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  1. To add to the array of talent Ross Wilson has sent us?🤔
  2. Heard the game might be off tomorrow due to our injury count.
  3. You'll probably get some people who don't want to buy a season unless they think they'll actually see games live.
  4. Surely if limited to less than the number of season holders a straight draw should take place. The people who miss out then get priority for the next game and so on.
  5. People complaining that folk who still support their home town club even though they live hundreds and hundreds of miles away get to watch the games a bit cheaper sums some of our support up. Honestly you couldn't make it up.
  6. That was one wee mention by you at the end though. The other page of stuff was about trips to Florida and the pros and cons of capitalism.😂
  7. We're going way off topic again FFS. If it's covid at least link.it to fitbaw and not the history of the feckin financial sector.
  8. In the top flight the away clubs are only allowed to show the games live to people who live abroad. This means the away teams can charge a subscription to show them. Anyone in this country has to purchase the match via the home teams stream otherwise. I would think league one will be something similar. Noones being mugged off it's just the way the rules are set out on TV coverage. If you're that desperate just get a VPN FFS.
  9. I guess the first half was a bit of a non event then going by the highlights. Excited by the likes of Morrison and Francis I've got to say and keena looks very sharp. Robbie didn't cover himself in too much glory with that cross from the Ayr boy which is very unlike him.
  10. Problem is every time I hear the word leitch just now my body immediately switches off to escape the mind numbingly boring info spewed ad nauseum on the radio.
  11. Kingsley Dixon durnan mercer Mutch Seems fine to me.
  12. Aye but sneddon may be nowhere near ready to play left back at this level. In the friendlies it looked to me as if he was coming on and getting a bit of game time at left midfield.
  13. Kingsley Dixon durnan mercer would be my defence.
  14. Not sure you really want two left sided centre Half's in your side and then who are you going to play at left back if the boy from Camelon isn't ready yet. See Ayr had muirhead and Joe Chalmers playing for them today.😂
  15. Decent result against Ayr today. Still a few players to come back in so we can only get better.
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