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  1. Lol I am not sure what he is cause for 1 thing he ain't no talbot supporter in fact I am sure they have a an illness
  2. Talbot supporter are u seriously asking this question cause if u are ur no talbot supporter and if ur someone under a different name shame on you hope to god u get found out and shamed cause ur no talbot supporter with questions like this in fact ur not a real person if u can't see or read the news
  3. Good luck in the seniors clydebank u might need it
  4. Jim I wouldn't probably do it I just hope the guy trys to only promote his club not all the other crap i understand its a new thing to be up near the top and u get excited but they have a long way to go to be considered a top team and they need to learn this and put the effort in to the club rather than annihilate his club u never hear any of the talbot committee slagging off ex players or other clubs and yeah has a football supporter I can hope they lose but if u seen my other post I did say it would be nice to see them win has it would be 3 ayrshire teams in the semis
  5. Hold on regardless wether it was an ex player or like me a supporter he has no right in saying that has he is an offical of a club dont forget the guy from the region was gone yes a bit more serious but still came out his mouth if something is not done about this guy I will make a formal complaint to whoever I need to cause he has no right to slag any team player or a ex player or even the sjfa off
  6. Ok apology accepted we agree to disagree on issues but a bit of advise if your in a committee or have a title with the club be careful what u say cause at the end of the day ur ment to be promoting your club not get into slanting matches with supporters or ex players or players of clubs it dont look good on your club so I suggest u stay off here for a bit but upto u
  7. Darvel legend u apologised to the person u thought it was but u haven't to me even though u aimed it all to me which for a man of ur stature within the club I find appalling.
  8. Come on Darvel legend do I get an apology has well has u just slated me on pie and bovril
  9. Lol amateur football I have supported talbot for the past 40 year I have seen the down side to talbot and seen the good ur only just seening the good side of darvel cause I do remember when darvel where nowhere but always at the bottom of the pile in the juniors yeah I give u credit for what they have done now will it last who knows other teams have tried that and failed so my guess is it probably wont but dont call someone an amateur when you know nothing about me ur a joke of a guy and has always an embarrassment to football and ur club
  10. Yeah I am waiting for it what is going to be said is the sjfa favour fife teams they dont like a successful team like darvel winning they had 14 players on the pitch they must have paid the ref and there was a dog on the pitch lol
  11. Dont get me wrong killie 65 I do hope darvel get through has it would be 3 ayrshire teams In the semis . i must admit its darvel legend who does ur club no good with the amount of crap that comes out of his mouth on this site so that's why I hope u get beat cause it might shut him up for a bit
  12. Hope to god u get the biggest defeat ever u deserve it
  13. I used to have a good laugh and banter on here but some of the comments about talbot today has been nothing but disgraceful u call urself men or women u should be ashamed of urselfs for ur comments u all need to grow up and for some people who represent their club u should be ashamed to be in football and yes u darvel legend u big up darvel so much yeah u get criticised right or wrong but ur comments have gone beyond that ur an embarrassment to football now and dont anyone of you lot know these guys cannot only not play football but cant work either so they lose money but all ur doing is bringing it all about talbot and not thinking about thease guys and their familys and kids has they may struggle to earn a wage for a week or 2 so ur comments arent about Talbot but it's a personal attack on the players for beigning ill hope none of u get ill cause if u do dont expect anyone to have sympathy
  14. U said a competitive match do u remember this cause it looks like that was a competitive match
  15. Oh if u know ur history which u clearly dont talbot have played Cameron on more than 1 occasion u probably dont remember it cause we beat u all the time and to be fair ur nothing but an idiot any way
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