraping the bottom of the barrell. I've not got a problem with folk getting excited about these games but I've been through the mill with Scotland when we've had far better sides than this which culminated in standing in a stadium in st etienne after a 3 0 dribbling by morocco so I tend to now not get my hopes up and let them surprise me. On a brighter note tickets available for the grill the board night from 7pm tonight.
  17. At least if we had the right manager in charge we could actually start moving back up the leagues again Scotland could have pep guardiola in charge and they'd still be shite these days.
  18. Of course I am. Football is a real struggle these days when you are a Falkirk and Scotland supporter though Two piss poor teams that used to be half decent and are great at getting your hopes up just to dash then back on to the rocks of despair. Must be boring being a fan of successful teams but it would be nice for a change.
  19. Christ it's twenty odd years since I got excited about a Scotland match. Last nights effort against the hundred eighteenth rated side in the world was brutal. Back in those days scraping a result against the 80th ranked side in the world was seen as not good enough. Now it's celebrated like we've won something. It's hard enough watching the bairns never mind that bunch these days.
  20. I'm with you. Hate international breaks and think the vast majority of football fans are beginning to feel that way. Can't wait to get them out the way and get back to the bread n butter.
  21. Were we not still predominantly part time back then mind you?
  22. That night at Hamilton was a tremendous night. Played some brilliant stuff,atmosphere was superb and it was all kicking off behind the goals in the home end. Billy was a great manager .
  23. Big difference is miller won fouls whilst Ruth just gets himself booked.
  24. It's the spfls fault. Player should only be able to represent one team at any time full stop . If we are paying his wages in full we should be deciding when and who he plays for.
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