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  1. Loads of clubs announce signings before they are able to play . I'd be more worried about us announcing it before he'd actually signed.
  2. The only thing that gives me the fear more than playing a team full of exe Falkirk players is playing a team full of exe Falkirk players that were totally honking for us. Doesn't bode well.
  3. I was told 5 to 6 weeks. Certainly never heard anything about the season. Glad we've got another player in . Just a shame we've got a lot of bodies that will be lucky to get a sniff this season. Money down the drain.
  4. He couldn't get a game for our worst side in 30 years so that should say it all.
  5. I'm not sure we'll sign another wide player. I'm not saying we don't need one it's just we've got that many players that can play wide I reckon they'll see those positions as covered.
  6. No chance of that. They're not going to admit another complete feckup so soon after the Alan Gow fiasco.
  7. Poor lads having to play like the first team did last Saturday. Easy for Fergus though. Just play shite and as if you can't be arsed.
  8. They seem to be able to get these guys jobs outside football as well as paying them to play football which is how they entice these players.
  9. Everyone knows that the January window is a terrible time to sign players. Haughey isn't a fool he's in no rush to get out of this league just now until they have the infrastructure in place for it. They were never going to fling money at it that's just not his style. More chance of seeing them push for it next season.once their stadium is sorted etc. We can't use them as an excuse for not getting promoted this season that's for sure. They were bang average against us and we should be able to put a side on the park to beat them comfortably to the title this season.
  10. I reckon they'd expect us to be a lot better but still haven't invested much in their side really. They know they need to grow the club slowly and not do a gretna. That and they're playing every game away from home which is no advantage. We should be able to stick a team on the park to comfortably win this league but due to more incompetence we are little betterif any than the rest of the dross at this level
  11. Our first team budget is still higher than theirs in my opinion . You only have to look at their squad. It's hardly as if they are rangers when they were in league one.
  12. Up to hetherington getting sent off they never looked like scoring and I'm pretty confident we would've won comfortably if it had been 11 v 11. We made alloa look like a decent team on Saturday.
  13. Airdrie comfortably beating alloa tonight just sums up how bad we were on Saturday.
  14. It's certainly quite an achievement failing to get promotion with the biggest budget in the league but we seem to manage it on a regular basis these days.
  15. I've heard he's honking played out wide but we'll just have to wait and see I suppose.
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