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  1. Mr Dean's seems to think so and has been planning just for that. Training starts back june 10th.
  2. Yeah not sure why the herald highlighted todd as being out of contract unless his deal really was promotion dependant. The promotion clause has been rumoured but never actually confirmed by the club.Would be good if the club could clarify who exactly is out of contract at the moment.
  3. The odd pre season.friendly is one thing but I cant see people buying a season ticket to see 4 or 5 months of friendlies on the tv.
  4. The herald only mentioned 3 players as being out of contract. Todd, joh stone and hall. Would be good to have clarification on the others.
  5. I've done the same with virginton. Makes the board a much more enjoyable place.
  6. I'm sure kieran will have this all in hand. He's the one shining light we've had on the board over the last few years. I'm 100 percent confident he'll get things sorted.
  7. Sponsorship shouldn't be too much of an issue as long as the games are being shown on some sort of tv/streaming service. I'm sure just like we are doing at the moment with the reruns people will be happy to sponsor the matchball etc. Obviously hospitality will be a loss unless some sort of restricted access is allowed . Easier to control this than people in the stadium itself. Will depend on when the govt allows restaurants etc to open again I suppose.
  8. Try selling tickets for something that means nothing. Cant see that being a goer at all.
  9. You'll have some clubs who are harmed by playing behind closed doors and others who could be harmed by not playing at all. Will be interesting to see how they treat both these situations fairly.
  10. I would presume that if a team is ready and willing to play they need to facilitate that surely.
  11. They were in admin though and I'm sure these days all football debts have to be repaid. I'm sure we'd face sanctions of some sort for doing it..
  12. I thought it was Dudley Sutton getting interviewed.
  13. There would surely be a riot if the spfl board stepped in ffs. Not as if they're a truly independent body for a start.
  14. Well I'm still of the opinion that it's better for falkirk to be playing even behind closed doors for half a season than sitting doing nothing and it appears that the falkirk chairman agrees and you guys disagree so we'll just need to wait and see.
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