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  1. I reckon they've done that already to be honest. Probably be away when his contract ends.
  2. The monkey seems to have freed himself from the organ grinder. Can't think that Lawell will be too happy after he apologised and said it was the wrong thing to do last week. Mixed messages isn't a good sign and probably puts Lennon one step closer to the exit door. This can only be a final attempt to get the tubes of the green brigade back on his side.
  3. He was never going to come back. The sooner people accept this and move on the better. Second times around hardly ever work out anyway. Better to look ahead and not back. He'll do ok at county as they've got piles of dough but too much went on at the end of his time here for him to come back.
  4. 3rd in the league and as you say he helped. Seems to have done nothing of note since mind you. Managing that behemoth of the footballing world Barbados just now.
  5. I seem to remember him in a game against either hearts or rangers in the cup can't quite remember hitting his own post with a clearance late in the game.
  6. He burnt his bridges with his greeting about the club quite rightly wanting compensation from Hibs for taking him as manager. Why he expected us to let him go for nothing is beyond me. He couldn't even just move on quietly but nearly had a punch up with Pressley when he returned. Yogi believed too much of his own hype which is a shame after so many decent years.
  7. We had Irvine, McCoy and crunchie up front one season if I remember correctly. Not a bad strike force. Jim Hughes was one of my favourite of that time. Cracking player.
  8. Was that the classic 8 1 defeat by Celtic reserves? He was that bad that night yogi brought himself on to replace him.
  9. Was he not another one who was predominantly shit then had a decent run and got a move elsewhere out of it but like higginbottom and to.a lesser extent Millar who at least we got one decent season out of and an even better loan spell.
  10. Unfortunately pressleys not in post at the moment.
  11. What a signing he was. Signed from Air united and never won a single league game with us . Was back playing for Ayr United before the end of October. That's right up there with some of Hartley and McKinnon's signings.
  12. He was the no2 so has to take a share of the blame for some of the shite may signed.
  13. He only started 14 games that season . Pressley was away by then anyway. A number of his better signings like leahy and vaulks only got a game once he'd fecked off. To be successful in football you need to appoint a manager who gets the odd signing wrong. We keep appointing managers that get the odd signing right. As long as it's like that we'll.go nowhere fast.
  14. Folk seem to forget the banners in the south stand and the meeting in the west stand when 400 folk turned up wanting Pressley to feck off but were ignored by Ritchie.
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