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  1. As soon as the window closed he'd have been back playing as normal for another season. If he'd downed tools he'd have struggled to get any sort of decent move in the next summer window. We should've activated the clause and kept him. He'd have moped for a couple of weeks but as I say come the transfer window closing he'd have been fine.
  2. One of the biggest mistakes we made was not enforcing the clause for another year. Crazy stuff again by Lang and co.
  3. He has more off than on though. He should be tearing this league apart with his ability but it's one good game every now and again . That's why he's playing with us in league one despite his bags of talent.
  4. I've seen some of the performances he can put in. Christ I remember Ayr away in the league cup just after he'd joined he ran the show. They couldn't get the ball off him without booting him up in the air. He was brilliant. You then look at last Saturday and you hardly knew he was playing . He should be sticking out like a sore thumb every week at this level but too many games he's just another player.
  5. Telfers got piles of skill but he disappears in games far too often. We know what he's capable of he needs to do it far more often though. League one should be a scoosh for him but he needs to be more willing to get his sleeves rolled up and stuck in when the going gets tough.
  6. Normally telfers running away from the ball unfortunately.
  7. No he wasn't. He wasn't absolutely pish at Sunderland or hibs. Got Sunderland to a cup final and the playoff final which they've never been at since. Many Sunderland fans felt he was sacked far too early. He then took Hibs to 3rd place and two cup finals and I don't think Hibs can really expect much better than that. Certainly wasn't absolutely pish that's for sure.
  8. Lot of sub apps at torontothough. His problem when he was with us was that he couldn't tackle. Got torn to shreds by any winger with pace. Wasn't a patch on Kingsley who came along before him.
  9. Cifti as well he was well off the pace at Motherwell a few years back.
  10. Aye and the usual pish about him being a player that likes to puff his chest out.
  11. I think George Clarke scored on his debut and then got a double in his second game or the other way round can't quite recall. Same season as lytwin and he disappeared even quicker than him.
  12. What's gone on with QP? I know we're not ones to talk but I think everyone thought you'd be much stronger this season Followed our lead of appointing a useless rookie manager basically.
  13. That would mean Ruths fecked if he wants to play football again this season. I would presume those youth sides don't count.
  14. Is it not worth going back to 4 at the back now at least till Dixon's casts off. Watson and ATS must be better than Watson, ATS and either hall or bloody McKay.
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