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  1. No idea why the BBC don't tell him to smarten himself up. What is it about that hearts period that produced so many utter tramps like Pressley, neilson and Hartley.
  2. Problem will be next season if we don't go up. Can't see many people wanting to part with the full whack again for another season down here. Rawlins may need to get his chequebook out to give us a more competitive budget .
  3. Possibly although let's face it it wasn't a priority I suppose. Mind you none of the priority needs got filled really anyway and I'm still not sure mclelland and neilson would be getting as much game time if it hadnt been for injuries. We badly needed a decent left sided playern that should've been number one but we ended up with Fotheringham whose not really ready to be a regular yet plus he's not really a left winger anyway. Mutch needs to get his finger out now that's for sure. He's our only option and it's the business end of the season where we can't afford any feckups like yesterday. We need a minimum of 6 top class error free performances from him from now on.
  4. I still think mutch played better when there was more pressure on him to perform. At the moment he has no competition. You also get the feeling that if it hadn't been for injuries the money saved from a backup keeper would've been spent on someone else that wouldn't have played like McClelland or Deveney anyway.
  5. I think yesterday showed that there's no real need for one sitting midfielder for the majority of games in this league never mind the two they were playing not that long ago. The only position that is still a weakness is left wing until Connolly comes back. Sammon hopefully will improve his finishing a bit with more game time. He's hardly kicked a ball in months some will say years.🙈
  6. If we lose Saturday then 18 or 22 I doubt we'll win the league. 18 maybe our best chance of coming second.
  7. It's strange how he was back on the bench for one game, didn't play and then disappeared again.
  8. He got a chance with us and had an absolute howler of a game if I remember correctly and never recovered from it with us.
  9. Peter grant was Gary holt not Houston. Youve named a handful of decent signings . What about the dross like David Smith, Rory boulding, Alex cooper, Taylor Morgan, tudur Jones, ,Kevin McCann, Ryan sinnamon,. Fraser aird, gasparotto, John Rankin, Liam Henderson, Alex Harris etc. Your never going to improve a side if your signing success rate is as low as 50 percent or even less. Far too many crap signings.
  10. He upped his game with proper competition too. At the moment he's assured of his place every week.
  11. Mutch should've saved the goal blindfolded. No point in leitch beating a man and then punting it into the stand. Final product is nowhere near good enough. Thought Sammon played well but a 9? He should've had at least one goal and needs to improve his finishing. His effort was first class for a change though.
  12. You just know we'll set up to eke out a draw next week and get pumped.
  13. Should've been far easier but fecking about with a sub leading to mutch letting in a shot your granny could save meant we're shiting it for the last 10 mins or so.
  14. Far too long to make a change. Mutch should've saved that.
  15. Big neilson oozes quality. He should have been starting long before now.
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