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  1. Gallacher, Ballatoni, McBride and Shepherd was punted out on loan. Thats 11 my 12 was an approx.
  2. Houston had the second biggest budget in the league and yet had us bottom. Hartley brought in 7 players and emptied about 12 so the cost neutral idea isnt as pie in the sky as you would think.
  3. aye that would actually mean we had some key players to have injuries.
  4. I would've kept him before Durnan any day. The edge that is of course.
  5. He was great at getting the best out of other peoples signings but his own recruitment was utter drivel in the main. Alex Harris , Taylor Morgan, Alec Cooper, David Smith. Tudur Jones, Rory Boulding,Kevin mccann,Ryan Sinnamon,fraser aird, john rankin, were the worst of the dross he signed whilst there was also a number of players who never got better than utterly mediocre. You could count the decent signings on one hand and it didnt need to be a fifers hand at that. Loved him as a player and he did a good job the first 3 seasons but he left at the right time or we simply would have been in league one a year earlier. No wins in 7 and no sign of it getting any better even though we had the second biggest buget in the league at the time. Hartley came in and punted players out and brought in some decent replacements on a cost neutral basis and we stayed up comfortably. The problems started then but if we had kept Houston we would have been in league one at that point.
  6. We had players with legs who could drive the team on like Alston and Vaulks then. We dont have any of that type now. Gomis is the closest but hes too old to keep up a high tempo.
  7. Unfortunately far too many of them are happy to hide away from doing any work.
  8. Problem is its immaculate when he goes on the park and immaculate when he comes back off.
  9. Probably because this is a guy that cruised it when St Mirren won the championship a couple of years back but when he plays for us he looks like a feckin Sunday league player.
  10. Sammon scores goals if you create chances. Mcmillan misses too many chances for me unfortunately.
  11. God not this pish again. If we had spent enough money to build a 10000 seater ground on players we would've been challenging the old firm not struggling in the championship at the time.
  12. You're spot on mate. The amount of money being made available to the manager isn't the big issue here its how it's being spent and the amount of caash being pissed down the drain on serial management payoffs.
  13. Cluj didnt even make the champions league ffs as slavia prague put them out without much difficulty.. Wasnt that long ago that we were getting sides through to the knock out stages and now they cant even get to the final playoff spot. Steua bucharest have been poor for years now. Romanian football has gone the same way we have just not quite as bad as us at the moment.
  14. If hammerings by belgium twice and russia once are signs of improvement.
  15. Doesnt matter who they play for if when they come together they are dross. Pumped 3-0 by Khazakstan is as much rock bottom as you can get.
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