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  1. Read an article yesterday about making a bottle of infinity whisky. Writer spoke about adding a dram to an empty bottle each time he opened a new one. Seems like quite an interesting idea. Have any of to big lads tried it?
  2. Prayers for family and all at St. Rochs.
  3. Potato ricer is the only utensil required here. You're welcome.
  4. Worked in a factory for a few weeks and they are very good at making sure you took your break although you usually had to wait until a supervisor could cover you on the line. Was usually within 15 mins either side though.
  5. Also worth mentioning that QP would need thistle's permission for the game to be a Friday or Saturday as thistle have also been drawn at home and obviously have first dibs on the pitch. Just going by Jane Lewis reaction when going through the ties QP killie sounds like a shoe in for their first choice Thought that too at the time. Although it was part of what must have been one of the eggiest half time segments ever seen. Craig Moore tried but Darren Jackson was a stammering wreck. A right cringefest.
  6. Did you find that Glencairn down the back of the couch? I am currently not a whisky lover having had one too many on Saturday night.
  7. I only saw the first 15 mins of the second half. Looked like there were plenty of goals to be had and the match could have gone either way. Another bite at the cherry.
  8. Looks a right good do that. Hope the weather holds out and you get a good attendance pal.
  9. Whitletts v Arthurlie. That was a belter a few weeks back.
  10. LinkedIn. The biggest waste of time imaginable. Full of cringey motivational quotes and cringey people posting an e-certificate they got for completing an online course on the latest cringey awareness initiative. In. The. Sea.
  11. You're supposed to be our correspondent! Get on the phone man!
  12. As a long distance fan, the service (in every sense of the word) provided by Killiepiyo has been a godsend and Shanner is right that he does so in hellish weather too.. Obviously I'm not privvy to the politics at the club and have no desire to be but to lose the facility would be bad news for the club generally. @Killiepiyo To be controversial, maybe it's not the best idea for you to be so forthcoming with opinions on social media. Not least because it has an affect on how you feel about the role when people have a go. Regardless of that, your work is appreciated by me and I expect the vast, vast majority of fans. Best wishes on your continued recovery pal.
  13. Open forums work both ways and posters have the right to disagree with opinions stated. Agreed regarding the opposition but Forth are fighting for promotion themselves so are no haddies.
  14. PM your bank details and I'll send you the £7 if you'll stop posting. Imagine any Talbot supporter writing such things on a national forum. Even more incredible after a win.
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