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  1. Ekka peeka ekka peeka oh I think we are singing now though am sure Talbot won mapper
  2. If u don't know what the penalty is for how can u say its soft was Cumnock penalty a penalty then let's see what the highlights are before u judge
  3. Oh Darvel legend u do make us laugh at the beginning you were anti Darvel due to the new management team then they made the big signings and u sorted out ur differences and started to belive u lot would win everything easily and now u don't know where u go from here I know where they go from here get used to losing games and accept yous are not good enough to be in with the big boys and learn to walk before u can run
  4. Quite easy why u never equalised its called not putting the ball in the net and possibly good saves from their keeper which he is paid to do unless u didn't know the laws of football but welcome back to earth with your defeat maybe now you lot will realise how hard this league is from now on
  5. Talbot on the way up and they would beat this celtic side no problem now for a celtic fan u must admit ur team is crap
  6. I thought it wouldn't be long till u popped up oh well with Talbot winning after 18 months out u winning still playing let's see what happens when u play us that's if ur a Darvel supporter by then
  7. Did the celtice manger say his side deserved 3 pts tonight lol [emoji38][emoji23][emoji1787]
  8. And we went 3 leagues down but we have came back up and we will rule now u had ur chance to rule for the next 20 years shame ur owners won't put their hands in their pockets and build on success they would rather u failed in Europe
  9. Don't wether to cry or laugh for Scotland they have done us an embarrassment but for rangers u have done us proud get it in u I have never seen a fall from grace greater than this celtic lot
  10. Has always I open my mouth and these money spenders still win oh well I think they will be in for a surprise when they met the real glaticos
  11. He has done it at last well done morelos that's him worth 50 million now
  12. Was he not coming back from a serious knee injury when he signed for celtic
  13. What a dive hope he is in the Olympics same has his teammate absolutely shocking
  14. You have to beat teams like Ross County celtic etc to play teams like byern leverkusen funny enough mind u if ur a celtic fan you wouldn't know what it's like to beat teams like bayern leverkusen it's been a while since u have now jog on we will take a win regardless who we play it's a step closer to winning the league which is important
  15. Celtic are on their way back to dubai has its to cold to play in Scotland [emoji38][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji81]
  16. Oh what's keltys recored in the Scottish under Barry oh era can't get by the first hurdle get it up them they said Talbot beat them was a fluke lol
  17. Not sure wether ur comment is like decision made let's play or sarcastic to everyone in saying oooppppsss get it up you which coming from the rule breakers I wouldn't be surprised if it was sarcastic but hey we ain't surprised your happy but it's going to be a long time before you get fans in if you have any by the time you slaughter them but if promotion means so much rather than a pandemic good luck oh by the way has a professional team does the tax man know this thats the point
  18. Hmmmm don't get me wrong here has there not been any games for 2 weeks now that's good enjoyment for u to watch [emoji6]
  19. Fair enough celtic outplayed Rangers in the first half the sending off was right and then rangers took the only chance they had footballs a funny old game cause if I am right did rangers not out play celtic in the cup game last year and lost has they say what comes around goes around
  20. Well to be fair I agree with u and Darvel legend but what Darvel management team don't realise is the fans are around longer than them its how the clubs work in our game but if they don't want to listen to all sides of fans views thats their hard luck cause only the club will suffer which will be a shame but good luck hope they do listen to yous before its to late
  21. God does this mean Lenton still in a job wow where did this team turn up
  22. If celtic keep getting put out Europe early they will be the same soon and also if u haven't noticed every team in Scotland are making losses in fact every team in the world so just go and have a cry cause ur team can't play in Europe anymore
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